Does the Lauren Hutton Face Disc Really Work?

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Does the Lauren Hutton Face Disc Work? As the seasons change we want to keep up with these changes with our appearance. Ladies love to be able to create a new look with their makeup but doing this means have a good makeup selection to work with. Does the Lauren Hutton Face Disc allow for great makeup application without costing a fortune?

For those that are really intent on looking their best they have a lot of expectations when it comes to how their makeup should perform. Unfortunately as we age it is a lot more difficult to find the right makeup that is going to be able to camouflage the signs of aging in a natural way. It isn’t too often that you see a makeup line that focuses on the older age group, but this collection of Lauren Hutton seems to do just that.

The Claim
Lauren Hutton is marketed as the promoter of her makeup line and claims that there are dramatic changes to the skin as one ages. According to her she indicates that as a result of this, regular makeup tends to be too heavy and tends to cake and accent the wrinkles. Lauren also points out that it takes the right makeup which she claims is hers, with its light body and proper colors, along with the right techniques to help the look of aging disappear.

The Hype
The marketing for this product has addressed a real issue with women that are entering into their mid life years. This is the time when they first begin to see fine lines and wrinkles and it distresses them. The hype with this product points out the solution very quickly in an effective manner. It is not just bold headlines touting what this makeup can do, but real testimonies of its dramatic results from Lauren Hutton herself, and other women who were facing the same crisis when it came to camouflaging the skin aging process.

The Cost
The Lauren Hutton Face Disc is being offered as a 30 day trial offer for $29.95 plus shipping and handling. Then after the 30 day period if you have not returned your purchase, you will be billed twice in the amount of $29.95, with one billing per month for the next two months. So in total you are paying about $89.95 plus the shipping and handling. Now that may seem like a pretty hefty price but you will probably find that it is quite reasonable if you compare the cost of each item if you were to buy it separately even if it were another quality brand.

The Commitment
With your purchase of the Lauren Hutton Face Disc you are going to receive the face disc that has 11 pots of makeup. 7 of Lauren’s makeup brushes which includes the carrying case, a instruction brochure and a CD,and lash lengthening mascara. Then as the bonus you will receive a moisturizer,lip pencil,blotting paper,and a quilted makeup carrying case. Plus as part of the bonus you get a membership into Lauren’s trade secret makeup club. So now that you know what you will be getting what kind of work are you going to have to put into the transformation of your new look? Most importantly will be really studying the techniques that will be taught to you in the instructions and CD. Learning how to use the tools which are the makeup brushes with the right techniques is just as important as having the right quality makeup.

What has to be remembered here is that makeup is a camouflage for the aging skin not a cure. It is only as good as the foundation that it is going to be applied to, and your skin is the palette for this. If you have not taken good care of your skin with quality skin care products products and special anti aging treatments like the RedMD as just one example, then you are off to a bad start with your makeup application.

Final Lauren Hutton Face Disc Review

We are going to give the Lauren Hutton Face Disc a thumbs up. Mostly because it addresses a very important concern when it comes to makeup and that is the fact that yes, the skin does change as it ages and what worked when the skin was youthful and vibrant will not work as effectively now. The second deciding factor was that Lauren Hutton herself was a model that left retirement and went back into the industry at the age of 46, and you must admit she looks great.

Our Recommendation
We have mentioned how important it is for you to take care of your skin as it ages with the proper skincare products, but you need to go even further than that with some pre-aging skin prevention. If you do this then use a makeup that seems to be designed for the skin as it is growing older then you should certainly age beautifully.

Official Website: Lauren Hutton Face Disc

What do you think? Does the Lauren Hutton Face Disc work or not?

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