Does Doggles Really Work?

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Does Doggles Work?As pet lovers we often purchase items that appeal to us first that we also know are going to please our pets. When it comes to protecting their health we insist on the very best and Doggles just might fall into that category.

Doggles is specially developed eye wear for dogs to protect their eyes when they may be in a vulnerable situation. Many of us like to take our dogs with us when we are out in the car. Of course they love to pop their head out the window but this may be hard on their eyes. They are vulnerable to getting objects and small debris in their eyes at this time that could be really damaging. So the purpose of Doggles is to protect the eyes of your dog in this situation.

The Claim
The company claims that they currently have two styles of Doggles that they are offering. They will fit dogs ranging from 3 pounds up to 250 pounds. They claim that they are comfortable to wear and that most dogs really don’t mind them. They are also anti-fog so they don’t obscure your dog’s vision.

The Hype
When it comes to pet owners protecting every aspect of their dog it doesn’t take much hype. What it does take is having the product make sense and serve a useful purpose in favor of the dog which the Doggles seems to do.

The Cost
Yes of course they are available on Amazon and you can buy them here for around $14. and you can also get them at other locations like Healthy Pets in different styles for around $17.99.

The Commitment
This is going to be a two part commitment. One on your part to introduce the dog to Doggles which means taking some time. The other commitment is on the dog’s part to agree to wear them.

As funny as it may seem to think about your dog wearing googles it really makes a lot of sense. Their eyes are sensitive and of course very important to them. We all know how hefty the vet bills can get when something is wrong and this includes potential problems with the eyes. If the Doggles will really protect the eyes then they could be a big potential money saver not to mention protection from the pain and suffering that could come with a eye injury.

Final Doggles Review

We are going to give Doggles a Thumbs Up rating and there are plenty of reasons for this. We have already discussed the important value they offer in protecting your dog’s eyes. Added to this they have become super popular and not just through Amazon either. Although they have become a best seller there as well. It is reported that there have been 120 pairs of these Doggles sent over to Iraq to protect the eyes of the working dogs. It is also indicated that they have some medical value to them as well as they can be fitted with prescriptive lenses to help dogs with poor eye sight.

Our Recommendation
If you dog is in situations where they could receive eye damage then you really will want to consider the Doggles. If it is an eye sight problem then you can do further research on Doggles to see if you can get the prescriptive lenses. If you are looking for ways to connect with your pets when you are there then check out the pet monitors.

What do you think? Does Doggles work or not?

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