Does Panic Away Really Work?

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Does Panic Away really work?Panic Away is an all-natural approach to eliminating severe anxiety disorder without the use of prescription medication or therapy. The method, which has readily been available in the market for roughly nine years, is merely based on advanced psychology methods that are simple enough for practically everyone to apply in their daily lives.

If you go along with the story, Barry McDonagh developed this technique after personally battling panic attacks and generalized anxiety disorder himself. But let’s take a look at what this program entails and if it actually works.

The emotion of fear is so powerful that even the strongest and biggest of us can succumb to it. Panic attacks and anxiety disorders can come about when a person is under high levels of stress, nervousness, or has gone through a traumatic experience. Others have the ability to cope with certain situations, but there are those who get emotionally and psychologically distressed under the these circumstances, therefore causing themselves to overreact.

As years go by, the condition may either improve or worsen. Some sufferers with severe anxiety are frightened to such an extent that they literally become too debilitated to even leave their own bedroom without panicking.

The Claim
On the official website for Panic Away, it is stated that the technique will teach you how to naturally eliminate panic attacks and general anxiety disorders within minutes. It doesn’t suggest outdated methods such as deep breathing or hypnosis which have always been recommended by certified doctors to cure anxiety.

Panic Away claims that you will immediately have the techniques to confront what you once thought were stressful situations such as phobias, travelling, and social interactions with ease. By breaking the fear of having another panic attack, Panic Away assures you that you will find normalcy and freedom once again.

The Cost
There are several purchase options you can choose from. Panic Away is offered on for a whopping $129.00 however you may download the program directly from their official website to your computer for a reduced price of $67.95. For those who aren’t very computer literate, $97.00 can get you a print copy of Panic Away sent to your doorstep.

The Commitment
Panic Away is not so much a 30 day program you have to follow, but a technique you could learn in minutes and apply whenever needed. Therefore no commitment is required, of course you do have to be devoted and patient enough to learn and then apply the techniques in your daily routine. All it takes is probably an hour or two to understand the whole program and its teachings before you’re all set to tackle life without fear.

When you order the print version of Panic Away, you receive a book, DVDs and inspirational CDs in the mail. You will also be given access to the forum where you can discuss your struggles with the other 60,000 people who are going through the exact same thing you are and have already purchased Panic Away to relieve them of the crippling condition. The digital version will provide you with all the information mentioned above, but in a downloadable format.

Videos like the one above helped sway us into giving Panic Away a Thumbs Up rating. The quality of information a company is willing to give away for free is typically a telltale sign of how good their product is. In this case they offer pretty effective and quick tips on how to get rid of panic attacks as they occur, and they also have another video on how to relieve yourself of general feelings of anxiety.

A free demo is currently being offered to those who would like to get a better feel of Panic Away before purchasing it. Even after you’ve purchased it, you will be allowed to return the product and receive a full refund within 8 weeks if you aren’t completely satisfied. We usually recommend picking up free demos, because it lets you get a feel for whether or not you want to go through with a full purchase, and whether or not something works for you specifically.

Final Panic Away Review

It is impossible for Panic Away to work on every single person, as the technique might not be suitable for all types of people and levels of disorders. Because anxiety disorders are psychological, it is actually quite difficult to get rid of or prevent them, therefore it all depends on the sufferer as to how they are going to handle the condition.

However, the techniques that they suggest are solid, and they do have a strong grasp on the triggers and feelings that come with a panic attack. The methods they have of dissipating these attacks are not like the ones you’ve probably seen up to this point, and are like having tools in a tool belt for when your next attack comes on. Since many of us are not completely sure what our triggers are, it’s nice to have something that can help us out no matter where we might be when one comes on.

Our Recommendation
Panic Away could work for you, but there are no guarantees. Since a free trial is offered, you might want to try that out first before making the purchase. You really have nothing to lose, and since having panic attacks is a pretty debilitating condition, you pretty much owe it to yourself to explore all of your options until you find what works for you.

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What do you think? Does Panic Away work or not?

Customer Review on “Does Panic Away Really Work?

  1. I took the free demo of panic away and ended up buying it.
    It hasn’t completely solved my panic attack problem, but i do feel much more comfortable now whereas before i’d start to get anxious etc.
    In turn that seems to result in less attacks – so for me it was well worth the money.
    It’s also encouraging to have access to the forum where other people share their own techniques

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