Does the Dr. Ho Decompression Belt Really Work?

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dr.ho decompression belt

Many people suffer from chronic back pain and discomfort but do not like to use oral pain medication or prescription drugs to help alleviate the pain. Dr. Ho’s 2 in 1 Decompression Belt can really help with many back pain symptoms.



What is Dr. Ho’s 2 in 1 Decompression Belt?


Dr. Ho’s 2 in 1 Decompression belt is a type of spinal decompression therapy that you can do yourself at home.  This easy to use, wearable back traction device is also used by clinical professionals as a back pain-relieving treatment.

How Does the Decompression Belt Work to Relieve Back Pain?

Back Pain

  • The decompression belt contains an inflation device.


  • By inflating this, it allows the belt to stretch and traction the lower back. By lengthening the spine through the belt’s gentle motion, it relieves pressure on discs that are herniated, bulging, or worn out.

This treatment also allows the spine to receive better oxygen, nutrients, and blood. This process helps in the relief of inflammation around the sciatic nerve and discs.


How Does the Decompression Belt Help to Strengthen and Stabilize the Lower Back?

Lower Back Pain


  • The use of the decompression belt can help prevent spasms and pain triggered by everyday movements.


  • The belt provides stability around the midsection of your back and can help promote the strengthening of your back muscles resulting in less pain.


  • Injuries, misalignment can lead to back muscles tensing up, causing stress and back pain.


  • By inflating the decompression belt, the muscles in your back are stretched, which relieves the pressure around joints, which allows more range of motion and flexibility.


  • Also, when the belt is inflated, it is raised by 4 inches, which then lifts and supports the weight of your upper body. This decrease in pressure on your lower back, allowing the spine to lengthen taking the pressure off compressed discs.


What are Dr. Ho’s Decompression Belt Features?

When using the Dr. Ho’s Decompression belt, you will receive clinical-grade treatment without the use of surgery, drugs, and regular doctor appointments.


The belt delivers clinical grade traction and decompression. You can use the belt when it is not inflated to help you with your daily activities. However, when inflated, it becomes a traction tool for your lower back. This provides 2 in 1 back pain relief.

Portable and Convenient

This product is portable and wireless, which allows you to use it anytime, anywhere. The belt is available in two sizes: Pant size 0 -16 (Size A) and pant size 17-21+ (Size B) Size B fits up to a waist size of 55”.


A Drug-Free Solution for Pain Relief



The Dr. Ho’s Decompression Belt is a drug-free treatment that helps manage back pain. No drug supplements are required for the belt to be effective. This is a natural solution for pain relief.


Is the Dr. Ho’s Decompression Belt Scientifically Proven?


Absolutely. All of Dr. Ho’s products are as a result of conferring with many other health care professionals like physiotherapists, chiropractors, as well as scientists.


How Do I Use the Dr. Ho’s Decompression Belt?


By following these tips and easy steps, you will be sure to feel a lot of pain relief in your upper and lower back.

  1. Always ensure you buy the correct size belt for it work properly.
  2. The belt should be worn over a light layer of clothing.
  3. The belt must be fully deflated prior to putting it on and is should fit tightly.
  4. A tight fit can be established by sucking in your stomach when you are putting the belt on.
  5. Once the belt is placed on your waist, while standing, inflate it. For the first week, wear the belt between 3 and 4 times a day for a period of 30 minutes each time. This will assist with your muscles and spine, becoming accustomed to traction.
  6. Thereafter, you can wear the belt as long as it is required, but must be worn a minimum of 30 minutes a day for ongoing relief.
  7. The best way to obtain better and faster relief is to lay on your back with the belt on and raise your legs using a couple of pillows.
  8. You can even sleep with the belt on at night if you experience back pain while you sleep.


How Much Does the Dr. Ho’s Decompression Belt Cost?


There are 3 Dr. Ho’s Decompression belt packages available for purchase.

Package One

The first package is $199.00, which includes Dr. Ho’s 2-in-1 Back Relief Decompression Belt plus a Magic heat pad.

Package Two

The second package is the deluxe package costs $299.94 and contains all basic package items plus Dr. Ho’s pain therapy system valued at $194.97, 8 small replacement pads, 2 large replacement pads, circulation boosting foot massage pads and a Travel Bag.

