Do Egglettes Really Work?

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Do Egglettes Work?There are many different ways that hard boiled eggs can be enjoyed. But no matter what the final use of them is going to be, they can be a hassle to prepare. That’s because you have to peel the shell off of them afterwards. There is a solution to this and it’s the Egglettes.

Egglettes are silicon pods that you crack the raw eggs into. Then you place them in a pot of boiling water like you would the egg in its natural state. Once they have boiled for the right amount of time which is usually three to four minutes you just unscrew the top of the silicon pod and the hard cooked egg just slides right out.

The Claim
According to the promoters of Egglettes not only can you cook hard boiled eggs this way but it’s a great way of doing soft boiled eggs. In other words you can cook your eggs just the way you want them except fried of course.

The Hype
The hype around Egglettes is that you don’t have the big hassle of having to peel them once they are cooked. This is a big time saver and avoids the possibility of ending up with egg shells in your finished dish which really makes them distasteful.

The Cost
The cost for Egglettes is $14.99 which gives you six of them then an extra cost of $3.99 shipping fee. Plus you get a recipe booklet to go along with this to give you some additional tips for using the eggs.

The Commitment
The commitment for using Egglettes is less that the commitment you would have to make with cooking hard boiled eggs in the traditional way.You don’t has the hassle of having to peel the eggs after they are cooked. The silicon pods are easy to clean so there is no problem there either.

The concept of Egglettes is really a great idea. Normally if you are going to eat a soft boiled egg you have to just cut the top off of it and use an eggcup. With the Egglettes it is so much better. Then for the hard boiled egg version how much easier can it get. You can now quickly make egg salad for sandwiches or they can be used for devilled eggs. You most likely will do a lot more egg boiling with the Egglettes .

Final Egglettes Review

We are going to give the Egglettes a thumbs up rating. We like the fact that they are made of silicon which a lot of the popular bake wear of today is made of. It is easy to clean and it appears to be great for baking so it makes sense it would be good for this egg use.

Our Recommendation
This isn’t the first time that we have talked about innovative ways to cook eggs. If you happen to be a microwave enthusiast then you may want to check out Egg Pops which is along the same line as Egglettes except you are not using the stove top for cooking.

What do you think? Does Egglettes work or not?

182 Customer Reviews on “Do Egglettes Really Work?

  1. I paid regular price and then saw them at dollar tree so I bought a bunch for the family for Christmas. Anyway, I found its best to use jumbo eggs. Be sure to use cooking spray before putting the eggs in. My main use for them is eggs for salads. For potato salad, I will use a larger pot, bring potatoes to a boil and put the egglets in the pot for 15 minutes.

  2. I found them at Dollar Tree and thought why not? Easy to use and any time hubby wants egg salad, no problem.Eggs are simple to make but when I can’t peel the shell off a regular egg it makes me crazy. I don’t need any advice on boiling eggs, I have egglets. Great product!

  3. Terrible. Tried it twice. Yes, I did not use cooking oil, and that’s my fault. But the tops were screwed on right and they popped open. Total royal mess! Gonna go back to the old fashion way. Sucks. Waste of money!

  4. have used the eggletts several times. i time them for 15 min and then drain the water and run cold water on them. they come out well. oh before you put the eggs in spray where you put the egg. one fyi DONT leave them as the tops will melt and then you cant screw them off.

  5. This product is terrible. Total waste of time and money. I was so anticipating a good outcome but I’m truly disappointed.

  6. Purchased mine half price at HEB in South Texas. A recipe book and instructions were included in the package of 4 pods. I cooked hard boiled eggs and used the enclosed instructions. They cooked fabulously! The only problem that I had (my doing) was that I did not coat the pod with enough olive oil before cooking. Directions are to either use spray cooking oil or to coat with an olive oil or cooking oil. I was very selfish in my application which caused for stickage. Next time, if I use spray and more generously, I see no problem with the cleanup. Great purchase and beats hand peeling hands down! Five stars. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  7. I was very lucky to find the egglets at dollar tree today for 1.00. They were in a package with recipes. I haven’t tried them yet but for a buck I can’t go wrong

