Does the Onion Bloom Really Work?

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Does the Onion Bloom Work?When the warmer weather becomes the main thought, and while longingly waiting for those wonderful days where you can do some entertaining, it is fun to look for some new and simple kitchen gadgets that will make your food preparation fun. The Onion Bloom just might be one of those nifty items that will set your food presentation apart from all the others.

A lot of people are changing their lifestyles when it comes to eating healthy foods. This also means that foods that were once neglected are now becoming of interest. The onion fits into this category, and the Onion Bloom is a small kitchen gadget that makes preparing this vegetable in its raw form quick and easy and very impressive looking too. It allows you to quick take a large onion and section it so it looks like a flower in full bloom. You then simply pop it into the fryer to get it cooked nice and crisp and its ready to serve.

The Claim
The Company is promoting this gadget as having the ability to easily turn an onion into a restaurant quality presentation of this vegetable. They state that it is a quick and easy process and will work efficiently with any sized onion. Then to clean the gadget, it is a breeze.

The Hype
The promoters are appealing to all of the attractions that appeal to anyone in charge of preparing food. They focus on how quick and easy it is, and this is a real bonus when it comes to having to work with onions, which often is an unpleasant task. They then zero in on the simple clean up of the Onion Bloom which is a big attraction for those who work in the kitchen. It doesn’t just stop with the onion, as they make sure to let you know you are getting real value for your small investment into this product as it works just as well for making blooms out of other vegetables like tomatoes, or fruits such as apples and oranges.

The Cost
You are going to pay about $17. which includes the shipping and handling, and for this you will get 2 Large Onion Blooms, 2 Coring Tools, 2 Gourmet Recipe Books. Plus 2 Mini Blooms. It also comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

The Commitment
Like any new item you are going to have to learn how to use it, which doesn’t seem  to be a big task for this Onion Bloom. What you may want to do though, is read the gourmet recipe books and practice with some of them on your family, before using these food preparation techniques for a larger gathering.

There are a lot of small kitchen gadgets on the market that assist in making food preparation fun. Often though they just become a fad and after used a few times get stuck away in the back of the kitchen cupboard. Other similar items serve more of a functional purpose like easy ways to just simply dice food, like the Nice Dicer, for example.

Final Onion Bloom Review

We were attracted to the Onion Bloom simply because preparing onions can be such a hassle. We have all experienced those tears that come with the preparation of this vegetable, so we tend to just want to get them cut and out of the way. Not too many people want to take the time to pretty up this very important nutritious veggie. So based on what seems to be a grand solution for working with the onion we decided to give it a Thumbs Up Rating. A lot of people like to make onion rings but again the preparation for this is not easy, but the deep fried onion bloom should deliver the same taste without the work. Then the real bonus for us was just that. The bonus products that come with your order which is the smaller versions of the bloom maker and the corers.

Our Recommendation
If you happen to have one of the old fashioned onion cutters with a modern look don’t get rid of it. These are great for regular dicing of this veggie for incorporating into your food dishes. This Onion Bloom gadget is great for when you want to impress your dinner guests with fancy food presentation.

What do you think? Does the Onion Bloom work or not?

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