Does the Red Copper Egg Chef Really Work?

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Does the Red Copper Egg Chef Work?Nowadays buying groceries can be very expensive, and if you are like many families out there, having the time and the money time to cook a well-balanced nutritious meal is a luxury we can’t always afford. To help with this may be a product like Red Copper Egg Chef.


One food item that is not only extremely affordable but can be used in a wide variety of different meal choices and recipes is the good old fashioned egg. There are many ways that you can cook eggs, but you have to be on the ball to make sure they’re cooked properly. For example, how long do you leave the eggs in the boiling water before they are soft medium or hard boiled eggs?

Red Copper Egg Chef is a small appliance that is supposed to cook eggs in a variety of different ways. It also boasts being able to cook a number of other different items as well, such as vegetables for example. It uses a heavy duty thermal sensor that allows it to perfectly time the types of eggs you are cooking.

The Claim

Apparently this handy little appliance is supposed to take all of the guesswork out of cooking eggs. Whether you enjoy them boiled, scrambled or poached, the Red Copper Egg Chef is supposed to make perfect eggs every time, just by adding water and pressing a button.

The Hype
The big deal about the Red Copper Egg Chef is that you place your eggs in it’s appropriate cooking apparatus then simply press a button and when it’s done it will automatically shut off, leaving you with a delectable dish. You can cook eggs the exact way you want them done, without having to worry about watching them and just guessing whether they are ready or not.

The Cost

The cost of the Red Copper Egg Chef is $19.99 plus $7.99 for shipping and handling. The Red Copper Egg Chef package comes with an Egg chef recipe guide, a steaming insert and a poached egg insert as well. The cost will depend on what source you purchase it through.

The Commitment
The commitment with the Red Copper Egg Chef is that you follow the easy instructions in regards to how much water is needed to cook the desired recipe you are following. Whether it is for eggs or vegetables, it is important to follow the guidelines.


Cooking eggs can be a real art or a real disaster. There are many different types of meals that can be made with eggs, but knowing exactly the time they are done can sometimes be a crapshoot. Especially you if you are boiling them, it is sometimes quite difficult knowing when they are soft, medium or hard. Also, cooking omelets can be a daunting task, especially if you’re looking to add other ingredients into the mix. With the Red Copper Egg Chef you will not only know when the boiled eggs are done perfectly, but it boasts the fact you can cook masterful omelets that not only look good, but taste great as well. You can even cook a couple of eggs over easy if you so desire.


Final Red Copper Egg Chef Review

The only issue that people are having with the Red Copper Egg Chef is that you have to be careful of the steam that is generated when you open the lid. Also be careful of any water that is in the appliance, as it is also extremely hot and could cause burns. There are a few items on the market that can help you cook eggs, but generally only if you are looking for boiled eggs. This item not only is great for all types of boiled eggs, but you can cook omelettes and poached eggs not to mention it also cooks veggies as well. We are prepared to give the Red Copper Egg Chef a thumbs up rating.

Our Recommendation
So far there have been no bad reviews at all about this device. The only problem is there is hot steam that is released when opening it up, but if you follow the guideline you won’t have a problem. If you are looking for a way to cook hard boiled eggs then take a look at the Egglettes.

What do you think? Does the Red Copper Egg Chef work or not?

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