Does Lazer Bond Really Work?

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Does Laser Bond Work?There are lots of different products on the market that act as adhesives and bonding agents, but a lot of times these can be messy and cumbersome to work with, so is Lazer Bond any different?

Lazer Bond is a liquid resin,that only takes a few seconds to bond. It can be used on many different types of mediums such as glass or pipe, for example. It won’t harden in the container which can often be a problem with other types of adhesives. The big difference with this product is the hardening action takes place when the UV light that is attached to the applicator is used.

The Claim
Lazer Bond is being called a liquid plastic that the promoters are claiming can be used to bond almost any type of materials. They say that when used properly it can create an airtight and watertight seal that can endure up to 350 pounds in weight.

The Hype
The hype is how easy to use Lazer Bond is, and that it will never harden in its container. This is being touted as a money saver. With most other types of adhesives there is almost always a certain amount of waste because of  what is left in the container hardens, or the nozzles or applicators become gummed up and harden with the glue residue.

The Cost
The pricing is simple with the Lazer Bond offer. You get two for the price of $19.99 which is with free shipping.

The Commitment
The Lazer Bond is going to be a test and try because there are so many different types of items that may be in need of repair. The promo material makes it look like its really easy to use.Don’t forget that you can wipe off any of the excess that you happen to apply but this can only be done before you apply the UV light.

There is no question that when it comes to repairing items that are broken that it may not be an easy task. While there may be a lot of products on the market that are going to be strong enough to hold the repair, the hassle comes in with trying to using the bonding agent. Some of them can easily get onto your skin and create some irritating problems. They can be messy and hard to apply just the right amount. In the past we talked about a different type of repair application called FiberFix. It has got some good reviews but it too takes a little more work than maybe what the Lazer Bond is indicating with theirs.

Final Lazer Bond Review

We’re going to give the Lazer Bond a Thumbs Up rating. What we like most about it is the shortened curing time. There is no wait time for the curing that often takes places with more traditional types adhesives. If you are fixing something where bonding time or curing time isn’t a problem then the only additional benefit you may have with the Lazer Bond is its easy application. Plus, it may be stronger than other types that you are using or be more applicable for the mend. Lazer Bond is being touted as being an ideal repair solution for many different types of materials.

Our Recommendation
We do recommend that you have one adhesive solution that you can count on for the majority of repairs that you may be faced with. If you have to find a specialty adhesive for a specific repair problem then this can be a hassle.

What do you think? Does Lazer Bond work or not?

215 Customer Reviews on “Does Lazer Bond Really Work?

  1. The glue did not work for me and after a couple months it did thicken up in the container

  2. It did not work for me, tried to fix a glasses frame to no avail . Did multiple long passes with the uv light and it never congealed in spite of being a fraction of a mm in thickness. Sorry but a big thumbs down.

  3. I was able to get a solid metal to metal bond with this product. Excellent for jewelry repair.

  4. Many Plastics that are out can and can not
    be gluded instantly like laser bond .Iv
    use other glues like crazy glue.gorilla glue
    PL glue. they just don’t do the same thing as laser glue .and i have fixed many items
    in my time .I would recommend this one.
    follow instructions and remember the light
    lazer is the magic behind the bond.its pleased me with repaired items .hope this helps. see u all later

  5. So I now know I can’t glue metal to metal. Thanks for that as the Laser Bond instructions don’t give that info.

  6. I have thought it might work well for a denture repair. You would want to be very sure before using the light that you have a perfect alignment though, and also make sure the pieces can’t move while you apply the light. I’m sure that afterward you would have to sand on the area to remove any and all excess, since you know how little it takes to cause a painful sore.
    I fixed my polly carb glasses with this stuff. While the hinge is no longer functional, the repair is as strong as ever. When I get new glasses, I plan to glue side shields to these and make them just for work.

  7. Dollar Tree!!! i bought a box of them just for the UV diode…..gonna hi performance my nighttime video recorder…those bulbs throw hundreds of feet of light.

  8. Dollar Tree, the 1.00 chain store has it. that tells me that the company is having problems with it selling it for the 19.99 price.
    Pooter play is not recomended here.

  9. For exterior shoe patching, Aquaseal has long been about the best, most flexible and strongly adhering urethane. They have just come out with a UV cure wader patch, that goes on gooey as before, but actually cures in under a minute in direct sunlight. If an area is superficial and does not require a deeper penetration of adhesive where light may not reach, this product may beat any other, and the original Aquaseal that air dries overnight still is great. These little OTC UV cure glues form rigid, brittle plastic that may be decently strong in straight pull, but they don’t reliably bond well to much besides rigid plastic, and have no flexibility when cured, so can crack if bending leverage forces occur. Mostly useful for simple, non-critical household gluing where high strength isn’t needed, and ease is more important over messy epoxies and stronger glues.