Package Three

The third package, The Ultimate, costs $354.99 and includes all items in the deluxe package plus Dr. Ho’s pain therapy belt valued at $59.99 and Dr. Ho’s therapy belt replacement pads valued at $19.99.


Risk-Free Trial Period


Dr. Ho is so confident that will be pleased with Dr. Ho’s products that a 90-day risk-free trial period is offered with all products. If you purchase any Dr. Ho’s products and you are not happy with them, simply return them within 90 days, and you will receive your money back minus shipping and handling fees.


Customer Reviews


Overall, Dr. Ho decompression belt customers have rated the product 4.2 out of 5 stars, with 85% of customers  rating it as a five-star product.

One verified buyer stated that she used the decompression belt so much because it worked great for her that the inflation device blew a hole. However, she had no problem purchasing another as the first one lasted her several years.

Another verified buyer stated that it helped her so much with back pain that she is recommending it to all his family and friends.

Another customer stated that she has degenerated discs and a back injury from lifting a heavy object causing severe muscle spasms in her back, but thanks to Dr. Ho’s decompression belt, which she still uses a minimum of 2 times a day, she has had pain relief.




If you are looking for a natural, drug-free way to obtain pain relief from your back, we recommend trying Dr. Ho’s 2 in 1 Decompression Belt for Back Pain. It’s worth a try and can be returned within 90 days if the product is not for you.


77 Customer Reviews on “Does the Dr. Ho Decompression Belt Really Work?

  1. reading comprehension would help prevent you form looking like a fool. I found the comment you were talking about, they said if wearing the belt made your back WORSE. PAY. ATTENTION.

  2. So, you are saying if I wear this belt, and it helps alleviate some of my chronic back pain so that I can be more active, hence strengthening my muscles, that I should give up life?!
    And so should everyone else?
    What works for you might not work for someone else. Everyone needs to find what helps alleviate THEIR chronic back pain, and if this helps alleviate it so that one can be active, that’s WORTH LIVING FOR!!
    Thanks for the encouragement, Really appreciate it.
    Blessings to you, and what I do to take care of myself is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. Now stop being rude to people. Please.

  3. So, you are saying if I wear this belt, and it help alleviate the pain so that I can be more active, hence strenthening my muscles that I should give up life.
    Thanks for the encouragement, Really appreciate it.
    Blessings to you, and what I do to take care of myself is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. Now stop being rude to people. Please.

  4. If I were in pain, I would not focus my energy on “how to spell it” either, I would focus my energy on being well…. and it is not a commonly used term. Please lighten up, and give him that much! Hoping for his healing.

  5. This man is the biggest con of all times, there is nothing special about his so call invention to which there have been many others way before him, His Medicare scheme is design to Bill Medicare for Millions. Why do you think you see so many TV ads ?? Consumer beware !!!

  6. I have Scoliosis and Spondylolysis with 40% offset – 63 years old ; 15 years ago I was unable to walk 50 feet without stopping to rest – sciatica never became inflamed and they were pushing surgery. 3-4 months PT – slowly back to normal – started slow jogging, then running – now I run 5K with low 7 min mile average , training 4X per week and cross training with weights twice a week. Will still perform PT @ gym if I feel the sciatica tingle in the hip but its been at least a year – Over the years I’ve blown the back out with lifting heavy objects and twisting – this device looks ideal to supplement and support when moving heavy things especially the twisting motion for someone with my affliction – going to the gym and having decent muscle mass helps tremendously this is the kind of thing that would safeguard potentially worse injury – Also forget $199 , Amazon for 1/4 of the price – and just use it when U know yor going to lift, twist and turn.

  7. Kathryn, careful with your words. You may not relies it now, but you may have to eat them later. That’s how Karma works, golden rule. It should be think, say and do unto others, as you would have done unto yourself.

  8. Are these comments for real? I mean they are so RIDICULOUS it’s almost uunbelievable. I wonder if anyone has ever had a serious injury like me. Broken neck Broken back etc etc? I paid for my Medicare before I got hurt and I still pay a monthly premium. I’ll tell you what those making complaints about Medicare paying or someone asking if they pay can take there left wing liberal democrat bullshit and go to to your bathroom with it and flush yourselves. You couldn’t neck and back pain for 30 seconds before you begin to cry Like the little britches you are. I’m so sick of you people having nothing better to do than to wine like the little sissy you are grow the hell up. TRUMP 20/20. Unbelievable people are on here.bitching about a Dammed back brace that just might give someone like me a small taste of pain relief. Sorry to all for my wordings but I’m just so tired of these little sissy babies. Go suck your thumbs somewhere else little children. Gee Wiz.

