Does TelePurse Really Work?

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Does TelePurse workTelePurse is a special sized purse that is large enough to fit your iPhone or smartphone as well as your other essential items in one compact unit. It seems like it would come in handy in a number of situations, but of course most of us really want to know if it will work as depicted once we get it home. Let’s find out.

It’s true that most purses are too big and bulky for what is really needed on a day to day basis. There’s a phenomenon where the bigger the purse the more stuff you end up putting in it, and before long you’re lugging around all that extra weight when all you really need is something that can fit into the palm of your hand. Compact purses have become pretty popular, and some of the most expensive Coach clutches are pretty petite.

The Claim
The makers of TelePurse claim that you can round up all of the most important items in your purse and fit them into a much smaller space, with everything being much more accessible, and most importantly that your phone is always at the ready. They say it fits any size phone, even the extra wide smartphones because the material stretches to accommodate it, so you’ll be able to easily take it out and put it back in again.

The Hype
It’s easy to see who the target market is for the TelePurse, as they make some pretty obvious suggestions during the TV promo for this, including describing a typical day as one that might include shopping all day. Some of it is a big stereotypical, showing a frazzled mom trying to reach her phone while at the mall, or making sure to point out that there’s a holder for your lipstick. Other than that it does a pretty good job of showcasing the product and explaining why you’d want to buy it without going over the top.

The Cost
The TelePurse is advertised as being $10, but the total cost comes to $17 when you factor in the $7 shipping charge. The nice part about the offer is that they don’t force you into getting the second “free” purse and paying the extra shipping and handling. You have the ability to opt out and just pay $17 for one purse. But if you wanted two, or wanted to go in with a friend on this, then you could get a second one and your total would be $24. This would bring the total price of a single purse from $17 down to $12 so you’d get some good savings that way.

When you consider that a name brand like Coach is able to sell a similar sized Coach clutch for over $200, and a Prada clutch will run you over $1,000 and they don’t have the features that this does of being able to hold any size phone, it becomes clear that this is an attractively priced product.

The Commitment
This should reduce the amount of time you spend rummaging through your purse to find your phone, and let’s face it the phone is the most frequently reached for item in your purse. You don’t need a big purse to hold it all, and by streamlining things you are able to know where everything is and get to it all quickly and easily. Even not having to get your ID out to show those that ask for it is a time and hassle saver.

The TelePurse does a good job of making sure that it can still hold a lot, without taking up a lot of room. It might force some to take an inventory of their purse and figure out what really needs to be toted around town, and what is best left at home.

Final TelePurse Review

TelePurse is getting our Thumbs Up rating because it solves the problem of a big bulky purse and makes it easy to carry around your essentials in a concise unit. It’s also at a reasonable price point and doesn’t try to inflate the price by tacking on unnecessary charges. They have a double offer, but it’s just that, and offer, and you can turn it down if you only want to buy one. At $17 we feel that there’s not much to lose here and you’ll get a good value for your dollar.

Our Recommendation
This gets our recommendation, because even if you only use it for specific activities it’s still nice to have around. For day trips it’s great because you don’t need to have anything super fashionable, and it’s better to have something functional that makes things easier rather than opting for anything coordinated or more stylish. If you end up liking it it stands a chance at being your full-time purse, and once you have all of your stuff moved into it, you might not feel like moving it back.

What do you think? Does TelePurse work or not?

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