  8. I do not write reviews very often. But I felt it necessary to write a review for egglets. I just tried them. Read and followed the instructions……they turned out PERFECT! Washed them before use. Sprayed with 3 spritzes of cooking spray. Rubbed cooking spray around with finger. Cracked an egg in each and tightly closed the lid. Added them to a BOILING pot of water (do not use a pot too big; you don’t want them to be floating all around the pot. I think that is when they have a tendency to roll over). You must keep the water at a ROLLING BOIL the WHOLE cooking time. One did turn over at the beginning of the cooking process but I uprighted it with tongs and did not have any more problems (just keep an eye on them when you first start to cook them that’s when they seem to want to roll over). Kept them at a rolling boil for 16 minutes for hard-cooked eggs. Removed them from pot with tongs into a bowl of cold water. Once cooled, removed lid, gave them a little squeeze and out they fell… sticking and absolutely no mess. Egg tasted great and cooked to perfection. Maybe the negative reviews came from not following the directions properly. I love these egglets and will continue to use them. FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS, you won’t be disappointed!

  9. Yes, I just googled why do my Egglettes taste like soap. I thought it was from the dishwasher, which did not clean them, so I hand washed them and they still taste like soap. I can’t figure out why. It’s disappointing.

  10. Yes, mine taste so soapy! The egglettes themselves smell like an overly floral soap, which I didn’t use. I’ve tried boiling them and leaving them in a pot of water with fragrance-free dish soap. I’m bummed that I have four eggs that taste terrible. Anyone else have this problem?

  11. I have tried washing eggletts in the dishwasher and then by hand. In either case, the eggs taste soapy. Has anyone else had this trouble?

  12. Egglettes are a novel idea, making a hard boiled egg that’s a neat idea, but if you don’t fill it up completely they will tip over and leakage thru the vents will spill your egg into the boiling water and create mess. Omelets are a pain, the opening is a bit small to pour mixture into boiling unit.

  13. this product stinks! Got it home from a local store and it took more time then to just boil the old way.

  14. I agree with Richard. These are a total waste of time. Much easier to learn how to cook eggs
    the old fashioned way. Really nothing but a big ad campaign for a worthless product. I just
    threw them in my recycling bag.

  15. Thanks for all info from everybody. I’ve come to the conclusion that I will stick to using using the old fashioned method of hard boiling my eggs.

  16. Egglets may be loved by some but to me the reality of its performance was less than expected. I would rather hard boil eggs and peel, the old fashion way, then have to coat the holders with some type of oil and when finished have less than a full egg! Then to make matters worse you have to wash the silicon pots and cover, the pot that you used because it picks up the residue from the silicon pots. All in all very bad experience and would not recommend product which sold at Walmart for $9.99 providing 4 pots.

  17. I am adding my complaint that my order has not arrived after ordering them thru the internet over 2 weeks ago. I filled out the delivery status with no reply.
    Please get back to me on my order. I used my credit card, so I want to make sure I receive
    my order with no misuse of my card.

  18. I love mine. I hate peeling boiled eggs and these take the work out. Just be sure to spray with cooking spray. I was wondering if you can use them in the microwave.

  19. These have got to be the BEST devices for cooking eggs !! I have not used oil or pam on them as I usually forget it, but a spoon inserted all around it will release the egg just fine. These beat all others out there!!!!

  20. might be because the filled cups fell over before they were dropped in water – just happened to me, so I think liquid egg coated side & top a bit to make them tip. I washed cups and redid – worked fine !)

  21. got mine at WalMart, work perfectly fine! saw them other places too – Bed bath Beyond etc

  22. Got mine at Target last night. $9.99 for 4. I thought I was buying 6 tho. My bad. They worked just fine for me, except I’d cook longer than recommended. My eggs were very soft boiled.

  23. Instructions say to not let egglette touch bottom of pan but if they float in water they go all upside down and make a mess. Think I will stick with poached.

  24. I only order any of the items you see on Amazon, They have it all and you can return very easily if necessary. It is the ONLY way to shop!!!

  25. I have used 2 sets at least 4 time. Every time one or more tips over in the water making them unusable.

    Cleaning the lid required a tooth pick to clean out the egg in the little openings.

    Fortunately I got them at Bef Bath and Beyond. I am returning them. I may not have the receipt, so even if no refund, they won’t take up space here.