  9. Ordering is simple, they take your credit card or medicare info and that is it. Try and talk to someone if you have a problem and you will wait 45 minutes to an hour on hold. The person who took my order asked for my waist size – when the belt comes, it clearly says on the box (in red) “measure at your belly button”. For me that was six inches larger and it DOES NOT FIT. Still on hold for the third time going over 45 minutes. Good luck, I don’t care for this company.

  10. Bonnie N., Just look at the name he uses to be identified by! In the words of Forrest Gump, ” That’s all I have to say about that!” Now onto Yoga and, Pilates and strengthening the core; these are the first steps a physical therapist, or pain management clinic takes to treat someone with back problems, before moving on to more invasive treatments, or heavy duty pain meds. Core strengthening exercises are also prescribed after back surgery. People with problems like obesity, which might be contributing to back issues can start by doing the core strengthening and weight restriction exercises in a swimming pool, as it helps to relive stress on the joints. It’s also a great alternative for older people who may have some issues with balance. Water is a great therapeutic element in an of itself. If one just walks against the pressure of the water, the Gentle resistance of the water helps to rebuild or maintain muscle mass. BTW, I have had multiple spinal surgeries, secondary to a congenial spinal problem. My back starts to bother me, more, when I have not been faithful to my core exercises! I love doing my exercises in water, whenever I am able.

  11. We are interested in seeing if we qualify to get the belt, however your staff hangs up on us when we tell them we don’t want to purchase the media care service that is offered

  12. I found them on ebay for less than $40 and free shipping. At that price, may be worth trying for some.

  13. I talked to my doctor about this type of back brace and he said the same thing the you said Adam, that my muscles around my spine would atrophy and I would require the device all the time. He said that I could only wear it for a short time, like if I wanted to do the dishes, or etc. then I would have to take the brace off. He also recommended exercise to strength the back muscles around the spine to improve my posture.

  14. It has not helped me in any way yet. They also told me that I wasn’t going to be charged anything and I see on my Humana account that my share is something like $150+ twice. I know I don’t want all the stuff they sent.

  15. Thank you for saying this. It can’t be emphasized enough how important it is to wait until new innovative surgeries have been perfected until you agree to go under the knife. You want the doctor to have a decent track record doing the exact surgery you will have. You don’t want them learning on you.

  16. It don’t work I’ve been wearing it every day for a month. My back still hurts no relief at all my copper fit back brace helps me more and alot cheaper too!!!

  17. Your review was the best I have read. Thank you so much for your honest experience with using the belt. Information that everyone should know. I didn’t hear any warning information during his infomercial. So thank you again.

  18. I see the market is now flooded with these belts, a lot of branding going on. I think that’s an indication that it’s effective. You can find them as low as like $25 on eBay, just search for decompression belt. Not sure how they compare but you can also find used, or even not used DDS 500 or 300 ones on eBay much cheaper.

  19. I have a disc bulge (probably herniation) at L5-S1 causing sciatica. I am going to get the DDS 500 belt from Disc Disease Solutions. I believe it will help since taking weight off my lower spine relieves the horrible pain. You go to Hanger Clinic which measures you for it. There are like 12 sizes it comes in. I will update on my experience with it.

  20. But if you think about it, virtually all the really negative and even hostile comments were by people who never claimed to have tried the product. (Except the person who had surgery and it damaged the hardware.) People who tried it say it did help them. It is actually obvious it would help if the issue is that upper body weight on the spine column is causing pain.

  21. I don’t know about Dr. Ho’s belt, but a similar and higher quality product, the DDS 500 from Disc Disease Solutions is ONLY available by prescription and is covered by Medicare and other forms of health coverage.

  22. I find some of the above conversation ridiculous. That attack on Cathy was uncalled for. Medicare does cover such devices and the reason they are covered is because they are helpful for some conditions. So the fact that Medicare does cover it with a prescription is a reason to expect it to be helpful when prescribed by your physician. Don’t turn a product review into some silly right-wing political issue please.

