Do Orphe Smart Shoes Really Work?

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Do the Orphe Smart Shoes Work?There are a lot of products that are exciting but then every once in a while one comes along that can really spark some keen interest. This can probably be said about Orphe Smart Shoes, but they won’t be for everyone.

At first glance without seeing them in action the Orphe Smart Shoes may just like a high end pair of runners. It won’t be long though before you see them as a WoW factor. They are comprised of a smart sensor that works off of motion sensors combined with LEDs to perform a walking or art form that can transform into an amazing light show that is going to blow your mind.

The Claim
This is a new Company that is bringing the Orphe Smart Shoes to the market. The Company is called No New Folk Studio Inc. it is a Japanese start up company, and they only launched at the end of 2014. Their main focus is around technology for artists and performers that involves wireless interaction and IoT

The Hype
They really don’t need much hype because the shoes speak for themselves. The artists and performers market is huge so the shoes will be displayed prominently during every performance they are worn in. Now really this product isn’t going to need much hype because seeing them it action says it all.

The Cost
The Orphe System Kit is going to cost $330. USD. It includes one pair of shoes white or black,official orphe app,USB charge connector and the set up manual

The Commitment
You will only want to invest in these if you are committed to using them for the purpose they have been designed for. That doesn’t mean as a amateur artist that they are not for you. They certainly have the capability of bringing the additional attention to your performance that you are going to want for your marketing.

You have to remember that these shoes should not be viewed as a trend setter they should really be classed as a tool for performers and artists. They operate both as a lighting system then have a audio visual controller built in. The technology that is built into these is quite amazing but the owners of them are going to want to be tech savvy.

Final Orphe Smart Shoes Review

We certainly cannot give the Orphe Smart Shoes any less than a thumbs up. The technology and style and capabilities that this product has is impressive. It really is a specialized product and not something that you are going to buy for the teens in the family to show off to their friends with. If you are into the arts and performing then you really should take a serious look at them. Perhaps you will want to wait a bit to see what kind of impression they will make on the public. You don’t want to wait too long either though, otherwise you lose the impact power they can create.

Our Recommendation
If you are seriously thinking about ordering the Orphe Smart Shoes then be prepared for a long wait for delivery. The earliest one to date is February 2016.

What do you think? Does the Orphe Smart Shoes work or not?

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