    I do NOT recommend them.

  26. I got my Egglettes at Walmart. I got 4 pods, not 6, along with the booklet. The only drawback is the type is too small for visually impaired people. I hope that they have them online somewhere.

  27. I ordered them and after a week I checked the tracking numer for FED EX. Well FEDEX lost them. I called egglettes they asked me to wait a few days. I called FEDEX and they actually did loose them. Called egglettes back, no hassle at all, they sent me a new order. It did take another week, but I got them.

  28. ordered mine from Amazon,came on time but no recepe book which the add said was included have not tried them yet but some comments said they were hard to clean. Try cooking spray

  29. Absolutely terrible. Eggs do not come out as you see on TV. Used several times, still the same result. And, try cleaning them, horrible. You basically have to use a knife to clean out the inside of the remaining egg that did not come out.


  30. Don’t waste ur money! Mine came 6 weeks after ordering. There was no directions or recipe pamphlet! Very hard to screw caps on- threading didn’t line up well and it’s hard to handle the silicone container while putting the caps on. The eggs actually did come out ok but then trying to clean the egg off the silicone was ridiculous! Threw mine in the garbage after scrubbing with Brillo to no avail! Took longer than ever to make breakfast n clean up today😠

  31. I ordered the Egglets there were 6 of them. First 2 I tried were not holding their seal and water would get in the container and turn over in water. I threw those 2 away I then tried 2 more same thing happened. I then tried the last 2 I was able to get the eggs to boil. A week later I tried again and same thing happened so I threw all of them away. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY LIKE I DID!!!

  32. It took about three weeks to get them but I am very pleased with them. Do rinse them out immediately after use or it gets a bit difficult to clean them. Add bacon, grated cheese, red peppers, herbes etc and serve with a simple salad. Quick healthy lunch.

  33. Is the question do they work? Absolutely, I bought mine at Jo Ann Fabric. The eggs pop right out, I didn’t even use a spoon to go around the egg.

    Too many parts to clean? Depends on how many you use. There will be 2 peices for each egg. They are dishwasher safe.

    Your eggs will be cold? No you let them cool for a minute and take them out while the eggs are hot.

    They tip over? Use a smaller diameter pan.

    Deviled eggs? They stand up better and are easier to handle. Love making deviled eggs now!

  34. I bought a set today at Target. The fact that you have to oil the things is a bit off putting. And when they do come out, and they do not POP out at all, they are all dented with dimples. It is not a smooth as they show. They do not come put easily at all. They are top heavy in the water and are prone to tip over, so watch for the first few minutes. A hard boiled egg takes 15 minutes. And these were fresh from the chicken’s rear end eggs. Does it make a hard boilled egg? Yes. Do they turn out like all their advertisement? No.

  35. I see a lot of comments about the orders and shipping I just really wanna know if they work or does the boiling water damage them . I saved money and but two egg compartments from WISH as I am single and sobt need to have the WHOLE set so I have two at a great price. But I just wanna make sure I use them right and they don’t melt, lol

  36. I see a lot of comments about the orders and shipping I just really wanna know if they work or does the boiling water damage them . I saved money and but two egg compartments from WISH as I am single and sobt need to have the WHOLE set so I have two at a great price. But I just wanna make sure I use them right and they don’t melt, lol

  37. Got them from ebay waited over four weeks. There was no instruction with it. Look on computer for them it said cook for three to four minutes and just pop out the hard boiled egg I don’t think so. I would rather do it the old way and peel the shell.

  38. egglets turn upside down while cooking. Will not stay upright. Break open and make a big mess. Threw out the back door. Pan and all.

  39. I ordered them and got them in a couple of weeks. My only disappointment is that there were no instructions – like how long to leave them in boiling water.
    After watching several videos and commercials, I found the answer online.
    Since I have chickens and don’t eat nearly enough eggs because of the mess and time, these will be great for me.

  40. I ordered this on March 5, 2018 when I saw it on Facebook. By 3rd week, I received an email saying “sorry for the delay in shipment, but it’s on its way.” It still had not arrived by 4th week, at which point I reported to Pay Pal. I use Pay Pal when purchasing online and not sure with integrity of the merchant I received a refund within a couple of days.