  10. The glue to use is called “BARGE” it is especially made for shoes all Professional people use it. once applied you can’t remove it. Shoe repair people use this instead of shoe tacks or nails.

  11. You need acetone to clean surfaces first and isoprop. Alch. to dry surfaces b4 applying glue FIRST!

  12. Don’t forget the action of frustrated internal reflection, or the way a fiber optic filament carries light in through a fine aperture such as a break’s thickness with gel in place. Maybe extra UV time all around huh?..?

  13. Doesn’t work at all!! Tried bonding two plastic dental floss plackers together and they came apart. Tried gluing a broken plastic fan back together, didn’t work. It’s worthless and a waste of money.

  14. I have used this with success for a few things so far: 1-sunglasses broken just above one of the lenses towards the middle; 2-(Believe it or not!) a partially broken swifter wet jet handle (the plastic part)…”this” was the most impressive considering the pressure it is withstanding as I push the mop back and forth; and 3-I used another kind of glue to repair a cracked little decorative terra cotta pot (it is a wall decoration-a group of little pots I got in New Mexico) ANYWAY-I used a little of this glue in a few spots here and there ‘to hold in place’ the pieces while the OTHER glue dried. I could have used some kind of tape or even hot glue or (probably not) clamps, but it was right there and I just grabbed it. I don’t know if the lazerbond itself would have held it – just assumed it wouldn’t. My advise is-have some common sense with your expectations-use your best judgement; use it in thin layers and build it up little by little; for everything I used it on, I put that light as close as possible and for MUCH longer than 8-10 seconds (that’s what the instructions say). Like I’d say more like 30 seconds minimum. And hold the light REALLY close to it for a few seconds, then ON it for the rest of the time. The thicker you applied it, the longer you need to hold that light on it. And also realize, the width of that tiny light will only cover, what, MAYBE 1/8″? So if you have a LONG repair, you’re gonna have to sit there 30 seconds-move down a little-another 30 seconds-move down a little-another 30 seconds-and so on…. until you’re done. And then maybe even a little more curing from the top again.. seriously, this light isn’t even CLOSE to the powerful ones in a dentist office. Theirs are more powerful and obviously wider…I am a registered dental hygienist-I use these lights to place sealants, so I know what I’m talking about. I am not sure what type of epoxy lazerbond is so I can’t say if the material is similar or the same as sealants. Please dear Lord, do not attempt it yourself-you will very likely seal in bacteria and CAUSE a cavity. (Thought I better just put that out there) as far as fixing dentures-if you just really cannot or will not go to a dentist, which is what you need to do truth be told, but if you’re determined to do it yourself-you could possibly try nail acrylic like from Sally’s beauty supply, and then gently file/buff out the rough edges/spots-but I say that off the record and if you do it, realize you’re doing it at your own risk!!!! So: does lazerbond work? I’d say yes, depending on what you use it on and you minimize the user error factors. One more thing to watch for-try to minimize swirling/spreading it around when you apply it. I noticed little bubbles on some of the things I did, after it already had cured, and I’d imagine that compromises the hiding power/integrity of it. HOPE THIS HELPS!!!

  15. Not impressed – stuck a couple of bits of China together and I doubt it’ll hold. Just tried it on a wooden chair leg – again I don’t think it’ll last. I’ll go back to araldite

  16. I’m still waiting for my order. I plan to use it to assemble a plastic aircraft model. I tried to read the huge stack of comments but had to skip many of them.

  17. I install LED’s in 1/43rd scale and larger diecast vehicles, primarily for use on O-gauge model rail layouts. After using Lazer Bond for about a year (during which time I built over 150 of these things) I heartily endorse it…but with the added caution that it won’t work for everything that gets broken, no matter what they claim in their advertising. Also, it does not work well if applied in one thick coating. One upside I’ve discovered is that the batteries for the light are easily replaceable by removing the four tiny screws. It takes two 2016 batteries, which are slightly smaller than a nickel. I use a LOT of this stuff, by the way…buy them six at a time! It i also handy for quick, small repairs when things inevitably get broken on the train layout.

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  21. Actually, Paka’s spelling and grammar, including his vernacular, was better than both of you pedantics put together. Sheesh…We’re trying to have fun, toss around some good insults without the nitpicking.

  22. Well, I have grown up and outlived them, (Sorry for my daughter), but anyway, I guess they could say what they want and not ruffle my feathers. If they were alive, it wouldn’t have bothered me much anyhow. If you want to jump on someone on the internet, you just might land in a pile of poo and would have been better off without just reading on and taken your comment to somebody who gave a poo.

