Does Kyrobak Really Work?

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Does Kyrobak Work?With so many people suffering from chronic back pain it is always worth looking at something like Kyrobak which promotes itself for being able to help with this type of condition.

Kyrobak is a small unit that is supposed to provide a constant soothing motion to help give some relief from back pain.

The Claim
The Company claims that the soothing motion that Kyrobak produces is just like having your own personal chiropractor or masseuse. They are saying that it only needs to be used for ten minutes a day, and its a drug free option of dealing with back pain. The promo indicates that this unit has been clinically proven. It is suggested that the unit is working off of proprietary technology which includes the combination of continuous passive motion and oscillation therapy.

The Hype
The fact that there is no exercise involved and it is supposed to eliminate the cost of professional care is what the marketing hype focuses on.

The Cost
You can expect to pay $119.94 which includes the shipping cost of $19.95. In your order you can expect to receive the Kyrobak unit, a storage case, a charger,a quick guide, a one year manufacturer’s warranty, and a 60 day triple guarantee. What this means is if you are not satisfied you can return the unit within 60 days and get your money back for the product, get your money back for the shipping and handling costs, and they will pay for the postage cost of sending it back. You also get a free book called Lifestyle Change for Relief.At Last.

The Commitment
You are going to have to first read the quick guide. If you are a person that is on the go, and want to use this unit then you will have to remember to take it with you. You will also need access to a power supply.

The company is claiming the success of the Kyrobak comes from the technology it is based on. It is indicating that clinical studies were performed, but doesn’t give any specific details about the study itself.

Final Kyrobak Review

We are going to give the Kyrobak a Try/Buy rating. It is being offered on Amazon and has some reviews although not too many as yet. Out of 27 reviews it has received a 3.4 out of 5 star rating. It has to be remembered that chronic pain in the back can come from many different causes. It may all depend on what the actual cause is that determines how effective the Kyrobak unit is.

Our Recommendation
With back discomfort being such a big problem we have spent time in the past on reviewing various promoted solutions. Again with each of those the results vary, and probably for the same reason being that there are many different reasons for back pain. For example, some users of the Dr. Ho Decompression belt found it to be very helpful while others did not. In some cases the problem can be from a strained muscle or some type of soft tissue injury. Then in other cases it could be a back disc problem. It is important before seeking out any type of relief to have a proper diagnosis done regarding the cause of the pain. It is also wise to discuss with your health care provider the use of something like the Kyrobak.

What do you think? Does Kyrobak work or not?

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