Does the Neater Feeder Really Work?

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Does the Neater Feeder workThe Neater Feeder is a dog or cat food and water dish holder that is supposed to provide a number of benefits, but most of all it’s designed to keep the surrounding area free of kibble and splashed water. But how well does it hold up to actual pet use?

The problem here is well defined, when your dog hits the food dish chaos ensues. Before you know it all of the food has been gobbled up and then the water dish gets a good lapping and water can go flying all over the place. After they’ve finished it looks like a tornado has gone through and you’re left to clean up the mess, or wind up with soggy socks with one good misstep.

The Claim
The makers of Neater Feeder say that it solves all of these problems in more with its unique design. It has a large well so that when your dog is feeding or drinking their mouth is completely surrounded by a protective barrier and everything says in one place. There is a slotted part where any spilled water can trickle down into the bottom, and there’s a recess that goes all the way around so that any errant pieces of kibble get caught instead of flying all over the place. Your dog should still be able to reach the food bits, and it keeps them in one place so they won’t miss them.

The Hype
There’s no hype for pet owners that are well aware of what a mess the food dish area can be. It can be a constant source for wet and slobbery floors, and this is supposed to be able to catch all of that mess and keep it contained in one area so that they can bump, slurp, and slop as much as they want and it all gets caught in the trough.

The Cost
The Neater Feeder comes in an assortment of sizes and options depending on how big your pet is, and whether or not you want to “go deluxe” with a few more bells and whistles. To give you an idea of the price range, the small sized deluxe unit is $35 and an extra $3 if you want to get the extension legs that raise it up to prevent air intake during feeding. The larger size is $60 and an extra $6 if you want to get the extension to raise it up further.

The Commitment
All that’s really needed is to replace your current food and water dishes with this unit. It arrives with instructions that show you how to put it together, but really there isn’t much to it and there’s no way you can screw it up, just look at the picture for how it’s supposed to look when put together and pop the pieces in place. There’s only one way it can go, which makes it really easy to get set up and get started with. Be sure to wash it once you receive it to remove any residue that might still be on it from the manufacturing process, and from being stored in the warehouse and shipped. It will increase the chance of your pet taking to it right away if it has been washed and doesn’t smell as strongly as before.

The Neater Feeder has been around long enough to gain feedback on how well it works, and the feedback is strong for this one. It’s even received praise from professional critics for how it works and you can see it in action in the video below, which will give you an idea of the quality as well as how your pet will take to it.

You might notice that your pet will shy away from it for the first few feedings, and that’s natural as they can be suspicious to changes. But once they get used to it they’ll treat it just like any other food and water dish and they’ll plow through it just as before.

Because the unit is raised up off the floor it is providing the benefit of lining your dog’s mouth and airway up so that they’re not taking in as much air as they eat. You can figure out the right size to get for your pet by measuring their shoulder height so that it is fully customized for the perfect eating experience for them. This could result in less indigestion from your dog, and less gassiness due to less air being swallowed along with the food.

Final Neater Feeder Review

The Neater Feeder is getting our Thumbs Up rating based on the positive feedback it has received, as well as the quality of the materials used. The design is well thought out, and you can tell that this went through some research and development before it was manufactured, and they really tried to fix the problems pet owners experience when feeding their pet and trying to keep a clean home. Plenty of evidence exists that suggests this works pretty much every time, for all types of dogs and cats and provides long-lasting benefits for the owners.

Our Recommendation
This may be a bit pricey in the world of food dishes, but when you consider that it’s a self-contained unit that solves the problem of a disastrous eating and drinking zone for your pet, it seems well worth it. One less wet sock or wet foot and it’s paid for itself.

What do you think? Does the Neater Feeder work or not?

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