Does Canchew Really Work?

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Does Canchew Work?Not all that long ago anything that contained hemp oil made a lot of people wary, and now that you can get a hemp oil mixed with cannabidiol and its in a gum form like CanChew, what kind of stir is this going to create?

CanChew is a new type of gum that contains 50mg of CBD rich hemp oil and about 10mg CBD (cannabidiol). It is promoted for use by those who want to enjoy better health.

The Claim
The company claims that CanChew really helps with daily discomfort. They state that the product has been developed by a team of doctors and is the first CBD gum. They make sure to tell you that it is non habit forming, and its legal in all 50 states and you don’t need a prescription for it.

The Hype
The Company is really focusing their hype around what the interested person would be familiar with. It starts with tackling the general discomfort so many people experience. Then the promo material points out that its all natural, another big factor for lots of people. Then they focus on it being rich in Omega 3s which makes it heart healthy.

The Cost
The pricing is a little confusing so make sure if you are ordering to check your order information over well and know exactly what you are getting for the price you are going to be paying. The promo video says that for 2 payments of $19.99 plus shipping and handling ($7.99) you will received a 16 pack of the gum. If you add an extra $7.99 you will get a second pack, so for about $48. you will get 32 pieces of the gum. The prices on the order form further down the promo page is where it gets a little confusing.

The Commitment
Most likely at this price you are not going to be chewing the gum on a daily basis, but none of the promo material speaks about how often you should use it.

With so many people wanting to be pro-active in their health a lot are doing so by turning more to natural products. CanChew is really building their product around this. The two main ingredients being brought to the forefront for this product is the CBD and the hemp oil. While there is a lot of controversy around these two ingredients it has spurred some scientific studies. Cannabidiol has undergone at least one study for its potential role in neurodegenerative disorders.

Final Canchew Review

For those that are into trying natural alternatives for their health then we would give the CanChew a Try/Buy rating. We hesitate to give it a full thumbs up because there still isn’t enough solid research done both on hemp oil or CBD to support the benefits being promoted. We have done several other reviews on health supplements some of which are natural, some that are organic and some just touted as being the best there is. You really have to research whatever it is you are thinking of using as a health enhancement.

Our Recommendation
We suggest that you really take the time to review the promo material concerning CanChew, then continue your studies into what you need to know about hemp oil and CBD. As always we strongly recommend that whenever you are going to take something that concerns your health that you discuss this with your health care provider first.

What do you think? Does CanChew work or not?

12 Customer Reviews on “Does Canchew Really Work?

  1. No, Canchew does not work.
    I have been taking Canchew daily (sometimes 2 pieces twice a day) for the past 3 weeks. It has not had any effect whatsoever on my arthritis pain and it has given no relief at all.
    I may as well be chewing ordinary gum, at least it would keep the flavour for longer than Canchew does. I certainly cannot recommend this product . Disappointing.

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