Does Jack Hammer Abs Really Work?

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Does Jack Hammer Abs Work?When the warm weather is expected to arrive this wonderful thought has the power to get people thinking about getting in shape, and this includes all those guys and girls that want that picture perfect physique and figure to show off in their summer attire. So this makes taking a look at the Jack Hammer Abs as a resource for getting those eye catching abs worth while.

If you are looking at what Jack Hammer Abs is going to offer you then you will be looking real close at the Activibe technology which is what you will have to use to get those very impressive looking abs shown in the promo material. The entire success of this product works on vibration. It is not just something you place on your abs though and let it do its work. You are going to have to expend some energy here by operating the unit according to directions.

The Claim
The Company claims you are going to get results in just 60 days. They are stating that it is the biggest break though in AB sculpting technology in decades. They are saying that you are going to be able to tone up your mid section without the need of situps or crunches.

The Hype
You would think that with the hoards of exercise programs and units on the market that it would be pretty tough to come up with the right type of hype to draw the attention of potential purchasers of the Jack Hammer Abs. The thing is that no exercise program or device is 100% perfect where it is the total solution for everyone. So, that leaves plenty of room for new body building device providers to come into the picture. In this case the Company is focusing on how impatient individuals are in wanting to reach their goal of achieving the perfect 6 pack abs. Then they throw in the potential weight loss possibilities, and appeals to the pleasure of not having to endure the pain that can come with traditional exercise like situps and crunches.

The Cost
Be prepared to make 3 payments of $33.33 which includes the shipping. Along with the main product which is the Jack Hammer Abs Sculpting Machine, you will also get a work out calendar, meal plan,and a knee mat.

The Commitment
Anytime you want to tone up your body which usually includes shedding a few pounds then you better be prepared to make a commitment of time. This is no different with the Jack Hammer Abs and be prepared to expend some energy, because it is not going to do the physical work that is entailed for you. Plus, remember that once you do reach your goal of those perfect abs that it doesn’t stop there because you need to maintain them.

To give this product a proper evaluation it means really looking at the technology behind it as well as the logic. The Company is focusing a great deal of its marketing efforts on what they feel is a revolutionary technology of using vibration to get the abs firmed up and into shape. They have called this technology Activibes.The use of vibration for this purpose is not new. In other forms it is known as passive exercise, but in some cases this form didn’t require any real effort on the part of the user. Then there are units like the Power Plate which works with vibration in connection to fully body exercise. So it would seem that with the Jack Hammer Abs you are really getting a condensed version of this type of toning and exercise approach.

Final Jack Hammer Abs Review

We are going to give the Jack Hammer Abs a solid Try/Buy rating. If you are just focusing on getting your abs back in shape then why pay for other types of exercise units that have components that you will never use. We have given this positive rating because there seems to be substantial validity to vibration being beneficial, but this particular product is also focus on the efforts that are going to be required by the user as well. We also noticed that the Company is including a meal plan with their purchase so this also an indicator that just exercise alone is not going to get you the perfect 6 pack abs.

Our Recommendation
If you know for sure that it is just going to be your mid section that you want to focus on and you are going to put the effort into using the unit as directed, and also realize that you may have to make an adjustment to your diet, then this is probably a good investment for you. You also have other choices that focus just on ab enhancement like the Ab Carver Pro which is less of an investment. We suggest you compare the two and see which you would feel would be the best fit for you.

What do you think? Does Jack Hammer Abs work or not?

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