  23. did all the hoops pills shots rx chiro p t exercise have a 12 inch scar on my back from major back surgery 1 year later got fat and off opiats digenitrve disc desease arteritis 2000 dollars braces did not work sorry the only cure lose weight and build core ie back muscles exercise save the 150 k I spent 2 yrs of ice and heat working out hurts that’s why it called work and yes im 60 yrs old hope this helps and saves someone the pain money and time I wasted

  24. He’s not licensed if you had bother to read the facts, yes FACTS….so he’s breaking the law, and is therefore a fraud. Simple as that. I don’t need to try illegal substances like, oh say, heroin, to know that a crook, a fraudster, sells it. Sames goes with this “product”.

  25. What’s with this site can’t mark 1 star!! I’d rather put 0 stars.I was told Medicare would pay for the belt. They never said it cost $1703.13. They did say I might have to pay $200.00, like that was the cost of the belt. They said they knew how to bill Medicare so it would be paid. I didn’t need to worry. I tried it twice, it caused more pain, I waited a couple of days after the first try before I tried it again but got the same result. I hurt!! I called got a return number and sent it right back. They are still trying to bill Medicare and my secondary insurance for $1703.13. Had I kept it I would have to pay for that! Don’t fall for this scam! It doesn’t work!

  26. Decompression works great when done in a physical therapy situation. This belt runs over $300 new. However they make claims that it is covered by Medicare. It is, for over $1,200. NOTICE THE DIFFERENCE? Why is the government paying for this? Four times more expensive? Please people if you want Medicare when you are a senior, don’t waste the government money (your money), otherwise we will ALL be able to say goodbye to medicare soon because of wasteful spending!!

  27. Thank you, Ed, for such a wise and thoughtful response. So many people get online and become mean and angry warriors. God bless you, and may your influence spread.

  28. earlene, i already commented about the belt i just wanted to give you an alternative to look at, there is an infomercial about the genie hour glass belt, my grand kids tease me and say im wearing a womans girdle, but i see the ads more today on spanish speaking stations. they most likely have a website, just type in genie hour glass, i bought two when i first saw this, they have black and flesh colored, it works great, you can pull it extremely tight and then double the pull with the other two straps, i depend on this a lot now days. i bought it because it was similar in design to an old back brace i had years ago.

  29. lots of comments everywhere about this belt, i don’t own one because i can’t afford the price and i won’t help any more companies to stick it to medicare, i fell for one a few years ago. but when i first saw this on tv i was in awe of the design. i have a very old back brace that has almost the same design and it has a square pad that fits in the middle of your back, it helps but not much, probably 20yrs old. i might mention i have disc problems with herniated L5 and S1 and c5 and c6 bulging. a couple years ago i bought a waist cincher belt called the genie hour glass, advertised to pull that fat in around your bulging mid section and give you a waist. same design phsically as drho belt but not a pump up.. you pull it around your waist and lock it in place with velcro, then it has a big velcro strap on each side to pull in as tight as you can stand it and velcro them. does basically the same thing, works great, i used it on occasion off and on when i needed help, now i put it on when i get out of bed. it cost 20 bucks. so with all the experts giving all these technical reasons it does or doesn’t work, just keep it simple, it has to work, someone has offered similar items for many years, motorcycle riders, weight lifters, etc. If you support your back it is going to help period, and if he sold the belt for what its worth im pretty sure a lot more would be sold, i know i would buy one, but not at his prices.

  30. I am trying to be of help to a 90-year-old neighbor who has had chronic back pain most of his life, but he has never had back surgery, etc. Before ordering Dr. Ho’s belt and paying the $200 plus amount, where do I go to get him a lower, more affordable price due to limited funds? Unfortunately, I lack computer ordering savvy, etc., so I need someone’s guidance in helping me find a way to get a cheaper price for the same item without using the television site. He will responsibly follow the booklet instructions and the daily exercises recommended by Dr. Ho. Please advise ASAP. Thank you.


