Does the Shower Toga Really Work?

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Does the Shower Toga Work?It will soon be time to spend some long wonderful days at the beach. Just think of all that great swimming you can look forward to. What you may not find so enticing is having to sit in a wet bathing suit because its not convenient to make a clothes change. Well there just may be a solution to that and its the Shower Toga.

The Shower Toga is a garment that you can drape over you while you remove your bathing attire and change into your regular clothes. Yes, you can do this in public with no exposure and no embarrassment. Although there is another use for this item as the name implies.

The Claim
According to the promoters of the shower toga, it can be used to take a shower in any setting including public areas. While also allowing for the change into clothing without being exposed to public view.

The Hype
The hype surrounding the Shower Toga is that it is totally portable and easy to use. Which makes it perfect for its two main uses of showering and changing.

The Cost
The cost of the Shower Toga is $34.95. Although it is lightweight and portable it is durable and can be reused many times over. It can also be laundered gently for cleaning purposes.

The Commitment
There really isn’t much of a learning commitment that comes with the Shower Toga. It is just a matter of making sure the toga clips are snug and using the side pockets for the specific actions you want to take. Like taking the shower, drying off and getting dressed.

The Toga Shower really is a great idea. It has been designed so it can be positioned in different ways according to the type of bathing suit you want to remove. It has a large side pocket that will hold the essentials for showering like the soap. Then the two large side slips allow for the manouvering that comes with showering and getting dressed.

Just imagine being able to go to the beach and not having to drive home in a wet bathing suit. Or having to line up to use the crowded change rooms. Another big benefit is being able to rinse off the sand or chlorine if you are using a public pool. It is an easy process. You can use any available water source for the showering. Such as a large bottle of water, or even the beach water. The choices are numerous.

The shower toga can be a real bonus for hikers. Many times hikers get muddy or sweaty during their hike. If they carry the super light Shower Toga along they can take a quik shower along the hiking path. Or shower off at the end of the hike before getting into the car or heading home.

Final Shower Toga Review

We are going to give the Shower Toga a thumbs up. There are many different scenerios where this could come in handy. It would be ideal for hikers, campers and for a day at the beach. It is affordable and delivers on all of its keys features.

Our Recommendation
Staying on the topic of a day at the beach or a swimming outing you may be interested in the Slim Swim wear.

What do you think? Does Shower Toga work or not?

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