  23. I don’t know what’s funnier. The A$$hat potty humor jokes or the smegpots that get offended by them.
    I enjoy it all so it’s a win win for me.
    But, I digress. This stuff works really well for the use I found for it. I use it in certain ways for scale model building. I use regular modeling glue for the main structural stuff, and lazer bond for slim edges, to cover some seams and to repair parts that get broken during the build process. It’s a great supplemental tool for model builders. I read the warnings so I don’t use it on mucus membranes such as those involved with pooters, balloon knots or wackers. I considered using it to close my wife’s mouth, but what goes in there is a higher priority to me than intolerance of what comes out.

  24. After reading your post, I am curious to know if you would recommend lazer bond adhesive for a denture repair? Is your tooth still in tact? If it did not hold, how long would you say it held up? Thanks!

  25. I know it is frustrating when people use the English language incorrectly. I rarely use the wrong one of these.(their, there, and they’re) At least you are polite when you let someone know that they have used the wrong one. The one that gets me more than these is “ie and ei”. Thank goodness for spellcheck on most forums. Yes I know the rule is “i before e except after c”.

  26. Reading reviews and wasn’t expecting it to go down such an awkward/weird path but hey, got a few laughs out of me! And ps from one woman to another, those wanting to argue it out with the guys who were clearly just kidding around, you kept that whole thing going by continuing to comment. Best thing to do if no one is specifically referencing you, just stay out of it and don’t contribute to prolonging the convo. Would have liked to see a few more actual reviews on the product, but still….interesting to say the least!

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  28. Food safe? Yes, it is, and I have always hand washed my coffee mugs so I do not know about the dishwasher.

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  32. I have bought this thinking it was a great fix to a project I was working on.
    However, this does NOT work on plastic beads or any other plastic surface. The glue simply
    comes off – there is no adhesive and pieces just fall off!

    I would like to get a refund for what was suppose to be the latest technology in quick fixes!
    We’ll see if they refund…

  33. So far, whatever I tried it on failed. The first two I received . . . one had a leaky tube and the other had a light that wouldn’t stay on, but “flickered”. They sent 2 replacements and once I got them (after another month), neither worked. Definitely not for anything requiring even the slightest structural repair. I think I gave this product more than a fair chance, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. Save your money!

  34. Laserbond seems to work good on jewelry and delicate items. But for toys and such that can take a beating, laserbond fails. I mean it’s just liquid plastic, it can’t fix boats and make a toy more durable. But if you would like a handy thing to glue like models and such, laserbond works.

  35. I tried laserbond on several things, as long as you do not touch items after you use it they hold together, but once you try to do anything with what you laserbond it just falls apart. Sure not worth using, and sure not worth buying. It is one of the worst bonding products I have ever used, would of had better luck just using mud!!!

  36. I ordered mine and forgot about it. It finally came, but I forgot what I broke 4 months ago. It is a good alternative to soldering jewelry, but yeah, that boat in the commercial is crap. If the uv light can cure it, yeah, it’s great. But who wants visible glue?

  37. Tried it to fix a broken chain guard on my grandson’s 4-wheeler. After carefully cleaning the two edges of the break I applied the glue and then the UV light. It seemed to work but when I (proudly) showed the repair to my grandson it came apart when he touched it. Repeated attempts met with the same result. This was a plastic-to-plastic repair which almost any other glue would fix but not this stuff. A waste of money.

  38. Save your money. The only thing it adhears to is itself. When it hardens there is a oily like texture on the surface so as soon as you bump item or put any stress on spot it’s all over. The only thing I see it can be used for is making something out of it all by itself but it’s going to take many bottles to make a coffee cup…lol keep your money and save yourself the irritation.

  39. There is a fine line between humor and filth. The first comment in this line was disgusting by itself already, and too many of the responses show that filth is appreciated… get some manners, and some education!

  40. What ever happen to truth in advertising. this laserbond is a joke. I tried on my grandson’s toy truck and it didn’t work. I tried it on my watch band and it didn’t work. I finally tried it on my wife’s laundry basket and as soon as I pick it up it came apart. I thought tere was a law for false adversting.

  41. Does laser bond really work? I’ve got numerous home repair projects that could save me big $$$ if laser bond works as advertised. What a cool invention!!! What a cool name…LASER BOND!!! Oh boy I really hope it works for my home repair projects

  42. It’s a good anti-theft device thou. I poured a gallon of it on the floor. And put a priceless diamond ring in the middle of the floor with a switch attached to a UV light…. Good times.

  43. Quit lying to people man. Homedepot people never work.

    The honest truth is the “glue” doesn’t do anything it’s the UV light that is melting the stuff together. They just sell the over priced glue so you keep coming back for more.

  44. That’s a very sexist thing to say ” talk (to) the lady the way you did” Women are to be treated just like men. This isn’t the 1920’s anymore.