  41. It works great. I get a pan but like 5″ of water in it boil it. I get the eggletts cones spray the with oil. Then i shack some salt in there, then i put a couple drops of tobsco sauce in there. I then use my finger to spread ir around. I then dump the egg in the salt the top and put some tobca sauce on top. Put the in boiling water wait 15 min that them out let them cool and eat them. They taste great.

  42. I bought mine off eBay on a Monday, received that following Friday. Received 6 for $10.89 Free Shipping!
    The only thing I didn’t do was spray the little with a edible oil. My bad…I didn’t read the instructions. So I will see how they did without. However, I did rinsed them out before use.

  43. i had mine on order since feb. then they contacted me saying my credit card no good. funny I use my card all the time. so I canceled. go to tophatter bought one for 1 dollar and 6 dollar s/h.

  44. Steve-the waiting for delivery is only half the problem with these little jewels-they do not work-the egg sticks to the cup-it takes much longer to cook and the cleaning is a pain in the —-.

  45. Beno-I ordered the Eggletts and did not receive an instruction guide with mine but had the same problem with sticking-plus I was soft boiling-dropped into boiling water for 4 minutes and it was not long enough. Very good idea if they actually worked, However I am not very happy with the results and will just use my never fail old method. I would not recommend the Eggletts.

  46. They would not stay upright. They were top heavy and leaked into the water. Tried smaller pot and they worked there way out.

  47. Haven’t tried yet, but I found them in the As Seen On TV aisle at Walgreens. Paid $9.95 for four.

  48. I ordered mine at Amazon and got them in 3 days (just yesterday)! I haven’t used them yet but am getting ready to boil up a couple eggs now. I see more good reviews than bad ones so I’m looking forward to having deviled eggs more often now.

  49. These sound ok, but, you can buy 10 Eggland Eggs fully cooked, peeled, and ready to eat at your local grocery store…and you don’t even have to boil them. I buy them at Meijer and they cost about $10. Egglettes would save you the cost of buying them packaged though. Just my opinion.

  50. These things are a waste of money! first you spray them (which they dont tell you) THEN YOU PUT THEM IN THE BOILING Water then they tip over and leak! right in the garbage! dont waste your money!

  51. Tried the egglets and I found the TV add to be false. The eggs do not slide out of the silicon containers and it’s been a terrible experience trying to get them clean. I would definitely not recommend this product

  52. I also ordered mine off of an ad I saw on Facebook. Took almost three months. Finally showed up last week, from CHINA!! No instruction book, no recipes, nothing except the egglettes so now I’m trying to find cooking time and recipe booklet elsewhere. Better to stick with Amazon or similar known websites to order. But, they are awesome!

  53. I ordered mine on Amazon, didn’t get an instructional Manuel. But it took about 2 weeks to get here and I am excited to use them as I can’t make hard boiled eggs for the life of me.
    I have seen these in Walgreens as a set of four.

  54. Purchased Egglettes but didn’t like them, a three minute egg takes about eight minutes to cook, and even after using cooking spray the eggs came out in pieces. Most definitely a scam, it does nothing it said it would do.

  55. Found then at Big Lots. Waited for 20% off day and got them for 8.00. They are charging 10.00.

  56. I did not like the egglettes, definitely not worth the money or the hassle.
    After greasing the little egglette containers and then cooking them (which takes longer in these) then having the eggs come out slimy and then having the clean the little egglettes… it is much easier to just cook them normally and peel them.

    FYI – the instant pot makes PERFECT hard boiled eggs and the way that they cook in the instant pot makes peeling the eggs very easy! That’s the way to go

  57. I have the same problem with the eggs sticking. I will use them to make yogurt pops this summer…

  58. Just got my order . It did take about 5 weeks. The problem I am having is that the eggs DO NOT just slide out of the mold. Very disappointed !

  59. Back ordered several weeks.
    My purchase of Egglettes was simply a waste of good money.
    These things are absolutely worthless, as well as extremely time-consuming.
    I received my order on April 3.

    I washed and dried them & coated the insides with non-stick oil. I tested 4 of them – followed directions absolutely.

    Eggs stuck to the containers – sliding a spoon around the inside did not produce a clean egg; they had big dimples all over. The yolks were like rubber balls.

