Do Disinfecting Wipes Really Work?

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Do Disinfecting Wipes Work?Cleaning around the home is no easy task. When the job has to be done most people want to do it right and make sure they are killing all the germs that are about while doing it. Does this mean they can rely on disinfecting wipes to help them do this?

There are many different wipes on the market that fall into this category of being able to disinfect the surfaces that they come into contact with. Basically most are comprised of a hand sized disposable cloth that is laden with germ fighting chemicals. Once it has been used then it is simply tossed away.

The Claim
Disinfecting wipes is becoming a very competitive market. It is difficult for the various makers to come up with unique claims. They have to rely more on their brand name for credibility to make their sales. One of the most popular brands is the Lysol Disinfecting Wipes. One of the reasons is a lot of people like the clean fresh scent that they are composed of. They claim that their wipes help to stop the spread of germs. They claim their product is effective against cold and flu viruses plus they say they are approved for the removal of 95% allergens.Clorox is another well know brand and their approach is basically the same however, they do not focus on allergens. Clorox seems to have restricted themselves to one product while Lysol has a variety of wipes. They both offer a selection of scents.

The Hype
Both of these major disinfecting cloth providers focus on the germ killing capabilities of their product as their hype. Clorox seems to want to impress potential buyers in the flexibility of the variety of different surfaces their product can be used on. Lysol zeros in on its bacteria killing capabilities.

The Cost
The price is going to vary depending on where you buy them. In most cases you are going to find them comparable in pricing, and it will range around $9.97 for a value pack which usually consists of a package of three.

The Commitment
These disinfecting wipes are made for convenience so you aren’t going to find it hard to remember to use them. You may want to buy the value pack so you can keep one in the bathroom, one in the kitchen, and the third as a backup, or in your cleaning basket. You are probably going to want to be selective as to where you use them. Normally you will want to use them on surfaces that get touched a lot. They really are great for wiping down counters where food preparation can create some nasty germ build up. Door knobs and the hand held electronics are also other bacteria grabbers.

It is really important to take as many steps as possible to help reduce the spread of germs. We have seen a big increase in these efforts in the medical environment. Using disinfecting wipes around the home is like a mini version of this type of protection. Getting the family to use a hand sanitizer, plus your cleaning with the disinfecting wipes just might help to reduce the number of flues and colds your family gets hit with this year.

Final Disinfecting Wipes Review

We’re going to give the disinfecting wipes a thumbs up review. This only applies if you are using a quality product that you know is complying with the rules and regulations of what they can promote regarding this product. There is no point in using a wipe that isn’t going to be effective against the germs. There have been other companies that have tried to lock into the germ cleaning market. Take a look at the Germ Master that we reviewed.

Our Recommendation
Once you have picked up your supply of wipes then make a list of the surfaces that you want to be sure that you wipe down at least a couple of times a week. This way you are going to get into a routine of attacking all the likely spots where the germs are going to accumulate in your home.

What do you think? Do Disinfecting Wipes work or not?

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