Does the Critical Bench Program Increase Your Bench Press?

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Does Critical Bench work?The Critical Bench program is in its second incarnation, and still promises you big results in regards to your bench press quest. If you’ve ever wanted to bench a certain number, like 200 or 300 pounds, and always fallen short, you should definitely look into getting some tips from a personal trainer, or get something like this program that outlines how to get there.

The bench press is definitely one of those exercises that can give you a ton of strength, and also shape your body so that it gets noticed. If you have a strong chest, it’s one of the first things that gets checked out by the opposite sex, and it’s one of the most useful muscle groups for all sort of activities. Every movie star that is in all of the big blockbuster movies, always has a big, strong chest to show off in the film. Think of The Avengers stars Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, and to a lesser extent Robert Downy, Jr. We’ll overlook The Hulk because that was CGI. They all had well defined pecs. It’s the defining characteristic of a superhero.

The Claim
They claim they have been around for ten years now and that they offer strength training and weight training workouts in order for you to build lean muscle mass, and also have strength to show for it. They say you’ll be able to increase how much you can bench press by a full 50 pounds and in less than 3 months. If you’ve ever tried to do this, you’ll know how hard it can be to add that kind of extra poundage to the bar and still be able to lift it.

The Hype
This is a bodybuilding product, and nearly all of them have a good amount of hype around them due to there not being one official source of information. It’s basically a bunch of trainers and workout experts all vying for credibility and followers. It’s your job to cut through all of the BS out there and to uncover the gems that are out there. We’re here to help you with that task.

The Cost
You can get a 2 week trial for $10, after that it’s an additional $67. In order to access the trial just to go the main offer page and try to close the window. You’ll be asked if you really want to close it or if you want to stay on for a special offer. If you want to just pay now, it’s $77 and you’ll get 60 days to decide if you want to keep it.

The Commitment
Building muscle is all about commitment. Committment to proper form, proper nutrition, and staying on with it long enough to get results. This book is going to outline a particular system for you to follow. You can wonder as much as you want and ask hundreds of people that bought it what they think about it, but you won’t know, you won’t really know, until you commit to following the steps and see what happens to your own body.

The one thing that this book does that others don’t do is gets down to details. You won’t be left with no idea of what to do to get started. After going through all of the features of the program, they dial it down to your next actionable item. That way you’ll not only have the theory, but you’ll be able to put it into practice right away, with a clear vision and purpose when you hit the gym.

This will put you many steps ahead of the guys that go to the gym just to “work out”. You can see them wander around the gym with a fuzzy idea of what they’re going to do next, and what their workout is actually going to entail. You can easily spot them because they will literally be pacing around the gym, unsure of which machine to use, and how to use it. You’ll step into the gym with your whole routine mapped out, right down to how many reps and the weights you’ll use.

We like that Critical Bench is more than just an ebook. The website itself has some pretty good articles and information and provides a sense of community, which is usually lacking in other products. A lot of these bodybuilding ebooks are just that, ebooks. If you have a question, or something you want to discuss you have to look elsewhere.

Final Critical Bench Review

When it comes to building muscle, everyone wants to teach you how to do it, and they all have their own system that they swear will work for you. Life’s too short to try all of them, so you have to choose the ones that speak to you, and that resonate with you. Critical Bench program will appeal to a very specific target consumer, so if you feel that this is lining up in your sweet spot, definitely give it a go and put it to use. If you’re still on the fence, even realizing that you’re not risking your money, just your time, then it’s probably not for you.

Our Recommendation
Your bench press is only one area of your overall fitness level, so be sure to balance out your chest training by working out your other muscle groups. It covers these muscles too, with auxiliary exercises, so be sure to do those as well. But if you’ve always wanted to bench a lot of weight, we understand, and we recommend this system to help get you there.

What do you think? Does Critical Bench work or not?

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