  45. I was the class clown. I wouldn’t dare disrespect a lady the way you idiot a??holes did. Shame on you. I’m sure you would
    Make your mother proud. JERKS.
    By the way, I have been using lazer bond for a while now.
    Where it works it works great. Where it doesn’t work it is terrible.
    I use it to repair jewelry and on glass and it is great.

  46. I’m a man and you and the others who think this is funny is disgusting. And to talk the the lady the way you did is reprehensible.
    There’s not doubt in my mind that you same perverts would be very angry if some said these things to your mother, wife, daughter, etc. So grow up!

  47. This item is available at Walgreens and other places like Kroger that has an As seen on tv display section

  48. I agree, I haven’t laugh this much in a long time. Thanks for the chuckles people!

  49. I got the info I think I needed- I’m not going spend $20.00 on something that doesn’t seem to work. Love the comment section. Can’t – Stop – Reading. Some comments are very clever. Strange there is no moderator. ROTFL 😉

  50. For a great hard wearing waterproof glue try “GOOP” it comes in 2 or 3 different mixes , “Marine” ,and “Automotive” I have used to repair boot soles and shoes. Clean rubber to be glued with fingernail polish remover or acetone

  51. OK guys – love the jokes but will it work on rubber shoes (dog bit the end of the strap), really cheap metal (grandson wapped a pole light and broke off at the base), or fingernails (get linear horizontal cracks because of the chemicals I use at work)???

  52. These comments are awesome! But George….. Yours made me laugh so hard, I cried!
    I agree with others who have said they will keep coming back to read new comments!
    Reading Paka’s comment reminded me of those old Zima commercials….. Lots of words but nothing made sense! Cracked me up!

    Keep em comin guys! And keep offending as many old bitties as possible! People getting pissed like they do, cracks me up!

  53. I tried to repair a broken polyurethane watch band, IT WAS IN TWO PARTS…NO it did not work!! t I tried it on a pair of eyeglass readers. I put the resin on the arm where the hinge meet. It did hold for about 2 days, then came apart… ALSO YOU GET VERY LITTLE OF THE PRODUCT..I give it a 3 out of 10

  54. I tried to repair a broken polyurethane watch band it did not work!! I tried it on a pair of eyeglass readers. I put the resin on the arm where the hinge meet. It did hold for about 2 days, then came apart…

  55. I cannot believe you punks are using your filthy mouths to cyber bully 2 ladies. Your time is running out, so why don’t you wash your mouths out with soap, apologize to the ladies and give an honest review of the product.

  56. Oh lord , this product works! Heavenly father, this stuff really wotks!!! Come to think about it, it was the Light!!!! Why god how is this possible? Jesus christ, it was the light!!!! Shocked in awe it was the light!! My life would never be the same cause of the light!!!

  57. I’m with you… I found the answers I was looking for (I might give it a try if I can find it locally). But laughed so hard at times I could not see through the tears. This made my day… I too am a minister and believe there are bigger battles against evil than this. Thanks agian for the laugh.

  58. We just bought this in Rite Aid. My husband fixed two items. I have to admit, we were both skeptical, it proved us wrong. It worked VERY WELL!!!!! It was EXACTLY as they showed in the commercial!! I was BLOWN AWAY. I’m shocked. Just shocked.

  59. Try filtering what is available for your children to read. Don’t turn them loose on the Internet with no supervision. You were irresponsible for not checking the sites your children came across before allowing them to read them. If couch time is truly need for your damaged children try a psychiatrist review page but read it before allowing your children to select a Doctor.

  60. Bottom of the lake somewhere. Sorry. Site posted my comment before it was complete. Don’t think I’ll be buying this product but keep up the jokes. As always some were funnier then others but for the love of God people take a minute and smile today.

  61. I too was considering buying this product. I sifted through the replies that were jokes and it appears the product does not work as advertised. However, people please don’t lose your sense of humor it truly does bond the world and no UV light is required. Yes, some of the comments were distasteful so find another review site. There are several available online but many of the comments, particularly this one about the ham, aware hysterical. Come on people smile and laugh a little. You’re day might go a little easier. My thought on spending $20 to repair a coffe cup handle. Please reply to me. I can more likely than not find you a case of 12 new coffee cups for $20 and just thinking out loud again but I’m not sure I’d glue my boat back together with anything. You will likely find yourself in the middle of the lake swimming for shore and going to the boat shop in search of a $10,000 boat motor that is now somewhere at the bo

  62. Joyce: The moderator for this forum is obviously on a long vacation, or else doesn’t have a standard of decency. Degenerates are bottom feeders and probably have the I.Q. of a carrot. Ignore them.

  63. Laser Bond is a “Rip Off”. It would not work on a thin strip of formica, nor would it work on a lightweight plastic handle. Save your money, unless you just want to waste it on a worthless product. Some of those 5 star ratings are hard to believe,unless they are paid for the 5 star rating. Pay attention to to the lower ratings, and there you will find the truth about this “grossly misleading product”.