    Egglette containers were extremely difficult to clean. I soaked them several hours in soapy water, then needed to use my fingernails and a toothbrush to finally get all the residue that was stuck to the insides of the Egglettes.

    I’ve never been so disappointed and frustrated with a purchase!

    They’re not worth paying the fee to return them.

    I am a very dissatisfied customer.

  60. My husband ordered them several weeks ago and we just got them today (April 7,2018). I will disagree with the timing of cooking the eggs. It states the egg cooks in 3-4 minutes. I had to cook mine longer, probably 15 minutes. It is a great idea but I don’t know if they are worth it. Just my opinion.

  61. Yes, they boil eggs and make a mess while they boil. I followed the directions to the T and had to use a knife to get them out. They do not just pop out. I bought mine at Bed Bath and Beyond and if I still had the receipt, I’d take them back. Nice idea, but it doesn’t work. Don’t waste your money.

  62. I ordered from Amazon and they walere upfront it would be 4 to 6 weeks before I got them. I just received them today and there are no directions on the box or inside the box. When I go to the eggllet’s website, it does not give a time for boiling to make soft or hard boiled eggs. I guess I am just going to have to experiment. Thanks goodness eggs are relatively cheap at Walmart.

  63. It does take a long time for delivery they came in plastic bags I’m sure I saw them in a box but doesn’t really matter the only problem I have is that when i remove the eggs it does take a long time to clean them after wards but it does beat pealling the eggs any advice for boiling them without all the trouble of cleaning them

  64. Ordered mine and got an e-mail that it was backordered and may take 4-6 weeks but they wouldn’t charge my credit card until shipped. Two weeks later, I received a notification that they had shipped and I received promptly.

  65. I too had ordered from their website but after waiting 3 weeks because of back order! I canceled my order and I found them at Walgreens! Did not have to pay shipping and way cheaper!

  66. Order them from it’s a great site. If you don’t get your order within 4 weeks they will refund you everything even your shipping. I’ve been using this site now for about a year and have only had to get a refund twice with no hassle. They have different offers so you need to look close when ordering but other than that I Love this site.

  67. I got mine on Wish, 6 of them for $8 + shipping they didn’t come with a box or Instruction Manual

  68. My egglette took 6 weeks to arrive. I didn’t have a recipe book with them but I’m happy with that, after checking on internet to see if I could use them in microwave. I can’t. They have to be boiled in a pan on cooker top.


    THEY SUCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  71. This product is not worth the time and I mean TIME nor the money. A standard hard boiled egg takes about 15 minutes to eat if you follow the instructions. I’m very disappointed! I wish I would have read the reviews before purchasing! I got sucked in/ suckered by the commercial like everyone else…

    Terrible investment….

  72. I, too, ordered Egglettes and received nothing after several weeks. So foolishly I ordered again. They arrived and I tried them.
    They are terrible. Nothing they claim about hard boiling eggs works properly. An egg doesn’t fill the cup. They are very difficult to get out of the cup. The used cups are hard to clean.

    Don’t buy this product. The product is no good.

  73. Go to website Wish, they have these for $4.00 plus $2 shipping. Got mine in about two weeks. This we bite has lots if unique items at a low, low price. I have used them a year with no problems.

  74. I ordered these from Wish, took about two weeks but the cost was only about $6.00 for 8 egglets. I did not get the recipe book but, so what? I have ordered quite a bit from this website, prices are great, sometimes you just pay shipping. It may take a bit longer to get the item but the cost offsets the wait. Most items are really cheap. I have been pleased with almost everything I have gotten. Check it out

  75. If you put a little vinegar in the boiling water when cooking eggs the old fashioned way, that also helps the shells come off easily. I do both vinegar and dropping them in ice water. My mom taught me.

  76. Not worth the time or the money. Too much hassle, doesn’t perform the way advertised. Keep doing it the old fashioned, tried and true way. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. I fell for the advertising and returned mine in the mail today.

  77. I ordered mine from COLLECTIONSETC.COM I received mine in about a week and love them. I didn’t pay that much either. I got 4 for $9.99 and free shipping with my order. Just tried them and they worked GREAT!!!

