Do Handyman Secrets Really Work?

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Do Handyman Secrets workEveryday Handyman Secrets is a book that claims to have over 3000 tips for around your home, the kind of a tips a trusted handyman would give you if you could sit him down and pick his brain. But do these tips really help you out, or are they things that most people already know?

There are likely a dozen or more problems you’ve noticed around your home but have let them go unfixed because you just don’t know what to do about them, or you think it would cost a pretty penny to have a handyman come out and fix them for you. If you just had some solid advice on how to fix them fast and with a bare minimum of expense you’d certainly jump at the chance, and that’s what is being sold here in this book.

The Claim
The Handyman Secrets book is supposed to contain over 3000 tips that can help you fix annoying problems around your home. In many instances it does this in a sort of MacGyver way, using items that you probably already have in your home to fix your problem on the cheap, quickly, and easily.

The Hype
The book is supposed to have been written by the pitchman on the TV promo, Marc Gill, and he says he rounded up his handyman buddies to come up with the best tips. This is likely not the case, as ghostwriting is a pretty popular practice these days and there’s only one co-author listed. It is likely just a compilation of handy tips that can readily be found online or elsewhere, assembled into one book for easy reference.

The Cost
Handyman Secrets is $17 and you also get the outdoor version as well, so you end up with two books for this price. It’s a hardcover book, which is nice because you’re getting at less than what most hardcover books go for in bookstores or online. While most books are going digital, a reference manual type of book like this is always nice to have a hard copy of so that you can have it out and open while you’re trying to follow the recommended instructions.

The Commitment
In theory all of these tips and tricks should save you time and money, while helping to improve the condition of your home and other items in your house. By just using a few of the suggestions in the book you could easily save the $17 it costs to have it delivered to your door.

The sampling of tips they tease you with in the Handyman Secrets promo video includes using a dollar bill as a tape measure in a pinch because it measures 6 inches. They also show you how to wrap a rubber band around a paint can so you can wipe the brush off on it and keep the rim cleaned. They say you can use Vaseline for a squeaking door hinge, and you can jam half a toothpick into a loose screw so that it doesn’t keep falling out. There are a few other tips that they mention, but don’t give you enough details to know what they are. The caliber of this info is pretty good, and hints that the rest of the book would be just as good.

An earlier incarnation of a similar product:

When sizing up an information product like this it’s important to weigh your different options and see if it makes sense. You could not buy the book, and not get the information, and resort to finding tips online from people that may or may not be handy, and may or may not be able to fix your problem. Or you can let someone else to the leg work for you and use a reference book like this one that already has everything compiled in one spot.

Final Handyman Secrets Review

Handyman Secrets is getting our Thumbs Up rating, as it has plenty of tips to keep you busy for days if you want to try them all, and has solutions for specific problems if you just want to skim it for what you really need help with. At this price point you’re getting a book at a price that is less than most books when you consider that shipping is included. The tips that this provides can easily save you this amount and more, and that’s if you only use a couple of them.

Our Recommendation
This book is pretty much a must have for any homeowner that wants quick fixes around the house. Not only is it good for fixing problems that you know about, but just going through a few pages can give you ideas on how to make your home better by fixing things you didn’t even know were wrong, as well as protecting your home and possessions from wear and tear. It’s recommended by us as there’s a very low chance that you wouldn’t get your money out of it.

What do you think? Does Handyman Secrets work or not?

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