  64. This product when used to repair china ware is not dishwasher proof. And tried to repair to two vinyl surfaces of walking shoes unsuccessfully. A purchase from PCH was defective due to a dead LED (Laser). Didn’t try to send back because I’d tossed all packaging that came with it. Otherwise everything else repaired seems to be holding up to everyday use.

  65. The commercial states the ADHESIVE is made in the USA. I contacted the company who confirmed the adhesive is made in America, BUT the applicator tool is actually made in China. Pay attention people. This is a very misleading add. And when I spoke to the representative, they were not too happy about my questioning the “made in the USA” claim.

  66. I came looking for product info and got a lot to consider. I got more laughs than I can tell you and will definitely be back to get reviews on other products I’m considering. Thanks to all

  67. 12 times you hit “pg dn”, and THEN you thought it was too much? Use J.B. Weld. Then you won’t need to look up whether it works! The fact you doubted it, then looked it up in hopes someone could talk you into believing it would work should have been your first clue!!!

  68. …yet here YOU are. Trying to talk sense to them, carrying on like they will snap out of it, and not a word about LazerBond!

  69. First of all they should take the word laser out of the sentence. The activator, if it really works would be UV light, not a laser. Super glue is really what the product is, so just buy that product for $5.00.00. The only real repair beyond glue is epoxy, activated by Hydrogen peroxide. and dried in an oven at 105 degrees Centigrade for 1/2 hour.

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  72. I learned something on the web, this product is crap and if I ever need to LMAO, come to this site. Some of you are hilarious. Bonjour.

  73. Shame is what I feel right now for fellow human beings. My young children were helping me to gather info on the Lazer product and came across the low mentality filth. One of my daughters who understood that this was vulgar sex talk was embarassed and frightened. The others were confused and asked if these were the people that were stranger danger. An evening that made a negative impact on my beautiful children.

  74. Very disappointed on it’s ability to bond a surface the size of a dime. It has a nice clean application, no messy fingers. However as I suspected, the bonding material in the center of the project, can not get UV ray / light to it, so therefore it does not bond in the middle. I had a broken door handle from my truck. It broke real clean with a surface of less than a dime. I put a thin coat of bond,, held it together,, applied the UV. It held together so I then put a light coat over the crack line [similar to what would be done if welded] then put the light to it. All LOOKED good but when using a wrench to install handle I bumped the handle – it fell apart at the glue line. This is a fiber type [not metal] handle. 1999 Dodge 1500. When it fell apart from the bump, I could see that the center of the joint was not cured and even the build up I had made over the joint,, flicked right off from the handle. Did not bond very well and believe Gorilla glue would have done much better. ??? Bought a new handle.

  75. Hehe. At least now I have a justifiable reason to spend my morning trading off-color sexual puns with strangers instead of actually taking any calls at the 911 dispatch. Thanks guys!

  76. This is frickin hilarious. I am stuck on this page. I also came here to check on the product but came away laughing my a$$ off. To all of you who were offended by these comments, I truly wonder why you read them. Lighten way up, maybe use this light. After all I read, I am convinced that this product is a piece of crap that not even this product can keep together.

  77. I don’t spend my $$ on the Laser Bond. Instead, about once a year I buy one of those big “bone in” hams.
    I then insert that ham in her “growler”. Then I pull the bone out of the ham and Presto! She’s resleaved for another year.

  78. I suggest trying a silicon type glue for this use as it retains some degree of flexibility and softness when cured.

  79. Listen people, I am a legally ordained minister….and I find these comments absolutely hilarious. To those of you that find them offensive, ignore them. Move on. Why leave a comment? What do you hope to achieve? With all the evil out there, one would think you would find something more pressing to complain about. Lighten up a little. Life is entirely to short to be so grimace. Thank you

  80. You really need someone moderating your comments and removing and blocking those with vulgar comments that are not relevant to the item at hand. I was trying to get some honest appraisals on Lazer Bond and was subjected to childish, uncivilized comments and animus. If you want people to take your site seriously you will moderate the comments!

  81. Food safe? Probably seeing it’s not made in China. Dishwasher ? No heat dry.
    Hot coffee held by a handle glued with a plastic material? Me thinks not. Super glue would have been better as it penetrates the pours better and dries much harder.
    You might end up part of the future class action lawsuit of “burned by a hot beverage” people.

  82. Paka? You mean Yota !

    Me wont glu fix things that broke I shood. No wont throe away good stuf broke.

  83. The ironic thing here is you probably have kids locked in your basement. It has been my life experience that people like you act like these comments are offensive. Fifty bucks says you go to church every Sunday. I’m sure you like to hide behind God as your closet full of skeletons pile up.