  78. The. Eggs would not stay upright. Looks nothing like the ad. As soon as I started putting in the boiling water, it flipped over. What am I doing wrong?

  79. I purchased this product. It did take a while to get but I understand because sometimes as seen on TV does. I followed directions by using olive oil. My eggs come out easily but do not have a smooth surface. Any ideas how to get a smooth look without little dents?

  80. Sending mine back!! With all the oiling you have to do..they still stuck..and to get the stuff off the inside that stuck is a pain.

  81. After a couple of failed attempts, I understood what I was doing wrong. Note to self – do not use too much cooking spray or oil…very little needed. I live in high altitude and had to boil the eggs twice as long as the recommended cooking time. I was impressed with the microwave egg cooker. My egg came out thick, fluffy, and tasted great…not rubbery like microwaved eggs tend to taste. As for the upgraded deluxe, that was a big mistake! The holder was too small for my large pan and the egglettes sat on the bottom of the pan. My next sized pan was too small and the egglettes would not even go into the water. It was much better to place the egglettes directly into the boiling water. The timer was a waste. It’s a wind-up, and if not done exactly right, does not work for more than a couple minutes. It was much easier to use the timer on my microwave.

  82. Dont waste your money on these items… The eggs sticks and are a pain to clean.. The free microwave eggllette bowl is a lawsuit waiting to happen. I cooked 2 eggs in it and poked my fork in the yolks and tbey exploded in my face… Piece of crap invention.. Dont bother

  83. NO SCAM HERE, ordered in January received in early February. Did receive email stating delivery would be delayed due to back order status and CC was not charged until shipped. I simply exercised a little patience and went on with my life. Get over it, complainers.

  84. Mine come out with a square top, and the egg is not oval. How do you make deviled eggs with a square top?????? If anyone knows please email me at: and let me know. Thanks

  85. I just want to thank everyone for your comments. It’s helped me to decide whether or not to buy these and I’ve decided not to. Putting boiled eggs in cold water and pealing the works better than it sound like to use the Egglets. I’ll save my money and do them the old fashioned way that I’ve been doing for over 50 years.

  86. What is an egg stripper? It sounds so easy to peel a hard boiled egg, how can I get one?
    Paula Mack

  87. Terrible! The eggs stuck to the insides of the Eggletts after boiling. It was just as hard to get them out of the Eggletts as pealing the shells off. I destroyed one egg trying to get it out! The yolks are all off center too.
    Yes, I oiled the insides of the Eggletts.
    Got 4 of them for $8 at Bed Bath & Beyond using their 20% off coupons.

  88. I received an e mail that said would ne 4-6 wks as was back ordered. My card would not be charged until order shipped. 2 wks later my card was chareged and order was shipped along with tracking number


    Can’t you read?! People are ordering, and the product is not being delivered! So you can see how this looks like a scam. Did I really have to explain this to you!? Sheesh…what a knucklehead.

  90. FORGET ABOUT IT! Even if there wasn’t a wait time, they suck! TV forgets to tell you about rubbing olive oil evenly on each cup and that you need the edge of a spoon to dig them out. We followed these detailed instructions to the letter. Clean up was a pain as well. TOTAL MISREPRESENTATION!

  91. I like the egglettes OK. They are a novelty item I may eventually just discard. My tip would be to use cooking spray prior to filling. My eggs don’t just slide out like the infomercial shows. However, my BEST tip is one I learned from my now deceased Grandmother. My Grandmother has always said that the only way to easily peel a hard boiled egg is to use older eggs! Leave your eggs in the fridge for a week or two (paying attention to the X date) and then boil. They peel cleanly EVERY time. Our elders know a lot more than we do so pay attention to them! And love them!

  92. Ignorant remark. Got ours as promised. Not the best product ever made…but definitely not a scam. We weren’t charged until they shipped. The only “scam” here is people like you who lie about things they know nothing about.

  93. Ha! I’ve tried EVERY method for years and years…I think it depends upon the freshness of the eggs or what the chickens eat. I HATE the frustration of peeling eggshells. I’ll stick to this method, thanks.

  94. Will this product work to make jello in the mold? That would be cute. Let me know if you succeed at this use of the product. Thanks!

