Does GNC Lean Shake Really Work?

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Does GNC Lean Shake work?The GNC Lean Shake is part of their Total Lean line of products. GNC is mostly known as the place to buy other brands of proteins and powders, and they’ve usually only ventured into the one a day vitamins and other supplements. It is interesting that they have developed their own line of shakes. So let’s see how well they’ve done with this, and whether they’re your best option.

Shakes are a great way to help with your weight loss goals. If you’ve been used them before, you’re missing out. They’re easy to make, taste pretty good, and give your body the nutrients it needs in an easily digestible form. They’re popular with several different diet and exercise programs, and many fitness trainers recommend them to their clients as a way to either increase the number of meals consumed in a day, or decrease the net calories taken in each day, creating the necessary caloric deficit for weight loss.

The Claim
GNC Lean Shake claims that you can lose weight with it, as long as you are dieting and exercising at the same time. They say that it has the right ratios of everything your body needs, and that it can help stabilize your cholesterol levels, and help you build lean muscle. They also say it can help get your blood sugar levels in order by providing proper amounts of soluble fiber, making it rank in the good level of the Glycemic Index.

The Hype
GNC is strategically located all over the US, so all they really need to do is put their products on their shelves and people will find out about them. There really isn’t a lot of hype about this, they’ve been around for years and haven’t really caught on as a trend or a craze, and haven’t really been promoted or pushed by the GNC Corporation.

The Cost
GNC Lean Shake is $33 for 16 servings, or roughly $2 a serving. It’s right on par with other protein shakes and supplements, and is average for the industry. If you have a GNC Gold Card you can get it down to around $26.

The Commitment
Drinking a shake instead of a meal takes some getting used to. At first your body is going to crave solid foods, and won’t accept a shake a substitute. It takes a few days to train your body and your brain to accept the shake and get on with your day as normal. That’s why it’s important not to give in in the first few days and cheat between meal times. You have to get your stomach used to the idea that it’s only getting a shake.

The real reviews for GNC Lean Shake suggest that it’s a winner, and that it’s balanced more for a woman, with the right amount of calories, carbs, and fat. There are a few guys that have tried it and said that it’s good for weight loss as well. When it comes to weight loss shakes, you have to sample a variety of them until you get to one you can see taking for an extended period of time. You won’t get the results you want by just drinking a shake a few times and then stopping. You need to find one that tastes good enough to make your daily routine.

Why Does It Contain Fat?
Contrary to popular belief your body actually needs fat in order to be healthy, and yes, even to lose weight. Going on a low fat or no fat diet is not the best thing you can do for weight loss and fat loss. You have to get the good fats into your body. They help you feel full, and stay fuller longer. So basically, the fat that’s in it won’t make you fat, and if you’ve been trying to avoid all fats, make sure you start re-introducing the good ones into your body, like from peanut butter, avocados, and ghee.

Final GNC Lean Shake Review

The GNC Lean Shake lineup is getting our Try rating, and has a lot of people – not just those paid by GNC – saying it’s great. The have withstood the test of time, and are still one of their better sellers. The taste is one of the factors that scores highly, as well as how easy it is to mix up. Both of these are important when you want something with little hassle, and that doesn’t leave you wishing you ate a better tasting meal instead.

Our Recommendation
These are a good, reasonably priced option to go with, especially for women. If you want something that’s got higher quality ingredients go with Shakeology. Yes, it’s about twice the price, but if you want an upgrade it’s something to consider. But the GNC shakes can definitely help you in your overall pursuit of a lighter, leaner body, when combined with an overall approach including proper diet and regular exercise.

What do you think? Does GNC Lean Shake work or not?

115 Customer Reviews on “Does GNC Lean Shake Really Work?

  1. years ago i tried it i lost so much weight i got scared so now i’m going back to it trust me i lost so much weight i would tell anyone to try it’ i drank 2 *8 oz cups of it a day i ate a lunch i was find the rest of the day u will lose the weight stick with it you won’t loose 100 pounds in 2 days but it works.

  2. I have used this product for 2 months and lost 12 pounds. Workout, take your shakes and have a
    good diet plan. It works!!!

  3. Hi Ann, I believe you are only suppose to replace two of your meals meaning only drink 2 shakes a day instead of 3. Hope that helps & good luck.

  4. Spot on I feel exactly the same and at times I have mind psyched myself about drinking instead of eating but you can get past that by eating some fiber chews or cottage cheese which will add to the fiber content IE hunger control and if you choose cottage cheese it’s 80 cals added but you get a good long lasting protein and it’s still cutting cals

  5. I am using the Lean Shakes also, lost 3 lbs in my first 3 days, however I’m wondering since I have around 80 lbs to lose if it would be okay to continue the plan until I have lost all my weight. I drink a shake for breakfast, lunch and before bed and have a salad and chicken or veggies for my evening meal. If anyone has lost a lot of weight on the Lean Shake 25 from GNC please email me. I could use all the encouragement I can at this point.

  6. I just bought 4 canisters for a months supply. $98. It taste similarly to herbalife which I lived on. I feel oddly full after the lean 25 shake, and that makes me happY. Half the price if my fav brand And local. solid food is for crazy people. :-p

  7. I’ve been using GNC products for close to 20 years now and there have been only handful of times that I was disappointed with their products. Believe me I’ve used many of their products, so they have a very good track record in my book. You just have to have a different mindset when you replace your meal or meals with shakes. If you continually tell yourself that you’re hungry because you drank something instead of eating, then you won’t be able to keep it up. So first just try to replace one meal and then move up to two when you feel satisfied with having shakes for meals.

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