  84. Live in Oregon. Know of a store in Lincoln Ciity and one in Bend that sell “as seen on tv” items. The next time I am in the area of one, I am going see if they have it…

  85. This thing is a complete scam ….. It took extremely long for me to get it in the mail , as well as it not working nearly as good as they make it seem on the commercial ….. Very disappointed

  86. Interested to try, will see if they sell at Bed Bath and Beyond.

    In response to the comments, a nod to my favorites:
    “Stage 4 wankle cancer.”
    “Two tubes of failure.”

  87. I was interested in the product that, incidentally did stem from the Orthodontic industry.
    They have a stronger UV source.
    My advice is to buy the competitive product from the box stores.
    You’ll avoid the problem of a non-returnable piece of crap, leaky containers and no recourse.
    It doesn’t work for all applications. Needs to be exposed to UV light to harden sufficiently.
    If it was as good as the TV commercials say, the product would sell without TV hype. (remember Ronco)
    Yeah…. the comments are out of line, but, that’s the TV culture. A collection of idiots, lay-abouts, and
    low-information people. The older ones are sexually deprived, The younger are going to be enamored with zombies.
    I’m feel for the folks who are genuinely looking for info about a product and have to wade
    through all the BS online. BUT, just put your rubbers on and move ahead. Geez!
    Justin Beaver…….LOLOL

  88. Your comment isn’t offensive because it’s vulgar.

    Your comment is offensive because it’s not remotely creative. It’s a poor excuse for humor and demonstrates the mental laziness only a child or retard could possess. You’re not a comedian. You’re not even good at pretending to be one.

    At best, your disruptive class clown who loves attention but isn’t smart enough to do something constructive to get it.

  89. It’s a disposable economy sir. Perhaps the wife’s pooter is ready for the heap, or maybe it’s the wankle? Irregardless or more, it’s best to stop trying to fix sht, especially on the job.!!
    Now stop texting and go buy, rent, daddy up a replacement.

  90. Amen, Brother, I can’t believe how far this thread went into the sewer. Since God will judge us on our use of words there will be a LOT of people apologizing to the Almighty, not that it will do them any good!

  91. Ive never seen so many retarded people in 1 spot ever.I wont buy it now for thr fear of it making me stupid after seeing this page lol

  92. Hey Dick, it’s ur brother Peter. Glad you used the glue on ur wife’s pooter, it’s working just fine now for me. If anything, a bit too tight.

  93. I have tried multiple surfaces, multiple materials, and the results have been the SAME…it doesn’t work! I waited 9weeks to even receive my laser bond and the fact that it hasn’t worked on any of the surfaces I’ve used it on is beyond annoying! Do NOT order this faulty product!

  94. Ah, the “god warriors” are really everywhere now! Any time I see anything like this I can only think of the “god warrior” on wife swap. BTW, the product to which this is supposedly dedicated actually works better than I thought (my bf bought it on his own) but you have to make sure that the application site is very clean and easily reached by the UV light.

  95. Lighten up Lady.

    Sounds like you need a sense of humor, maybe lazer bond can apply one to your tight bunghole.

  96. Mr Hanke the Christmas Poo fell from the bowl and broke when he hit the floor so I used it to fix him up good. He thanked me and continued on his way to give out the presents to all the good little boys and girls that have good fiber in their diets………

  97. Its Garbage in my book ! I tried it on a small plastic piece that doesn’t bear a three pound load.It came apart in minutes. The bond on the outside had the consistency of Elmers glue. THUMBS DOWN !

  98. So the product is used by gynocologists and urologists? From what I read in the comments the use of this product by them is all I need to know. Those are hard places to get a good bond. Fortunately my use will not require such difficult conditions. Update: after I finally got my order I used it to repair a leaky frying pan. But when I went to use the pan on my stove, the product caught fire. I wanted to caution anyone who has similar aims for this glue. DO NOT USE ON THE STOVE!!

  99. Just because some of us are disgusted by inappropriate comments made by juveniles doesn’t mean we have no sense of humor. It just means we have a little more class and self respect than you do.

  100. ?
    I am hoping CVS or one of the local stores with ” as seen on TV ” gets it in soon I’ll be pissed if I have to wait 6 freekin weeks or more. I DO enjoy the humerous banner here, only one guy sounds a little immature but what would you expect from Justin bieber or was that beaver? What ever always a D ? in the crowd. LOL ?