  31. Cathy,
    You should be ashamed of that comment. My Doc is willing to write the script saying it’s necessary and either Worker’s Comp or Medicare would pay. BUT, I’m not into ripping off people/companies/government just to see if it works. I’m doing my own research as much as I can. If it works, with the amount of pain I’m in, I’ll figure out a way to pay for it myself. Freebies are not the answer, because all us other taxpayers have to foot YOUR BILL. If you had any friends like me, I would have helped you pay for it. Thank God, I don’t know you. I’ve already had my share of “user people” that take advantage of people like me.

  32. Bonnie
    Be very careful about new surgeries. Disc replacement is very dangerous and you can end off worse than before the surgery because they have to go in from the front which means your intestines and other vital organs are laying on a table during the procedure. A co-worker of mine travelled to another state to have the procedure because it is not allowed in California. He came out in far worse condition than before the surgery and almost died from kidney failure and had to have section of his intestines removed because of necrosis because they didn’t put things back in right.
    Be wary of new procedures that doctors want try. DON’T BE A GUINIE PIG!!!

  33. Bonnie
    I hope you and others see this regarding disc replacement. Its very new and a dangerous surgery.
    They have to perform it from the front which means they have to remove all your inards to get to your spine. A co-worker of mine had the disc replacement and ended up worse than before the surgery.
    He ended up with kidney failure and had a portion of his intestines removed because a part of it simply died, as he almost died also. Don’t jump to new routines just because a doctor wants to try something new.

  34. BeerNuts, you dilrod. Perhaps you should off yourself with your next heroin score. Planet Earth will thank you for it, ya loser.

  35. What sad times we live in. Times where selling garbage that costs two dollars to make is then sold for hundreds, and gullible consumers feed right into it. Sad, sad indeed.

  36. I just got the belt last week and it has been wonderful. I truly think 2 things. First it depends on your problem and pain. If you have spine degeneration or leg related back problems or blown discs, this likely isn’t for you. If you have mild alignment, arthritis, slight degeneration, etc, then it will help you out a lot. I don’t like the broad claims they make on TV. Only some will benefit. Secondly, you have to exercise and use the DVD. Just like any rehab or treatment, proper exercise is key to anything effectively working. If you’ve been to back therapy, you know this.
    So evaluate your situation. Is it too serious to try this simple basic pain belt? Are you willing to also do back excercise to maximize results? These two variables are why it only gets really good reviews, or really bad ones. If it works, you’re likely very satisfied and have a milder condition and exercise. If it doesn’t it’s a one star, you likely have a more serious issue and are older or unwilling to exercise.
    As for the pricing and Medicate fraud. I’m not surprised. Good product or not, this is often taken advantage of. Example: The MyPillow. Wild claims and all over the board pricing. Only helps some people and refunds are difficult. When you’re trying to make money in advertising product, companies will often try to take every advantage possible. Overbilling Medicare is a common medical practice. Ever look at how much hospitals charge Medicare for simple injections or procedures? Or most any insurance for that matter. Example: 1 shot morphine in ER – billed at $48 – $70. Actual cost $1.23.
    Bottom line – it works for me, but I only have lower back arthritis, and can work out some. I’m worried about how long the belt will wear and last (given reported breakdown reviews). Other than that, I’d recommend IF appropriate.

  37. Good morning, BeerNuts, Referring to someone as, “You Dumbazz” is in poor taste. Please tailor your comments to the positive and negative qualities of the belt and the success or failure that you’ve experience by using the belt. I am anxious to learn from you. We’re all in the same boat and need to support each other with credible comments that offer hope. I will pray that your future is bright and that you find a solution to your pain. ED

  38. Have you looked into disc replacement?? I have been just recommended that because my doctor will not do fusions anymore because you do have further problems. There are doctors in Plano that invented this and this is my next stop after my shoulder heals!

  39. Beer Nuts,
    It is so easy to hide behind the computer and type hateful things. Grow up please! This man is just leaving a review of his opinions. I do agree that muscles do not descengrate from this and if his has this is not a good belt! Chris , you have to do the exercises and I think doing yoga or Pilates would greatly benefit you. You can find a much cheaper belt and you need to build up your core. This will help tremendously!!! And also there are different companies that take insurance for Pilates and I’m sure yoga too. Beer Nuts your what’s wrong with this world, being an asshole bully is not how you should live your life. What goes around comes around! Hang in there Chris!

