Does the Tower Garden Really Work?

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Does the Tower Garden Work?The days of needing a lot of space and plenty of soil to grow a garden are long gone. If you are into gardening then you are going to love the Tower Garden. But will it produce what you are expecting?

The Tower Garden is a vertical garden that allows you to growth healthy foods like your favorite fruits and vegetables, without having to get on your knees for hours of time. You can forget about digging and weeding, and just look forward to picking those great tasting foods that you had a hand in growing.

The Claim
The Company claims that their product can be used in a whole gambit of places. It is most appropriate for those that are short on space. It can be perfect for balconies and patios. It even works well on roof tops. The only requirement is a sunny outdoor location. They are stating that if you use the Tower Garden along with their special formulated Tower Tonic plant food that you will be able to effectively grow most vegetables and flowers and a good selection of fruits. They are indicating that their Tower Garden is able to give up to 30% more of produce compared to standard gardening.

The Hype
Not having to deal with all the challenges of traditional gardening is great hype in itself. Then even for container gardening there is usually the soil requirement, but not so with aeroponic system that the Tower Garden works off of. They are even indicating that growth is faster with this system which appeals to the can’t wait for it to grow gardener.

The Cost
The Tower Garden is not cheap. Then for a quality product you wouldn’t expect it to be. You are looking at 12 payments of $45.25 or a one time payment of $525. plus

The Commitment
Well it certainly isn’t going to take near the commitment that your regular gardening activities would. Your biggest chore is going to be deciding where you are going to put your Tower Garden and what are you going to grow in it. You have a lot of selections that you can choose from, so its just going to be a matter of choosing your favorites.

Don’t confuse this system with hydroponics. The Tower Garden works on Aeroponics technology. This is air or mist and uses no soil. Hydroponics works off of a water system with no soil. The Tower Garden does require some water but nothing compared to hydroponics. There is no doubt that the Tower Garden takes away all of the labor of standard gardening.

Final Tower Garden Review

We’re going to give the Tower Garden a solid try/buy rating. You really need to decide whether an investment of over $525. is going to provide you with enough benefits to justify the price. Do keep in mind that if you were to add up all the costs that do come with traditional gardening it can be substantial as well. Then how much is the many conveniences that the Tower Garden is able to provide worth to you. You do have to keep in mind that you will have the ongoing purchase of their special fertilizer to get the expected results.

Our Recommendation
If you really want fresh produce without all the usual work it takes to grow it, or the hassle of buying it then the Tower Garden is probably a good investment. You need to do your homework and look over all the information concerning it to determine if it is going to provide enough produce to meet your needs. Chances are you may be able to buy the produce cheaper, but compare the quality of what you are likely to get with that grown from the Tower Garden. There are different versions of home growing hassle free gadgets on the market like the Watermelon Garden that we talked about before. These are really becoming quite popular

What do you think? Does the Tower Garden work or not?

4 Customer Reviews on “Does the Tower Garden Really Work?

  1. Gardens rock! But they cost about $50 to make and the pyramid scheme the company ‘grows’s far from organic or healthy!

  2. It’s USDA-approved plastic, which makes in FDA food-safe (that’s how the USDA approves its plastics). And it’s made out of high-impact polystyrene, which is listed as one of the FDA food-safe plastics. Also, aeroponic “by all definitions” does not require mist, is defined by growing in air, and can be either low-pressure (drip) or high-pressure (mist) nutrient delivery. Thus, yes, the unit qualifies as aeroponic. But I’m seeing a lot of negative reviews upon researching, so while I do NOT see any false advertisement, am disappointed that I’ll probably not be getting one.

  3. Keep in mind there are profits built into everything we buy whether it’s multi-level marketing or some other form of marketing/promotion. The question of value is the bottom line. I am definitely going to explore whether it’s food-grade plastic, though. I love the apparent ease of growing such large, healthy herbs and plants.

  4. By all definitions the tower garden is not aeroponic. There is no fine mist, only drip to water plants. The fine mist is very crucial in cosidering if it’s aeroponic or not. False advertisement. It’s also built with plastic from China. Not food safe plastic. Call juice plus and see what they tell you. It’s not what you think. I’m not a hater of the concept but there is a lot of false advertisement here. But the way, the only way to buy it is through a pyramid scheme which means the price is mostly commissions.

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