  95. It’s OK…but FALSE advertising makes me dislike this product. The ad says just pop the egg into the holder….FALSE. The instructions which come with the product say you FIRST MUST spray each holder with three shots of non-stick spray and then use your finger to be sure the entire inside surface is covered with spray…wiping away any excess. This makes for a laborious process. But I still like the idea of not peeling egg shells. So I’ll keep the product. The “bonus” microwave egg cooker is a nice idea, but here again all is not as it appears. My first try at cooking an egg resulted in the top (which lays lightly on the bottom part) popping off half way through the cooking cycle…so not a full proof way of microwaving an egg. Oh well, such is life.

  96. No scam, just got ours today, took almost exactly a month but yes, they didn’t bill until shipped.

  97. My Egglettes order is on the way after a3 week delay. I think they were overwhelmed with the amount of orders.

  98. I’ve been waiting for over 2 weeks. Tried contacting Customer Service twice…NO REPLY! If this company runs their business this half ass…I would advise you to stay away! They’re really hurting their business.

  99. I ordered Egglettes in early January and received them yesterday (2/13/2018) so it took 5-6 weeks. I bought them to use for sous vide eggs – to avoid the sticking that happens with Mason jars even when the jar is buttered/greased on the inside. I’ll report back after I try them out.

  100. I did take a long time to arrive. I just tried them with only two eggs. It takes too long, 18 minutes for hard boiled egges according to the directions. For that length of time you really have to watch the water level. It would have been much faster to boil them in the regular way and just struggle with the pealing. One of the containers did not stay upright and was on its side, then the top came off. The other survived nicely and tasted great. I’m wondering if it’s best to use a size pot that will not allow the egglettes to turnover and float.

  101. I am wanting the Eggletts to hard boil and keep in the container to have in our RV fridge. Hand to grab 1-2 to take out on the boat . My husband can’t stop to eat he might miss a fish bite so he has a protein along with his PB&I to keep his blood sugar up and not miss a fish.

  102. As of 4/6/2018 after phone a phone call could not give a date as everything is on back order but when they are off back order it takes 4-6 weeks.

  103. I ordered from the company, TV add. I was out on back order did not e mail I called the 800 number. She could not give me a delivery time only just on back order. I cancelled the order. Hey were the less expensive Amazon wanted 35.00, As seen on tv order had 4/9.99 SH 4.00 but would not ship till 3/16/2018. Looks to me they sent out adds and did not have enough product to fill orders. May want to Wal-Mart or Wall greens get them in and save S&H. But may not get the cook book, but how hard is it to boil eggs. That would be like getting a cook book to learn to boil water.

  104. Received in time told, about 6 wks, was not billed until shipped. But you MUST spray or oil, if not takes forever to scrape off where they stick! Nowhere in ad says use cooking spray, but instruction booklet does. Also takes longer than chart says , using gas stove. Still worth money.

  105. Same thing with me. I ordered mine over a week ago and have not seen them yet. When I try to email them, it comes back and says they aren’t accepting emails. The shipping part of the website is a disaster! Can’t get a hold of anybody :(.

  106. Did take few weeks as told from start. DID NOT Bill card until shipping date. Just received today, but not once did ad say had to use cooking spray. The instructions say to spray 3 sprays or use olive or coconut oil. I will try without and hope for good outcome.

  107. it took me a month to get mine. but I got them and they work pretty good. Just remember to spray them with cooking oil first otherwise they will stick and will take a couple of dishwasher Cycles to clean them

  108. Took about a month but didn’t get charged until they shipped. Got them today – just used them and they work great. Snooze you lose.

  109. When I first order them, they did require a credit card payment BUT they did not charge my card until the order was on its way to me. When I ask about being charge from the start, they told me that they do not charge until the item is shipped.

  110. When I placed my order, I was told right from the start that there was a backorder on them. It would take about 6 weeks for them to come in. My order is now on its way here. All good things come to those who wait.

  111. I purchased them and it informed me that my credit card won’t be charged until the order is shipped.

  112. Thank you for all of your comments. I put all of my information including credit card in to the order form when a little voice said google egglettes and see what others have said. After seeing the comments , I decided not to complete the purchase so I hit the back button several times to get rid of the all of the personal information. I hope that what had been captured before I read the comments will not be used by the company to charge me since I changed my mind before the sale was completed.