  101. I have been waiting on this kind of glue for 20 years
    You can position a small item and then have someone else hit the light for you
    Works great
    You can even fill the voids and build it up in layers
    Hard as a good slow cure epoxy Not rubbery

  102. Used it at the escrow office – sealed the deal
    Packed up the left-overs – sealed the meal
    Repaired a flat – sealed the wheel
    Shut my mouth – sealed my zeal
    Plugged the hole in the pipe – sealed the yield
    Secured police evidence of groping – copped the feel
    Got the kids to genuflect at church – forced the kneel
    Got the boat on the correct course – wrighted the keel
    Stopped a noisy pair of shoes – squelched the heel
    Put the banana skin in its place – locked in the peel
    Fixed the crank on the fishing rod – fixed the reel

  103. My husband and I just repaired a coffee handle that was broken in three places and then glued back onto the cup. Worked great! Question: Can it handle the heat of a dishwasher and is it food safe?

  104. I went on your site for a review of a product.
    Your review was okay but I always check user’s reviews .. and found a lot of juvenile sex talk. I don’t mind a few jokes in comments, but is there any reason you don’t screen out all of the crap comments? If this is the kind of audience you want, guess I won’t return. Nor will I refer my friends to your site. Some people really do want to find out if the product works.

  105. That’s true, but the material is transparent – so (apart from the joke about my dentist) as long as you can direct the light through the gel, it will catalyze and harden. And you can do that from the side. For example, my dentist cemented a bridge in my mouth by applying the gel between a buttress and the back of my tooth, then shining the UV light on the tooth. Between the light piped down the transparent gel and the UV that made it through the tooth itself (teeth aren’t opaque), it was enough to bond the tooth and the bridge. The fact that dentists use it in the high stress environment of the mouth (biting, moisture, all kinds of solvents – like brandy) with success speaks highly of the adhesive.

  106. I used it to seal my nostrils shut so I wouldn’t drown when I swim. That worked, but now I drool and snore a lot, and my nose is sunburned. Otherwise, I recommend it. Don’t use it as lip gloss if you are going to sunbathe unless you like to type a lot.

    But it does work. My dentist actually used this same technology to bond a bridge to my tooth. Then Chris Christie closed one of the lanes and now I can’t get into New York.

  107. Paka,

    Suggestion for travel, how about the nearest grade school to learn some English grammar and spelling,

  108. “Grrr…”

    Do not lose your sense of humor. For if you do, all you will be good for is sitting on a case of champaign to keep it cool.

    Paka @)}————–

  109. was ready to order as soon as I saw the infomed ial. thx think I’ll pass. too stooping guys. funny…but stoooopid.

  110. You really are a sick puppy. If you think this is cute you are wrong. If you really did this bothmust be a little off!!!!

  111. LOL @ debi downer.

    She thinks shaming anonymous people for making crude jokes in an online comment section is going to get them to stop, and NOT HAVE THE COMPLETELY OPPOSITE EFFECT.

    Too cute.

  112. really? you people have no other place to play and talk nonsense? i find your humor childish and idiotic and this is not the place..
    some of us are really wanting to know if the product works not your immature babble..
    no i’m not a prude and i can appreciate a good joke or pun…but silly sexual fantasy comments don’t belong here..
    grow up or go to bed

  113. These reviews answered every one of my questions.

    But now I have a problem. I was doing my wife doggystyle the other day when I grabbed what I thought was a jar of lube. It turned out to be a tube of laser bond. Making matters worse, I meant to grab a flashlight to see what was going on down there but i accidentally grabbed the uv light instead and fused my sausage to her taco. I’m not complaining about the 24/7 sex now, it’s nice to get some on a regular basis again, but I would like unfuse from her at some point.

    Wut do?

  114. My husband kept falling asleep
    when I talk to him
    so I bonded his eyes
    he just stares at me with that blank look
    Once you bond you can’t unbond
    So how do you unbond what you
    Previously wanted to bond ?
    Is there a unbond solution or unbounder
    To unbond what you just bonded?
    Please help me cause now he won’t shut
    up about me bonding his eyes open
    and I may have
    to bond his mouth? Plus I don’t
    Like his eyes always staring, he’s freaking me out!

  115. Every time I travel to Florida (about once a month for work), I see all the crazy Florida adds on TV. So I’m tempted to get the stuff. I figure if it won’t fix anything, at least the pen will illuminate my really really tiny Elvis painting.

  116. Oy Vay! Here it is the second day of Chanukah and my menorah has broken. What to do, what to do? Maybe I’ll go play with my “wankle”. Pray to God not that doesn’t break also (in Hebrew no less, although I’m not quite sure how to say “wankle” in that ancient language.) In either case I’m in trouble and in pain!

  117. …lol…hilarious…the reviews are perfect.THE PRODUCT IS CRAP might as well get a good laugh

  118. Here I was (am) thinking I might get an honest evaluation of a product I am interested in purchasing.
    Wotta I get? Well, anyone who has read these ‘reviews’ already knows (sniff,) Really, people, you don’t realize there are lotsa reasons for a person ta want a good, reliable ‘fix-er-upper’ when things go bad an’ break an’…aw, shucks… someone just wants ta fix the thing, ya know? I know I do. Don’t you?

