Does RedMD Really Work?

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Does RedMD work?The cosmetics market is flooded with anti-aging treatment options, and RedMD is trying to get in on the act. Among the most interesting solutions out there are anti-aging devices that use LED light bulb panels that emit light wavelengths that penetrate and act directly on skin cells. This is one such device developed and sold by Trophy Skin, so let’s see if it actually works.

What distinguishes it from other similar devices is that it’s designed to deliver its Red, Amber, Yellow, and IR wavelengths at different levels of the skin to treat wrinkles, lines, spots, and a variety of imperfections that begin to show with age. The oval-shaped led panel is about nine inches high and five inches wide allowing to evenly distribute the light over the face area. It is about the size of a desk lamp with a gooseneck arm designed to adjust to the needed angle.

The Claim
Trophy Skin claims that using RedMD 5 times a week for 20-30 minute intervals will visibly reduce fine lines, uneven skin tone, wrinkles, sun damage and may even help within 3 to 4 weeks of consistent use. In theory the 120 LED bulb panel evenly distributes different types of light, which promotes cell health and thus improves the appearance of the skin. The variety of the wavelength spectrum of the LED bulbs operating at the cellular level this provides is so varied that it may even help to prevent acne.

The Hype
Light therapy technology is very popular and has been used by dermatologist for a while now, and is regularly seen on popular TV shows that focus on Health. They are offering their customers the ability to get a variety of benefits that light therapy offers from the convenience of their own home and without having to foot the bill for expensive dermatologist visits. Those who have been treated with light therapy by skin experts swear by the positive effects that it has on the skin, and have given it very positive reviews.

The Cost
The convenience of having one of this device will set you back $400, which is the retail price that Trophy Skin sells it for on its own website and is also the price from other online retailers. The price may seem prohibitive, but this may not seem like such a pricey option when you compare it to how much laser treatments and dermatologist visits generally cost. Models of similar light therapy devices cost about the same price and may have two LED panels, but generally do not offer the same variety of light wavelengths.

You can also get it at a considerable discount by going through the RedMD pitch page. They’ve got it priced at $300 if you want to make a one-time payment, or they’ll allow you to make five payments of $60. They’ll also let you try it out for $35 and then pay $284 30 days later if you decide to keep it. All three options are better than the $400 list price at their main site.

The Commitment
The suggested 30 minute time must be done no more than 6 inches from the target area, so using the product might keep you from doing other activities during treatment. The product guide also claims that to maximize results it is best to use it twice a day for the first 60 days.

While the price is definitely something that will keep many potential users from splurging on the RedMD, there are a few possible drawbacks to consider before purchasing it. The device may not be for all types of skin, as the product guide suggests that consumers test any light sensitivity by shining the device on your forearm for five minutes and to check on it four hours later before using the system on more visible areas like the face.

You must wear goggles during the entirety of the treatment. To avoid dryness it is advisable to space out treatments when using the device twice a day. In some cases the device may lead to dryness when only used once a day so light moisturizer should be kept handy.

Final RedMD Review

The benefits of using RedMD certainly seem to outweigh the inconvenience of having to sit 6 inches away from it for the duration of the treatment. The device has a 30 day satisfaction guarantee and comes with a 1 year warranty. If you are willing and able to take a risk on the unit, then Trophy Skin will stand behind their product. The benefits of using this device seem to definitely extend beyond the anti-aging benefits, since it is supposed to work at the cellular level.

Our Recommendation
If you are considering taking a chance on a light therapy device, this should make your short list. The selling point is that you can have the same technology used by dermatologist to use whenever it is most convenient for you, and if you are someone making regular trips to the dermatologist or spa then this might be an excellent way of giving your skin a real treat. It can also be a fantastic way for those who want to work on specific trouble areas of their skin, as the benefits of this light therapy device are not necessarily confined to the face. With this light therapy device loving your skin might become a very healthy habit with visible youthful results.

Official Website: RedMD

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46 Customer Reviews on “Does RedMD Really Work?

  1. This devise really works. I’m using the LED THERAPY for over a year now and I hardly have any wrinkles left. I’m one year away of becoming fifty and I’m amazed how good my skin looks.

  2. I’s true that the usage of redmd does seem highly inconvenient, but if it could really reduce the fine wrinkles on my face… I’m willing to sit in front of those LED lamps even for couple of hours a day. On top of that it’s a technology that’s already being used by dermatologists, so that’s a huge draw as well. The only thing that makes me think twice about redmd is the price, but then that also becomes a moot point when you consider the 30 day money back guarantee. I want to give it a try for a month and see what’s up.

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