Does Driver Robot Really Work or Not?

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Does Driver Robot work?If you’re computer has been running slow, or you can’t stand the process of finding and installing drivers, then Driver Robot might be the solution. It says that it automatically scans your computer, locates the proper driver, and installs it for you. The time savings and frustration avoidance alone would be worth it, if it actually works. So let’s see how it stacks up.

Depending on how many peripheral devices you have installed on your computer, keeping up with the drivers can, well, drive you crazy. Many times there’s just no good way to keep up with all of the updates that companies make, and the drivers that come with products are outdated by the time you buy them. Manufacturers will make updates to drivers to fix bugs in them, or to make the device operate more efficiently. That’s why it’s important to keep them updated. But it can be a chore having to find the right drivers for your device.

The Claim
Enter Driver Robot. This is a program that you install onto your computer, and it will automatically scan your entire system for every single device on it that includes a driver. Then it will see whether or not you have the right ones, and if you don’t it will go get them for you, and then install them properly without you needing to do anything. That’s how it’s supposed to work in theory, at least.

The Hype
There are other competing products that claim to do the same thing as Driver Robot. And you can also do it yourself with a bit of time and a trusty search engine that starts with a G and ends with an oogle.

The Cost
The cost of Driver Robot is $30 and that lasts you for an entire year. You get a full 60 days, and since they say it only takes 2 minutes to work, you have plenty of time to see what sort of results it gets for your computer. If it doesn’t perform, you get your money back promptly and without a hassle.

The Commitment
Aside from installing and running the program, your commitment level is basically nada. You can even install it and run it before making a payment, so you can get the hard part out of the way before you buy.

When you size this up against competing products, it’s easy to see that this is the one to go with. Their database is more extensive, and their support actually exists. If you’ve had an unpleasant experience with finding and installing drivers you can definitely see that this is worth the price tag. You always have to be careful when using free software, as it usually contains things like adware, spyware, or scumware. When you pay for software, you know you are getting something that is clean and won’t harm your computer, because you can easily hold them accountable if it does.

As far as their claim of speeding up your computer, or improving its performance, that will depend on how bad your computer is impaired by outdated drivers. If it has been several years since you’ve gone on a driver-updating mission then you will probably see some performance improvement. However, if your computer is relatively new and you haven’t installed much on it, you will mostly be buying this as a way to keep your computer running like new.

Final Driver Robot Review

We’re giving Driver Robot the try recommendation. You should be careful though, and check its setting so it doesn’t do anything you don’t want it to do or weren’t expecting. Some people claimed that it updated so many out of date drivers that weren’t necessary, and other said it has the potential to cause problems.

If you have a lot of things connected to your computer, and it is a year old or more, you’ll probably benefit from it. For those with a new computer we recommend getting this just so you don’t ever have to go through the process of finding the right driver, or keeping up with the latest releases.

If you’ve ever gone through the tedious and frustrating process of finding a driver for one of your devices, you know that it’s just no fun, and not the best use of your time. For $30 to never have to deal with any of your drivers ever again, we think it’s worth it.

Our Recommendation
There’s really no good alternative to getting this. If you try to do it manually you’ll drive yourself nuts and waste a lot of time. If you go with free or cheaper products, you’ll get what you pay for and could potentially run into problems when you have devices that aren’t listed in their database. The Driver Robot database is

What do you think? Does Driver Robot work or not?

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