  40. Actually Medicaid generally is the party who would pay for legitimate items for ongoing care. That is in partnership with each State. Hawaii, may have identified this company as having fraudulent billing practices, and does not authorize them as a legitimate source for air compression belts. As others have posted, they market this item to individuals at $200, but when billing to Government agencies, it is billed at $2,000. If purchased and the Government Agency does not pay full $2,000 you may be billed for the unpaid amount.

  41. I have thought about giving up on life many years but I don’t think this is the way you should talk about giving up on life because it is a mortal sin to talk about committing suicide or ending your life because you have to think about other people and your family and how much it would hurt them for you to be gone so I do not believe the you are very smart so I wish people like you would shut up because there are real people that have serious problems with their back and just stop do not tell people to kill themselves because you will pay for it in the end.

  42. I suffer from chronic lower back pain.It doesn’t hurt while I lay down in bed.When I get up it is painful and it takes several minutes to stand up strait,to do it I have to squat,stretch etc.The biggest help I get is doing crunches,in other words is to strengthen my upper an lower abdominals,this helps tremendously otherwise I would be walking with a cane.I make sure about posture,sitting with good lumbar support etc.At home I have different lumbar support where I sit,I lay back in front of my desk.To make short I am able to manage my pain.NO heavy lifting,use a dolly or something to move things.

  43. I was “this close” to ordering one for my wife. MY wife and I both have chronic back pain in lower back brought on by being old and over weight. I figured 200 bucks wasn’t much to relieve her pain. Roughly half of the commenters had negative comments to make. Most of them mentioned that supporting aching muscles didn’t do any long term assistance, in fact it made your long term condition even worse. I also should mention in the star rating system above, this product receives 3 positive stars out of 5. This meant a 60% approval! Do you spend 200 bucks on a product that has your wife health at risk and that is approved by 60% of users/customers? Dumb-ass question, me thinks.

  44. Works good first 1 I brought in 2012 and lasted a year . 2nd has lasted 5 yes now .I have no lower discs left and use the belt when the pain gets unbearable.. it’s not a fix for your back but a relief. Make sure you order the right size for your torso.

  45. U can send it my way,i havnt had lower back surgery yet and will wait till i absolutly haft to. No they should have NEVER even sugested u doing any kind of decompression afterhaving surgery like u had.

  46. I have been seeing this advertised on TV and they stated that medicare will now pay for this device. I called the 800 360 2219 number the sale person I spoke with said medicare in the State of Hawaii does not pay very pushy to get me to buy one with 2 easy payments. I think they are making false statements in the advertising. Medicare is not a state agency medicare is a National program.

  47. Will this help with my pain in my lower back. It’s the L4,L5 herniated disc and facet joint is what I have been told and the nerves around the area is what’s causing me have the pain non stop. With out any pain meds I can’t do anything. I can’t work,sleep or any kind of sports,outdoor activities.

  48. Michael Ho markets his products and services internationally under the brand name of “Dr. Ho”. With respect to the Province of Manitoba, please note that this individual is not licensed to practice chiropractic. As such, he is not authorized to:

    Use the term “chiropractor” or “chiropractic” in Manitoba;
    Imply that he is licensed to practice chiropractic in Manitoba;
    Present himself as a chiropractic specialist, or use the title of “doctor”, “D.C” or “Dr.” of chiropractic.
    As the regulatory body for chiropractic in Manitoba, the Manitoba Chiropractors Association does not endorse the representations made by this company or individual in advertising which appears in various forms in Manitoba media.

  49. I tried to ordered the belt today. U have Medicare. I gave them all my information they ask for. My doctors name and number. My Medicare #. Answered all the questions.,they keep handing me me off to person after person and each person ask the same questions. This sent on r times. At this point I had been on the phone for over an hour. I ask the last person why I was being ask the same questions and how many times I needed to answer the same questions. And told him I needed to get off the phone. At that point the connection was lost.

  50. You dumbazz, you don’t know what you are talking about. If your back muscles degenerated further by wearing this belt then you should give up life.

  51. it’s $199 on TV and they billed Medicaid $2,000 and now after Medicaid paid them $888 they’re coming after me for $226 the belt does not work it’s useless it’s a scam be careful how dare you try to rip off the federal government and why would you

  52. Does Medicare cover this back braces with dr. Appt. ? The ratings from Dr. Oz. Television show? Does this device really relieve back pain?

