Do Clean and Clear Products Really Work?

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Does Clean and Clear work?“Clean and Clear and under control. It’s not only the brand name and slogan, but also tells you what the product does. Clever. It’s got a pretty extensive line-up of skin care products, each with their own unique function. But how well do these work on your skin, and is this really a group of products that will help your acne condition and leave your skin looking and feeling great?

Johnson & Johnson are the makers of these products, and they have a long history of making health and beauty products. There are a lot of different items here, including scrubs, astringents, cleansers, creams, and other treatments. It appears that they’ve tried to be a comprehensive solution to all of your different facial needs, which when dealing with acne you need to take a multi-angled approach.

The Claim
Clean and Clear products are designed to help you keep your acne under control, by cleaning the skin, keeping it properly cleaned but without drying it out too much, and treating acne as it occurs. The overall claim here is that you could use their products exclusively as your acne fighting arsenal.

The Hype
The hype comes from the fact that this is made by a giant corporation that put a lot of money into the advertising campaign to get the name and the slogan drilled into everyone’s head. Couple that with product placement at the store and you have the one-two punch of traditional advertising methods. It would naturally be the one you reach for when you see it on the skin care aisle.

The Cost
Clean and Clear ranges in price depending on what you’re looking at, but it is relatively inexpensive on a per tube or per bottle level. Each individual item won’t set you back more than $10 so it’s a sustainable system if it ends up working for you.

The Commitment
Fighting acne requires your involvement, so you should roll up your sleeves and commit to a a daily skin care regimen. But you have to walk a pretty fine line, because doing to much to your face can actually irritate it and make it red all over, which doesn’t help the situation at all. What you’re looking for is the least you can do to your face that provides the most results. Most people find that a morning and nightly routine works best for them, and that after a while it is just something they do, like brushing their teeth.

Clean and Clear has made a lot of people pretty happy with its performance. This is a hard thing to do in the world of acne, because usually people are harsh critics and won’t accept anything less than perfect skin. Also, it’s hard to create something that pleases everyone because there is too much variation in the types of skin that people have, as well as the type, size, and color of acne.

It’s Just Acne
You don’t have to make it a battle, or make a villain out of your acne. It’s just a skin condition that effects millions of people every single day. All you can do is try to take great care of yourself, and be as healthy as you can be overall. By focusing all of this attention onto your face and specifically your zits, you are overlooking the fact that you’re an entire person, and that you bring more to the table than just some red marks on your face. Have a little perspective and don’t get so hung up on this.

Final Clean and Clear Review

Clean and Clear works for most people that try it. In fact, it is one of the best reviewed lines of acne and skin care products we’ve seen. Does this mean it will work for you? Not necessarily. There are all sorts of skin types and degrees of acne problems. Your main goal from looking at reviews is to try to see if there is a high chance that something will work for you. You want to put the odds in your favor and avoid the lousy products. Clean and Clear is getting a Try rating from us.

Our Recommendation
Coming up with your own personalized acne fighting routine takes some time and some trial and error. You can read reviews all day long but the best way to go about it is to start trying them out and seeing how they rate. Don’t be afraid to make a sort of hodge podge concoction of products for different treatments. For example, you might find that Clean and Clear makes the best cleanser for your face, but another brand has the best spot treatment for individual zits. The end result is that you have a customized kit that helps you stay on top of things.

What do you think? Does Clean and Clear work or not?

8 Customer Reviews on “Do Clean and Clear Products Really Work?

  1. I have been using this product for almost 6 months and my acne has actually worsened. I feel like clean&clear actually helps way more for oily skin than it does for pimples. I don’t know if anyone had any different experiences.. but this stuff didn’t really work.

  2. My face is looking like the surface of the moon and I seriously need to do something about it. I care so little about my appearance that I let it be for a while, but I’m starting to look like a monster now. My friend had really good result with this brand, so that’s why I was looking for reviews on it. Most people seem to like it and it’s got nice professional reviews too, so hopefully this means no more moon face for me.

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