Does MusclePharm Assault Really Work?

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Does MusclePharm Assault work?MusclePharm Assault is a pre-workout supplement that you take in order to get pumped up for a heavy and intense lifting routine. The point of taking something like this is that you are putting your body in an altered state so that you can lift more weight than you could otherwise. This way your muscles get ripped up more, and once they heal you should see gains. But how well does Assault stack up to the other competition out there?

MusclePharm is no one hit wonder. They have a line of products that includes both pre and post workout supplements, as well as ones that you take before bedtime to help your body recover. They seem like they are focused on athletes and athletic training, which is nice for those that want to get an athletic body, and aren’t as concerned with looking like a bodybuilder or the Incredible Hulk. With this energy booster though, you may feel ready to lift every weight in the gym.

The Claim
MusclePharm Assault claims that it uses actual athletes as their virtual guinea pigs and makes sure that the products they produce actually show measurable results. This is designed to increase your lean muscle mass, which has a direct effect on fat loss by increasing your metabolism. They say that it gives you the intense energy you want, without having the crash that typically follows with other products.

The Hype
When you talk about building muscle and having more energy, there is always a bit of hype, because it all involves feelings, and these are so subjective. One guy might say he feels more energy, but another guy might call it the jitters. It’s all relative to the user, but the claims that are made usually speak in generalities, like everyone will feel the exact same way.

A Different Approach
Getting pumped up for a workout is something that a lot of guys out there don’t do. They usually just go to the gym and try out a few different machines, pushing within their limits and not really knowing what to do. When you compare this to getting that razor sharp focus, coming in with a plan, pushing past your preconceived limits, and leaving totally blown out, you can see the difference in approaches.

The Cost
MusclePharm Assault is $35 for 32 servings, so a little more than a dollar a serving. That’s a great bargain considering the effect it’s supposed to give you, and how that can give you a decided advantage in the gym, and later on the field or the court. Some say it’s on the expensive side when it comes to a pre-workout drink, but you’re getting what you pay for in the form of better quality ingredients, and you really don’t want to skimp on price with something like this.

The Commitment
You definitely have to be committed to getting yourself into the gym and pushing weight hard out. These sort of energy drinks only work if you go out and destroy yourself in the gym with them. It’s almost guaranteed to give you better results than you would get by not taking it. It’s cause and effect. The harder you work out, the better the results you’ll get. Just be sure to focus on recovery just as much, because your muscles need to heal, that’s where the magic happens.

MusclePharm Assault gets positive reviews from most of the users that try it out. When you’ve got almost 100% of users surveyed saying they would recommend this, you know you’ve stumbled onto a winner. The only question left is how hard you’re going to lift the weights once it’s in your system. If you’ve never used anything like this, and have only relied on whey protein shakes and whatever energy you could muster up on your own, just be careful and get a spotter if you’re lifting stacks that you’ve never attempted before.

This is really a new way of working out for most guys, and you shouldn’t rush into it. You’ll still get great results by taking a slower approach to this, and gradually working it into your regimen. It can help you get through walls you’ve hit, and also get you out of any plateau you may be stuck on. It’s easy to get addicted to this, and think that you can’t work out any other way, so be careful not to get too carried away with it.

Final MusclePharm Assault Review

MusclePharm Assault is one of the better rated pre-workout energy boosters you can go with. We’re giving it our solid Try recommendation, knowing that not every guy that tries it is going to like it or see results. But there is a good chance that you will like it and see results, and in this industry that’s as good as you’re going to get. Almost 100% of the responsibility is placed on the individual user to get the results they want. This is only a tool that can get you there.

Our Recommendation
If you’ve never used a pre-workout drink before, this is a good place to start. Just be sure to experiment with the dosage, because you don’t want to overdo it on the first few times. Once you see how your body is reacting to it, you can make adjustments. Also, try not to develop a dependence on this, and get in there and do some workouts without it at strategic intervals.

What do you think? Does MusclePharm Assault work or not?

3 Customer Reviews on “Does MusclePharm Assault Really Work?

  1. You can trust MusclePharm if you want to get into the world of body building supplements. They make good products that basically do what they say they will. This one in particular really will give you a boost. I find myself able to do more sets, more reps and at the end of my workout I feel like I could just keep on lifting. The Only problems are the crash that comes after, much the same as when your coffee wears off, only much worse, and the fact that if you don’t take this before working out, then the drop off in performance can be demoralising, and you find yourself with yet another monthly expense.

  2. I take this before filming starts. Its great and lets me give a really fine performance. Lately Ive been doing filming in the mornings so being an active porn actor and discovering this product has really boosted my on screen career. I would recommend it to all who are interested in better performance.

  3. I made a friend at the gym couple of weeks back and he swears musclepharm works but I really wanted a second opinion before I tried it out myself. I see how my friend’s body’s ripped and cut and I think to myself that this thing might have played a role in that, but you always have a healthy dose of doubt about products such as this. Anyways, at 1 dollar a pop doesn’t sound bad at all so I’m gonna give it a try.

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