  53. Hi Lucie, let me know if Medicare really paid for it. If it will provide temporary relief that is great.

  54. Can u tell me what exercises u do? I am not getting this. I figured it was not worth the money. I have spondylotheisis. verterbra half slipped out in L 5 ugh

  55. this belt should come with a DANGER WARNING for anyone that has had any type of back surgery, like myself i had 2 verts removed and 3 discs they then installed a wire basket and two rods to keep my spine aligned, well a yr after i had the surgery a medical warehouse called me promising no more pain or pills and my insurance paid for this junk thing,
    the day i got it i put it on as the directions stated and used the pump well long story very short i ripped all the anchor screws out of my spine and one rod fell loose the pain was unstoppable and i was rushed back into surgery, these things are dangerous yet even though i told the supposed nurse what surgeries i had had she told me this product was ok for me to use,,, i cannot hold anyone liable except myself, so buyer beware check with your doctor first if you just have to have another piece of junk in your closet

  56. Hi Sara
    I just gave these people on the phone all my Medicare information do you think it’s a fraud ?

  57. Have you tried the device for yourself? You said he should be investigated…but if YOU haven’t investigated him, how do you know he is a fraud? I’m not saying I believe this products HYPE… I’m only saying you shouldnt defame someones character before you know the facts.

  58. I believe this belt is to be used as a treatment to relieve pain, not be worn constantly. I have had disc decompression done at the chiropractor and it does help, but is costly because insurance doesn’t cover it. So for a few hundred dollars, if I can get even temporary relief from pain….it is worth it. I noted that some people said this will weaken muscle. Sure it will if you wear it constantly. That is not what this belt if for.

  59. I think it is VERY misleading and irresponsible to claim that this item is covered by Medicare. Medicare will NEVER cover anything that is prescribed with a diagnosis of pain and you would need a face to face visit with your doctor where they document very thouroughly what your problem is and how this device would fix the issue…at the very least

  60. more decompression– I spent $5K in the decompression table, had about 100 visits where I was ‘decompressed on this huge machine, spent about 30 min with an elaborate tens machine allegedly to regenerate my spinal gel and a water bed for another 30 minutes
    needless to say the $5k was welcome by the company that offered it, the attendants were very corgial etc. but as for any benefit, my gels continue to degenerate and there is nothing that can be done
    I saw a neurologist and a physical surgeon both indicating I was not a good candidate for surgery but I could anything I felt I needed to do what I had to do live each day. It is harder and harder to get around each day, I have lost 4 inches in height so reaching things in my kitchen are now down to hobbit level
    from the reviews I seriously doubt spending another $200 is going to do anything about returning my spine to anything remotely comfortable, fortunately I really don’t have what I consider real pain I am just prevented from doing things I would normally be able to do.

  61. “Dr.” Michael Ho, founder of Dr. Ho Inc., has these lovely endorsements from the actual medical community:
    Related to “Dr.” Ho
    Michael Ho markets his products and services internationally under the brand name of “Dr. Ho”. With respect to the Province of Manitoba, please note that this individual is not licensed to practice chiropractic. As such, he is not authorized to:

    Use the term “chiropractor” or “chiropractic” in Manitoba;
    Imply that he is licensed to practice chiropractic in Manitoba;
    Present himself as a chiropractic specialist, or use the title of “doctor”, “D.C” or “Dr.” of chiropractic.
    […] the Manitoba Chiropractors Association does not endorse the representations made by this company or individual in advertising which appears in various forms in Manitoba media.”

    “Michael Ho has not been a member of [the College of Chiropractors of Ontario] since 2002. Only a member of CCO can hold him or herself as a person qualified to engage in chiropractic practice; Use the title “Dr.” in the course of providing or offering to provide in Ontario health care to individuals; Treat or advise a person with respect to his or her health”