    I dunno…maybe I should forget the whole thing. Shovel the broken stuff out an’, I guess, buy some more stuff. Or, shovel all of the stuff out an’…I dunno…go ta Nepal…someplace. Got any ideas what I should do? Be true, me dears, be true…@)}————–

  119. The Lazer light will stay on until you stare it down. You have to show it you are the dominant one, even if you go blind. Don’t give up!

  120. This should definitely work on teeth. I used it on permanently attaching my dentures in place. It also is great for filling any orifice you may want to seal or bond together… ie. Pooter, etc. You can also use it in place of acrylic saving you money at the nail salon… and you can paint them too! I created a 2 inch fingernail just for scratching lottery tickets and picking orifices. I highly recommend this product!

  121. That number worked when I called it. The receptionist was very nice at Donald Trump campaign headquarters.

  122. You guys are pretty funny. I was gonna buy this useless garbage but after reading these reviews I think I’ll go spend some money on my wankle extender, the wife is starting to look at the neighbor poor poor pitful me pray for my soul.

  123. Tried this on 3 items.
    The last item was hard clear plastic.
    Complete fail on all three items.
    Not sure what to do with two tubes of failure, but I won’t be using it on anything anymore.

  124. This stuff works great for keeping my hoes on the corner. Just have to figure out how to get them to turn a trick now…..

  125. I am asking for my money back – it did not work and both lazers came in the mail but were leaking glue all over everything. Please refund my money, Thank you kindly
    (address concealed for privacy reasons – DRW Team)

  126. Havent used this product before but was interested in it so i came here to read some reviews. Thanks for the good laughs Dick & i agree Joyce stop being a prude.

  127. I called that number and Jesse Ventura keeps answering. You must have given out the wrong number.

  128. Just had to say,I was researching how well people thought the product worked. I was’nt expecting to start my day with such a good laugh instead. Thanks guys,I love a good laugh & you certainly supplied me with a great one. On a side note:Seems people are saying the product works pretty well,think I might give it a try. Oh & thanks again for such a great laugh & the unusual uses you’ve thought of for using the product.

  129. Hahaha that’s hilarious. Joyce stop being a stuck up prude. Sounds like u could use a little wankle in ur pooter lol

  130. Do not listen to this man, he is lying. The truth is you have to take it to any Home Depot and tell customer service you want a free refill. They’ll act like they don’t know what you’re talking about, don’t give up, they just don’t feel like doing the refill, be persistent, yell, take off articles of clothing, Lee your pants if you have to, but eventually they’ll get up and give you your laserbond free refill.

  131. No, it perpetually refills it self. Call 1-800-imamoron for your free refill activation code.

  132. Injected solution intermuscularly and went to a tanning salon. Iam now the laser bond version of wolverines Byzantium skeleton.

  133. Cannot bond anything unless the UV light can penetrate. Only works on see through objects. Very small amount of adhesive not enough to finish small project. I will return.

  134. Mr Gosinya,
    Have you tried applying wankle hardener first before pooter entry? Also a little pooter lube may be in order.

  135. Hey Dick, it worked for me and Mrs. Gosinya, guess your wankle is too small.

    Good product.

  136. When finished, how do you turn the light off on the laser?? It just stays on. Will it go out on its own?

  137. Worked for what I needed. Fixed a lamp and my glasses. I will say the container it comes in is flimsy leaks and doesn’t close good. Like the technology.

  138. This is how it works best:
    – works best on rough surfaces and even better with undercuts
    – solidifies ONLY by exposure to UV light (LED included)
    – works best in layers (the maximum thickness of one layer is 1- 1.5 mm)
    – works best when the surface is clean and free of grease
    – is solvent free, which is one reason why it doesn’t dry out
    – is a liquid plastic welder that should be used with the principle of WELDING and NOT GLUING

  139. I put the glue in my wifes pooter in hopes to make it tighter. I ran out of glue before I could get it a good size. Either her pooter is to big or my wankle is to small.

  140. i had to wait approx 6 weeks but i did receive it. it works. we found many uses in our business and love it

  141. I ordered Lazer Bond almost a month ago and still don’t have it. I have talked to there service center twice and each time they have told me that they haven’t charged my credit card but they have and that they were sending it the next day which they haven’t done yet. Beware of this company!

  142. I’m so glad I saw your post. I wanted to fix the sole of a shoe, so after reading your advise, this would not be the glue I need. Thank you.

  143. You cannot bond anything unless the UV light can penetrate. Unless the adhesive is on the outside of the work or the UV light can penetrate the work, this adhesive is useless. Nobody ever mentions this fact.

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