  113. Just got my order……can’t wait to try them. Order received within the timeline promised.

  114. I placed an order about a 6-8 weeks ago. But when I placed the order, they did tell me it was on backorder. They also explained they would not charge my card until it was shipped. I just got notification that it is being shipped today. I think they didn’t have enough manufactured when they advertised and received too many orders to fill.

  115. The reason for so many back orders is that As Seen on TV products are manufactured as orders arrive. They are not produced en masse beforehand. When they get your money, then they manufacture them and not before. 6 to 8 weeks is rediculous, but that’s how these chiselers operate.

  116. I heard that Target has them & Wally World will be getting them — for those of you up north, try Meijer as well — they carry a lot of ‘as seen on tv’ products too

  117. I also heard that Target has them — haven’t looked there yet as I wanted to see what people thought of them but seems no one is getting them

  118. “I was this close to ordering 2 sets”
    These reviews scared me out of it
    Too many SCAMS in this world, I’m not falling for it!
    I’ll wait for Wal-Mart to carry them, then I’ll have in hand and I can return them for a FULL REFUND if not satisfied.
    Good luck to all who order these mystery Egglettes

  119. I ordered the egglets a few weeks ago and recently received an e-mail stating that these were on back order but no explanation was given nor an expected delivery date.

  120. I pour out the boiling water and replace it with cold. Peel your eggs right away and the shells come right off.
    I have done this for years and rarely a problem peeling eggs. I am not ordering. Thought about it for my sister but told her to do them right away also so don’t need the egglettes especially since it talkes so long to arive

  121. i just place an order and know im reading all this reviews about shipping the product if its back order or a long wait you can can my order

  122. They’ll be on the front shelves at Walmart on the “As Seen on TV” section, I’ll wait until I see them there and won’t have to deal with the stress and waiting weeks for the company to “maybe” ship them out to me 🙂

  123. bunch of complainers, geeeeeeeezzzzzzzzz!! Just order the thing! What you can’t peel an egg until you get your delivery?????????????????? waaaaaaa!!!

  124. Boil your eggs in baking soda then cool with ice water roll them back and forth between your palms and the shell will fall off. Save your money. Sounds like no one receives their product. I was going to order just because I liked the other things you could do with it but not now.

  125. They are on Backorder for atleast 3 to 6 weeks and when you order they won’t tell you this. But after I call twice they told me.

  126. Never did receive my order from October 2017. Never got any replies to my inwuiries either

  127. I purchased the Egg Stripper from HSN peels 5 hard boiled Eggs under 10 seconds and have had great success!
    Not sure I want my eggs cooking in silicon in boiling water, plus too many parts to wash and my deviled eggs would have a unusual shape with the Egglettes

  128. I also was going to order, but reading what Donna and George have experienced make me a bit weary In placing my ordering. I also think ‘Regina Richardson’ works for the company since she cannot answers Donna’s basic question.

    I just learned that if you let your eggs sit in ice cold water with a few ice cubes the eggs will peel seamlessly. I no longer need Egglettes and saved $15 bucks. GIDDY UP!

  129. I was considering these to sous vide eggs in. It looks like people aren’t receiving them. 🙁

  130. If you are dumb enough too order these you will be charged and NEVER get the product ! TOTAL SCAM !

  131. I was about to order as well. I read on their website, shipping was in 30 days. I am elderly and like the option of no longer peeling… if I didn’t order, still would be peeling in 6 weeks. Absent finding one single location to purchase, other than their website, …. and based upon only other silicone based egg poachers, I’m pulling the trigger and ordering and will use in 2018.

  132. What about my question – what is the delivery timeline once the order is placed. Not going to order if there is no stock… addition to no responses from customer service.

  133. I just saw the commercial. I, as well, am considering a purchase. Yet, I see Donna’s comments above and now have similar concerns. They require a credit card payment in advance, so why should a customer experience any delay in receiving an order? Such a significant delay of “weeks” is totally unacceptable. Do we have answers and updates. I’ll wait until I know more.

  134. I was going to order until I saw several complaints that their orders have not been shipped after several weeks. When they tried to contact you, their requests went unanswered.
    What is your current delivery timeline after order is placed?

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