Does Cenalex Really Work?

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Does Cenalex really work?With a flash site and streamlined sign up process Cenalex is getting many people to wonder if it actually works. Unfortunately when you look behind the curtain, there’s nothing that hints at its effectiveness. It’s a product and a company that you can safely avoid, and continue on in your search for that miracle weight loss pill.

Diet pills still enjoy a lot of popularity today. They usually prey on those that are desperate for weight loss and willing to try anything. Many times these companies need to do little else but show a few before and after pictures and give some testimonials from normal-looking people and the sales channel is complete.

The Claim
The claims are big and bold and many at the official Cenalex site. They state that it helps you lose weight of course, since it is a diet pill. They also say that it has something called Thermogenics, and that these thermogenic properties are “advanced”. They also claim that it aids in digestion, and provides energy.

Specifically they state that you can get a great butt with their pills. They do say that you’ll have to exercise as well, and watch your diet on top of it. This begs the question that if you are dieting and exercising how can you tell that you even need any help?

They also say that you can indulge in your favorite foods and still lose weight by taking Cenalex. It’s hard to imagine a pill so powerful that you can eat pizza, hamburgers, and french fries and still not gain weight.

These claims are all pretty typical among diet pills. The difference here is that there’s not much to be seen that backs up these claims. It’s all just hot air that you’re supposed to accept as fact.

The Hype
With just 5 ingredients that make up Cenalex, any and all attention it’s getting is pure hype. They have random photos of celebrities, but none of them have used the product, they are just being shown as an example of the kind of body you can expect to get. The entire sales page is complete hype, with almost no shred of any scientific evidence that the combination of ingredients they list actually does anything.

The Cost
Even the trial is not free. You have to pay for shipping as well as a discounted price. You can’t get these funds back, as it is stated in the terms and conditions that you are still responsible for payment even if you cancel the trial. If you don’t cancel, you get charged with a whopping $80 fee, plus they’ll start to bill you automatically each month for $30 until you cancel.

They use a site called CCBill, which makes it easy to cancel your trial and your subscription, since it’s a third party and you don’t have to deal with customer service reps from Cenalex that will attempt to get you to stay on.

The Commitment
If you end up getting Cenalex and want to give it a fair shake, you should take it as recommended on the bottle and not miss any doses. There’s no other way you can determine if it really works for you or not until you try it for yourself as they suggest and see what results you get. If you just purchase it and don’t use it according to the instructions, you’ll never know if it works.

It’s hard to take Cenalex seriously. Nothing about it seems legitimate, or that they are honestly trying to produce a good product, something that works and that people would benefit from. There is hardly a sign that any research has been done in regards to their pills, and the site uses a lot of flashy pictures and clever copy in order to entice a purchase.

In addition, their official webpage is cleverly constructed so that they don’t make any real claims, or say anything that will get them in trouble. For example they say that they have been on “the news” but fail to list which news programs they were on, or in what context.

Final Cenalex Review

You should steer clear of products and companies that do business the way that Cenalex does. Never ingest any medication from a place that has a one-page sales pitch as their main website. Obviously they just want to separate you from your money, and would love nothing more than to get your credit card number so they can auto-ship a bottle every month and charge your card automatically.

Our Recommendation
Diet pills in general are a bad idea, and in the case of Cenalex, an extraordinarily bad idea. It’s basically just a phony baloney product that is used to thinly disguise a system geared at charging you money. On top of it all it is based on the acai berry, which has its own jaded history in the weight loss industry. Run away from this product and never look back.

What do you think? Does Cenalex work or not?

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