Does the Harper Crossbody Really Work?

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Does the Harper Crossbody Work?Almost every woman will tell you how important her purse is. Their popularity is clearly seen with the number of manufacturers of this particular item. They come in all shapes and sizes and of course styles and materials. But, the modern day woman is constantly on the go and doesn’t always want to be toting a large bag. This is where the Harper Crossbody fits the need.

The Harper Crossbody is a small lightweight bag where the strap crosses over one shoulder and the compact bag rests just above the hip on the opposite side.

The Claim
The promoters of the Harper Crossbody tout the great style of the bag along with the magnetic flap on the front that has a cute tassle on it. It is RFID protected in the card slots which is a big plus as it protects personal information that may be contained in the purse like the credit cards. It is made of top quality vegan leather.

The Hype
The hype for the Harper Crossbody revolves around how lightweight and compact it is yet big enough to hold the most important items that a woman needs to carry with her. Most find it convenient for carrying their licence, credit cards,money, cell phone, keys and a few small cosmetic items. What more does a woman really need to take with her? An added feature is that it can be clipped to the belt.

The Cost
The cost for the Harper Crossbody is $19.99 and it comes in many different colors.

The Commitment
The commitment for the Harper Crossbody is to really adjust to carrying a small compact bag. Getting over the tendency to carry a large bag that becomes heavy and cumbersome can be a challenge for some women. But it doesn’t take long before one adjusts to the Harper Crossbody.

The Harper Crossbody really does have some good features to it. Large purses did have their day but all too often they could be a hassle. They tend to get too heavy and awkward. Then there is always the fear of setting them down somewhere and forgetting about them. Not to mention the time it takes to find something in them. All of these are potential hassles that have been eliminated by the Harper Crossbody. In fact, this is a bag that even impressed Oprah.

Final Harper Crossbody Review

There is a lot of good feedback on the Harper Crossbody Out of 258 of these this product has been given a 4.2 out of five stars. About 9% of these only gave the bag a one star rating.A few of the complaints appear to be around the quality of the bag. For example, at least one complained about the tassle falling off. Another about the strap breaking. Then there were a few complaints about the bag being too small to handle all the essentials. Overall we are prepared to give the Harper Crossbody a strong try/buy

Our Recommendation

As an alternative you may want to check out the TelePurse.

What do you think? Does the Harper Crossbody work or not?

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