Does Bullseye Potty Stone Really Work?

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Does Bullseye Potty Stone Work? Anything that can help making pet clean up easier after they have relieved themselves is a good thing. The Bullseye Pee Pads seemed to tackle the indoor problem, now the question is will the Bullseye Potty Stone address the outdoor issues?

Getting our pet potty trained for the indoors is usually the first challenge we face with a new pup, but a bigger challenge comes when getting them to relieve themselves outdoors in a place of our choosing not theirs. So maybe this Bullseye Potty Stone is going to be the answer.

The Claim
The company is claiming that the special pheromones that are in the Bullseye Potty Stone will attract your dog to it so he can relieve himself, which in turn makes your cleanup job a whole lot easier. Not only that, you won’t have to deal with damaged urine spots all over your grass. They state that it is easy to train your canine friend to go exactly where you want them to with the use of this product.

The Hype
If you are already a dog owner then you really will know what to look for that is going to convince you that you need this product. If it means that you don’t have to scan the entire yard looking for the remains of your pet’s last bowel movement that is a real bonus. Then of course not having to look at urine bleaching of your grass is not only a pleasant thought but can be a money saver as well.

The Cost
If you are willing to pay $19.99 plus $7.99 for shipping and handling then you will soon own the Bullseye Potty Stone, but if you add $9.99 to your purchase price then you will get a second one.

The Commitment
Ultimately it will be your pet that has to make the commitment, but as his owner you cannot just leave it up to him to find the stone, especially if you have a large yard that your dog has the enjoyment of roaming around in. In fact, even without this resource you could train your dog to relieve himself in one designated area. It seems though with the use of pheromones it will make the job much easier.

There are two important factors that when it comes to potty training for dogs that need to be recognized. They can be specifically trained to go to a designated spot, and secondly there has been quite a bit of research on how pheromones can affect the animal. Pet pheromone studies have shown how different pheromones can have various effects on them. So the concept that the Bullseye Potty Stone is centered around makes good sense.

Final Bullseye Potty Stone Review

We are going to give this product a solid Thumbs Up. Partly because of the approach that the product is centered on, and secondly because of a review of a similar product which was the Bullseye Pee Pads that we did which is showing favorable thumbs up ratings from our visitors to this review.

Our Recommendation
We really recommend trying this product not only because of what we have mentioned here so far, but also for some of the additional benefits that come with a resource such as this. For older people who really love the companionship of a dog it often becomes difficult for them to have to take their dog out to relieve themselves, and then clean up after them. If the dog is trained properly to go to the designated spot where the stone is situated it really makes life easier for the senior who wants to keep on enjoying their pet.

What do you think? Does Bullseye Potty Stone work or not?

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