Does the Catch Caddy Really Work?

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Does the Catch Caddy Work?We have covered storage issues in several other reviews, but one we have not talked about until now  storage solutions and organizers for your vehicle. Lets see if the Catch Caddy is a good solution for organizing odds and ends in our vehicles.

This product has been constructed so it sits between the console and he seats. It is meant to catch those items that tend to drop down to these areas such as cell phones, pens and other miscellaneous items. Some say they like it because it even catches any food that is being snacked upon that happens to fall. These are items that often end up trapped in this area and can eventually create unpleasant odors.

The Claim
The company claims that the Catch Caddy is pliable enough that it will fit between any style seat and console. They say that it moves right along with seat when it is moved. They are also claiming that it is water proof and super easy to clean.

The Hype
The hype centers around addressing what is often a common problem, which is preventing items from slipping into this hard to get at area of your vehicle. They also focus on ease of installation, and simple cleaning.

The Cost
You will pay about $18. for the product, which includes the shipping and handling. You will also be charged an extra $4.95 to cover the costs of sending you a second Catch Caddy.

The Commitment
It certainly isn’t going to take much effort on your part to install this item. What you will have to do though is remember to put those small items in it, so they don’t run the risk of slipping between the seat. Also, when it becomes messy you will have the task of cleaning it.

Anything that allows us to stay organized whether it is in our vehicles, home or office is a good thing. We have talked a lot about different organizers and solutions for these different areas, but have not really looked at storage and organizing for vehicles. Now that we have taken a look at some similar products we have found that if you are really serious about this then you may want to go a bit more elaborate like using the car seat organizers. However, this doesn’t address the problem that the Catch Caddy does.

Final Catch Caddy Review

We are going to give the Catch Daddy a risky try/buy not because we don’t feel that it is a well made product, but for other reasons. Most vehicles have ample storage space for the items that could be stored in this product. If you are not making use of this already built in storage then why pay $18. or more for an additional item?

Our Recommendation
If you really are putting your built in vehicle storage space to use and go do with some extra, then this may be a handy item for you to buy. Before doing so take a good look at where you could best use some extra storage in the car, then take a look at some of your other options.Also, if between the seat and the console has really become a catch all, then you may want to try this product.

What do you think? Does Catch Caddy work or not?

21 Customer Reviews on “Does the Catch Caddy Really Work?

  1. How could an online company like yourselves support such con artists as these idiots. Have you bothered to check them out? If you don’t, I would change your policy so you can at least keep one of these low life businesses.

  2. Maybe you should try purchasing the real product CATCHMONKEY that should give you total desire for the opposite sex. That’s the difference between going real than fake!!!!!!

  3. Don’t get the Catchcaddy because there are no holes in the Catchcaddy but however if you buy the CATCHMONKEY. This is a product that works and 2 holes and each corner that would be accessible to you and your recliner and you could tie it to your chair and hang it and they don’t over charge u like the Catchcaddy this company is the real deal. Go to

  4. Sounds like a good idea but I read awful reviews on another website about the company being shady – like adding high shipping charges and not letting you see the total before you check out… Think I’ll try cutting the side off a FEDEX envelope and see if that works – or wait till these are available in the store…

  5. Thank you for a direct answer. Sounds like it will help to keep objects from falling between the seat and console. What are the measurements – length and width? Many thanks. Pete

  6. Yes, it works. It sometimes doesn’t stay in place when I move the seat, but knowing this, I simply put my hand on the end of it when moving the seat. That’s A LOT easier than searching for the ATM card that I just dropped between the seat and console. Also … it’s a lot faster. So, yes, buy it; it’s well worth the money.

  7. The catch caddy did work, however, it did not stay in place. I did find another use for it. It fits perfectly under the arm of my recliner to catch whatever may fall.

  8. Was eagerly reading the review because I want to know “if it really works”. Obviously not going to find out from this article. I have long complained about the black hole in many of my cars between the seat and center console. So I was hoping someone in the comments had tested it as per the first posters comments, but the comments mostly descended from there. Would love for someone to actually try this and review it before I spend my 18 bucks.

  9. Is the therapy session over, Jane? Carol – overstated. John – what planet are you from? Ya, the product works just fine. End of story.

  10. I think your review was off-point. The Catch Caddy was made primarily to keep things from falling down between the seat and console of a vehicle. The storage point was just an “added perk”. I have oodles of storage in my vehicle, but always have things falling between the seat and console, hence, this sounds like a product that would solve this problem.

    “Jason” comment also makes me think that the Catch Caddy has many other uses, also.

  11. Carol… your ‘review’ of john’s review doesn’t mean anything… it’s a waste of space. You spent the entire time kvetching about what john wrote. While his review wasn’t on the level of, say, a Mountain Three Wolf Moon t-shirt or a Tuscan Whole Milk review, it was sort of funny, albeit in a heh-heh-heh way, not HAR-DEE-HAR-HAR way.

    Taking the garbage out of your review of john’s review, what do we have left? Oh right. Evidence that whether john bought the cheap plastic doohickeys or didn’t / liked the doohickeys are didn’t, it wouldn’t effect your decision to buy same, and, having bought them, like them. Or not.

    And at the end of the day, that is what I’m looking for…not how john’s review made you feel…how could a stranger’s review of a product of plastic make you ‘feel’ anything??? Please don’t answer that… just give your comments and facts about the product. And ONLY the product.

  12. John… your review doesn’t mean anything… it’s a waste of space. You stated that you used the product for a few weeks…. taking the garbage out, if your homo/straight…who cares??? Did it work??? That is what I’m looking for…not how it made you feel…how could a product of plastic make you ‘feel’ anything??? Please don’t answer that… just give your comments and facts about the product. And ONLY the product.

  13. It’s called, Catch Caddy not Store Caddy. As long as it does the catching, so I don’t have to dig things out with coat hanger, etc, I would be happy as a clam. You said nothing about catching that errant french fry that got away. Re do the review with CATCHING in mind.

  14. Yes, I thought I was the only one confused by the review. The point is this, as the other comments said, this is to catch stuff going between the seats. It is not primarily a storage unit! I wonder if it works?

  15. I am wondering the same thing. Will it work in that spot on my recliner couch where all my stuff falls and my daughter has to climb under to get for me???? The review told us nothing about the effectiveness of this product as the author obviously never struggled with trying to retrieve fallen items from between a seat or under a couch/chair!

  16. I am 39 four years ago I woke up to cancer and have a very very limited budget and can’t afford to waste money. I unfortunately can’t drive anymore, but when I saw the commercial I immediately thought about all the stuff I lose to the crevices in my medical recliner and having to get out of the chair and fish for my keys, money, phones, remote. You name it I have lost it. Please any advice?

  17. I used the product for a few weeks. I have found myself craving people of the same sex more and more. Not being a homo i got rid of the catch caddy and the same sex tendencies have gone away as well.

  18. Gary
    Great observation regarding lack of ‘objective’ review of product. Dead nuts on!! There is more ‘stuff’ lost between seat than a Black Hole. As a chauffeur, I would be willing to spend $20 for anything that would allow for a little bit of clean storage for tablet or maps or pickup/dropoff schedule. Anyone ever try to get that coin or receipt caught between seat and center console? For $20 I could outfit 4 limos – if the product works!

  19. Your review is very poorly done.Their product is not about other storage in your vehicle but about things falling down between your seat and your center console. Your review should be about if the product does what they say, a catch all for items that typically fall down by our seats. Is the product waterproof? Does it move when the seat is moved? From reading your review, it doesn’t sound like you bought the product and used it. You don’t seem to get the point that this is not for storage but for items that fall down between the seat.

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