Does Bundles of Berries Really Work?

Does it realy work?

Does Bundles of Berries work?Bundles of Berries says it will have you covered in the berry department, hitting the three most popular berry plants: strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries. Of course the plants would have to grow, blossom, and yield fruit in order for this to be a smart choice. So how well do they grow?

It’s easy to see the draw to this, since berries are typically one of the most expensive fruits to buy in the store, especially if you go organic. In order for this purchase to pay dividends you’d only need to get a fraction of what they’re saying you’ll get.

The Claim
Bundles of Berries says that at their peak these berry plants will yield 4 pints of berries each day – per plant! That means that if you take them up on their offer of sending you 4 plants, you could end up with 4 pints of berries a day. You’d have to make preserves or give them away to friends and family if it hit mass production levels.

The Hype
Berries get a lot of press from health news sources, and are touted for their antioxidants, and for being nutrient dense. Each of the berries that come with this set are superfoods in their own right, so getting all three of them means you’ll be giving a good boost to your overall health and well-being, and a nice defense against free radicals in the body.

The Cost
For $27 you get a total of four plants. You get the three main ones, including blueberry, raspberry, and strawberry plants, and you also get to choose an additional fourth one from among those three choices. So you basically pick your favorite, or the one that you think you can include in the most recipes. You can order as many 4-pack sets as you want, and the shipping remains the same at $7, so the way the pricing structure is set up you really are getting the fourth one free. But if you are comparing this to buying seeds at your local gardening center you can factor it as $6.75 per plant.

The Commitment
You’ll need to tend to your new plants as much as they need it in order to get the best results. Instructions are provided for proper care, and it’s best to keep them in a place that you’ll remember so you don’t forget to water them and weed around them as needed. Like all plants you don’t want to overwater them, and you should pay extra attention to their placement to make sure that they’re getting the right amount of sun.

Bundles of Berries does a good job of mixing things up so they’re not just focused on one type of fruit. For example, we’ve seen Giant Blueberry products, and ones that are dedicated to only strawberries. By giving you a mix, they are helping you cover more nutritional bases, and they are providing a more colorful bowl. The only thing that we couldn’t determine was what users are saying about how they actually grow when they arrive at your door.

It’s hard to argue with the importance of eating healthy fruits like berries, and these are some of the most stacked fruits you can eat in regards to staying healthy and working to avoid an assortment of diseases and conditions. If these plants produce as much fruit as is claimed, you’d be set for several weeks of the year and would be able to eat an assortment of berries that would cost a small fortune if purchased at your local grocer.

Final Bundles of Berries Review

We’re giving Bundles of Berries our Solid Try review, as the price is right and the chances are high that at least one of the four plants will produce edible fruit. With the prices charged for these berries in the store it would only take a few berries to make it worthwhile, and it will be a lot more fun growing them on your own than simply purchasing them and consuming them. Also, when you do buy organic berries from the supermarket, half the time some of them are rotten or not ripe, so it’s always hit or miss, whether you buy BoB or buy them “fresh” in the store.

Our Recommendation
We think this is a solid try because worst case scenario you send them back if they don’t look like they’ll grow once you receive them. Just be aware that their return policy states that you have to return them in their original packaging, so if you get them and it looks like it won’t grow, send it back and you’re only out $7. If once you get them you size them up and they look like they have a chance, follow the directions and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get enough berries to be happy with your purchase.

What do you think? Does Bundles of Berries work or not?


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