Does Cellucor C4 Really Work?

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Does Cellucor C4 work?Cellucor C4 is a pre-workout supplement used to help you be able to lift more during an intense workout. If you currently don’t do any pre-workout supplementation, it may be time to start. It’s an often overlooked facet of building the body you want. If you currently take a pre-workout product you are likely thinking of making a switch, or upgrading. So let’s see how this C4 ranks.

Getting pumped up for a workout can be hard, especially with all of the other things you’ve got going on in your life. When you have an especially tough day at work, all you’re going to want to do is go home and make it Miller Time. But you know this isn’t what you should be doing, and you would be much better served by getting yourself into the gym and hitting your workout goal for the day. Getting a boost is sometimes necessary and can mean the difference between a day well-spent and a waste of time.

The Claim
Cellucor says that C4 Extreme is “powdered energy”. They say it has no fillers or dyes, but that it still tastes great. They also claim that it contains what they call Creatine Nitrate, a patented process whereby they fuse nitrate to creatine which makes it more water soluble and helps it enter the bloodstream and make its way through the body more quickly. They say this prevents the common side effects of taking creatine supplements.

The Hype
Bodybuilding supplements are always hyped up. They have to provide some hype in order to sell the product. This usually comes in the form of telling you how much you can expect to gain, or how you’re going to feel when you take their product. For C4 Extreme they talk mostly about how much energy you’re going to have, and how much more weight you’ll be able to lift. It’s a good idea to look past the hype, check out the ingredients list and make sure that you’re making a sound decision and not getting lost in the fantasy they try to create.

The Cost
Cellucor C4 is $40 for 60 servings and comes in an assortment of flavors. At well under a dollar per serving this is something that you can use and not have to worry if you’re getting your money’s worth or not. High priced supplements make you cringe each time you use them, and if you end up spilling some powder when you mix them it can be really agitating. The C4 is nice because you don’t have to stress about the cost.

The Commitment
You’re probably already a hard corps workout buff, and if you’re not quite there yet this might get you there. It’s not like you can take a supplement like this and not go to the gym. The feelings that it is supposed to give you will push you past the point of ambivalence about going to the gym and before you know it you’ll be in your first set instead of still trying to talk yourself into going. Staying committed is important to getting the body you want, and anything that helps you stay the course is beneficial.

Cellucor C4 is nothing like drinking a whey protein shake, or taking ordinary creatine. It is a self-contained supplement that gives you a kick in the rear, pushes you hard through your workout, and then slowly fades down without leaving you crashed and in pieces. The reviews are in and this scores highly on most things that are important like how well it tastes, the amount of energy it gives you, and the extra pump you have during workouts.

Safety First
If you’re not used to having a training buddy or a spotter, you should seriously think about getting one if you’re going to attempt to lift heavier weights than you’re used to. Sometimes products like these will make you feel like you can lift a really heavy weight, and once you get it up there and do a few reps you might find that you’re stuck. It’s all about evolving to the next logical level, and that involves being strong enough to ask for help.

Final Cellucor C4 Review

If you’ve been feeling melancholy about your workouts, or you’ve hit a plateau and need something to bump you up to the next level, Cellucor C4 is it. It’s getting our Thumbs Up review, because it is really in a class by itself. You’d be hard pressed to recreate the effect it gives you using a combination of other products. If you start your workout with this, and then have a protein shake for recovery, you should start to notice a difference in the first workout, and visual changes on your body in the first week.

Our Recommendation
This is not something for those that are just wishy washy about working out. If you are serious about getting gains for your time spent in the gym, and not one that goes to the gym to watch TV or read a magazine, this is something that you should try out, if nothing else than to experience what they’re talking about. Consumables like this are nice because you can try them out, and if you like them you can buy them again and if you don’t you simply let it run out and you’re done.

What do you think? Does Cellucor C4 work or not?

55 Customer Reviews on “Does Cellucor C4 Really Work?

  1. I started lifting weights about 3 weeks ago and even though I’m starting to feel the difference in the way I feel and look, there are times when I just don’t feel energized before or at times in the middle of a workout. I’ve been doing some research on pre-workout supplements and the truth is they cost a little too much. But then I found Cellucor C4 and price-wise is pretty much perfect for someone like me who’s not a millionaire LOL~ I think I’ll give it a try.

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