  62. 30 years ago I received a severe compressive injury to my back at work, but kept working wearing a good brand support belt and using anti-inflamatories. Getting through the week and spending most weekends in bed enabled me to stay at work – also used my holidays for extended recovery periods. I compounded the injury in 1994 closing workshop doors which stuck when partly closed. I struggled to keep working for 2 years but finaly could not stand up. CT scan in 1998 showed all disks but one in the lower back were torn – most had multiple tears. Health issues from anti-inflamatories and stress took its toll. Early last year I bought a cheap version of dr ho’s belt off ebay – not being confident enough to pay $200 plus dollars. I have since rebuilt our bathroom, built a large pagola and am leading an ‘almost’ normal life. I did find the belt rots very quickly with sweat in summer – 3 to 4 weeks. The first belt lasted 8 months through the cool season and only broke down after several week of working in extreme heat. As far as IT can tell by feedback, the genuine dr ho belt won’t survive any better. I’m on my 3rd belt – the one that started leaking at approx 3 weeks was replaced free. I’m happy to buy 6 or so of these a year – currently available from $55 and up from various sellers. If I was confident dr ho belts are superior quality I would pay the extra, but at present am not. My life began again the day I started using these belts. my muscle strength has improved greatly as has my general health. Follow the instuctions to the letter. I would suggest that the belt be hand washed with mild soap and well rinsed and gently dried.

  63. I agree with Adam , you have to strengthen the muscles in your lower back, as well as stretching those muscles every day , I mean every day.
    This product probably does work for awhile and then back to the same pain over and over again.
    Just like a steroid injection in your back or using the chiropractor every week , you still have to exercise and stretch those lower back muscles period.

  64. I just saw the ad for the belt which has a good ‘theory’ behind its premise. That being said, the benefits from this belt will also have to depend on the location of any bulging disks, injury or other idiopathic issues within the spinal system. It looked pretty promising to me. In yhe opinion of many, any amount of reduction in pain is better than doing nothing. I am in no way suggesting that the belt will only relieve 5% of pain, I was just using a random number as a reference tool. Even if there is, (for reference only) just a 5% amount of Pain relief, that can mean so very much to a Chronic Pain Sufferer.
    With a limitation placed on the length of time the belt should be worn, it should keep the back muscles from losing strength, mass or from musculature atrophy. Often, Chiropractors will offer decompression in their offices to take pressure off the spine as well. It is a temporary relief as the belt should be treated. There are many spinal patients who wear supportive back braces who develop no muscular issues from wearing them. The term, ‘Everything In Moderation’, should be at the forefront in the mind of the people who wear any type of assistive medical devices. I my self suffer from severe chronic spinal pain and I will be trying this product after I speak with my spinal specialist, and I advise anyone considering trying this product to consult a professional as well.

  65. thank you for your comment. I tried to order this belt for my husband many months ago…..his doctor was aware that he was going to order it…..waited + waited for the belt to arrive….called the 800#….the response was they didn’t have enough information from his medical card to process the order!!! gave the additional information they say they needed + NEVER received the belt. I did not call them, again! now, my husband wants me to try to order again, even getting a written prescription from his doctor…..I tell him I think the whole think is a fraud + glad to read the comments to back me up! wish me luck in convincing him this will not work…

  66. Undoubtedly putting the belt on removes pressure from the spine. Unless you have serious back pain this is outrageous. If you choose to use this, your spinal muscles will degenerate even further and you will become dependant on this inflated donut.

    I’ve had problems with upper and lower back. Reducing muscle strength is not the option.
    You need to do muscle strengthening not relying on external support, which will inevitably lead to muscle degeneration. Since I’ve started improving muscle strength I’ve never had a issue with back problems.

    It’s a massive gimmick that you have to blow the belt up. An elastane pressure strap would last way longer and is far more inconspicuous.

    Another piece of advertised tv drivel
    Stop preying on vulnerable people!

  67. I bought the Dr. Ho belt over 5 years ago. I have ankylosous spongilitious. Thats the best I can spell that. Its basicially erosion of the spine. The only problem with the belt is the 30 day warrenty. Because after 1 year the belt stopped holding air. But the belt does work. It realigns your back when your sleeping otherwise I have to line up my pain pills beside my bed and take them 1 hour before I can move.Most people dont have common sense to understand exercise is needed to keep your back in line in between using it. The best part about the belt is good back or bad. when you use it while driving long in the car you wont feel any stiffness or pain when you get out of your car.if you dont use it your muscles dont support your discs while driving and thats like having them smash into each other with every does work. I just wish Ho would tell the truth on how long the belt last.

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