Does the Watermelon Garden Really Work?

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Does Watermelon Garden work?Watermelon Garden is a way for you to get delicious, organic watermelons right from your home, and for a fraction of the cost that you’d pay at the supermarket. Who wouldn’t want a delicious, juicy watermelon, especially during the dog days of summer? But can this really provide you with them?

Nothing is quite as refreshing as a cool piece of watermelon when the days get longer and the weather gets hot and humid. The only drawback is that conventional watermelon is usually the cheapest kind available, and even then it’s not so cheap. You might be able to score a deal on some organic watermelon if you have a reliable farmers’ market and a local organic farm that grows them, but if not you might be missing out on one of nature’s sweetest treasures.

The Claim
They claim that this is the world’s sweetest watermelon, and that you can grow it from home, taking away the reliance on your local grocery store to provide you with watermelon. They also say that each individual watermelon that grows could end up weighing 8 pounds. That’s about half the weight of a bowling ball, so not a bad haul. Imagine what it would be like to have several of them growing at once. It would be a lot more fun than simply picking them out at the store.

The Hype
Growing your own food is in line with the green trend that has been going on in recent years. In an ideal world we’d all have our own organic gardens so that we wouldn’t have to have fruits and vegetables shipped in from remote locations, or even a nearby farm. Not to mention all of the positive press that watermelon gets for being a superfood that can not only help you to lose weight, but also help with your blood pressure and can be used in fruit smoothies.

The Cost
The cost of Watermelon Garden is $10 plus shipping and handling. This is a pretty fair price, and makes it a low risk offer. If the plant fails to produce any watermelons, you might feel a little miffed that you spent the money on it. If it produces one you might feel a little better. Two and you’ve about broken even. Three or more and you’ll be in watermelon heaven.

The Commitment
They say that this is an easy way to grow watermelon at home, and most of us just buy it from the store to save the hassle of watching and waiting for it to be ripe. This would cut down on the necessity of lugging it to your car, and then lugging it into your home, You simply would have to take it from the backyard or wherever you’re growing it and bring it inside to be cut up. The directions that come with it should spell out exactly how to care for it so that you get the best results.

The Watermelon Garden is still pretty new, and we’re waiting on feedback from users that proves it works or not. What we can tell you is that the odds are in your favor that it would work. Contrary to popular belief, watermelons are not especially hard to grow, but some climates will be more favorable than others. Check with your local gardening center first to see how well they think watermelons would thrive in your neck of the woods. You can also compare prices of watermelon seeds and plants so you can size up whether this is worth a try or not.

Final Watermelon Garden Review

The Watermelon Garden is getting our Solid Try rating, because of the high costs of buying watermelon from the store, especially organic. If you can grow them from home you have quality control and can make sure that they are getting good soil, are watered at the right times, and picked at the right time (see above video). If you’re a fan of watermelon, you simply have to try this. The risk is small compared to the potential reward, and it may turn out that you hit the watermelon jackpot with this one package.

Our Recommendation
We labeled this a try because at the most you’re out about $20, and that’s if it flat out doesn’t work for you. If you follow the directions and don’t forget about your plant then there’s no reason why this shouldn’t produce at least one watermelon. Anything more than that is really a bonus, and would make it a lot of fun to have around your home. This is a good fruit to have around because the growing period lasts so long, there is a big chance that you could experience a boom and have more melon than you know what to do with.

What do you think? Does the Watermelon Garden work or not?

3 Customer Reviews on “Does the Watermelon Garden Really Work?

  1. I agree with you as I also have a hard time believing with the misspelling. Also, watermelon is very hard to grow even with the perfect gardener. We have never had any success growing them in our garden, but like you said watermelon is very reasonable to purchase in the summer. I can get a large one for three dollars. I am not going to waste my money on this product or my time trying to grow the watermelon.

  2. I agree with Rebecca on this. A spelling or grammar mistake on the box makes you wonder what other laxative measures they took in preparing this product. I am also really unclear on what they are offering here. I am still not really clear why one cannot just buy watermelon seeds in the spring and grow them, or go to a plant store where they have started out already and then just transplant them. All of that can be done for much cheaper than this!

  3. I have a real hard time buying something – anything – from a company that has a blatant misspelling on the outside of the box. “Grown Your Own Delicious Watermelon!” does not inspire much confidence in me – in fact, I start to wonder about the laxity of other standards that go into cultivating and packaging something that will eventually be food. But, like I said, that’s just me. (That and the fact that watermelon are in the grocery stores – plentiful and cheap – most times of the year.) For anyone who is NOT concerned with the typo, it sounds like a marvelous project to start with a very young child. A watermelon is more fun to watch grow than other garden stuff.

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