Does Dymatize ISO 100 Really Work?

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Does Dymatize ISO 100 work?Dymatize ISO 100 is claiming that they have a pharmaceutical grade whey protein isolate that blows everything else you’ve tried out of the water. Those are some pretty big claims in an industry known for making big claims. So let’s see if there’s any validity to them, and see how it really stacks up.

Not all whey protein is created equally, and more and more products these days are moving to isolates. This is a way to strip away everything that isn’t totally necessary and leave behind just the protein so your muscles can access it more easily without having to sift through all the other stuff. This means that it might not be the best meal replacement shake, because it’s not balanced at all. It would be better to use this as a recovery tool instead.

The Claim
Dymatize ISO 100 claims that it has isolated the protein so much that there is no lactose, no carbs, and no fat. They say that their product is 90% protein by weight because in a 28 gram serving 24 grams of that is protein. That does sound pretty accurate, and would make it one of the densest forms of protein out there.

They say that this is lactose free, so if you’re lactose intolerant and have been having trouble digesting other whey protein powders because of the lactose in them, this will likely agree with you much better, and allow you to take away what you need without a stomachache, and tasting better than other brands.

The Hype
There is always a bit of hype associated with bodybuilding products, especially ones that are designed to build your muscle. The reason is that these companies have a pretty good idea of what to say to you to make you want to buy their products, and what pictures to show you to make you think that you’ll get a particular body by taking their supplements.

The Cost
Dymatize ISO 100 is $28 for a 1.6 pound container. That clocks in at just over $1 per serving. This is the price point that many supplements hover around, and seems quite reasonable compared to the option of trying to get all of your protein and nutrients from whole foods at every meal or after a workout.

The Commitment
When you take a supplement like this you should be working out and eating right in conjunction with taking it. It’s not a substitute to eating good foods or getting exercise, it’s a way to enhance your body’s results by helping you build lean muscle, which in turn helps you burn fat 24/7.

Dymatize ISO 100 is one of the best-reviewed whey proteins we’ve seen, and the overwhelming majority of people that have tried it, love it and buy it again and again. There is something to be said for social proof, and when you have third party reviews and ratings that are this glowing, there’s just no way to fake that.

There’s a few big reasons why we think this is going over so well. The first is that it mixes easily. This may not sound like a big deal, but if you’ve ever had a protein shake that stuck to the side of your mixer and you had to chew on big clumps of powdery goop you will appreciate that this almost instantly dissolves into your liquid of choice.

That’s also a big thing when it comes to the absorption of it into your body. The more soluble something is, the more quickly your body can get it into the bloodstream and it can run its course. If you’re using this for a post-workout recovery it’s essential that it makes it into your system in record time. This would also be a great supplement for when you’re cutting, since it is carb free and only 106 calories you don’t have to worry about it contributing fat to your body the way some supplements can.

Final Dymatize ISO 100 Review

Dymatize ISO 100 is getting our Thumbs Up rating based on the long track record of success by the Dymatize company, plus very positive reviews from users. There’s also the fact that they are coming at this from the angle of getting rid of all the fluff and only putting in what’s absolutely necessary, and making it as easy to absorb by your body as possible.

Our Recommendation
This is something you should use if you are currently working it out in the gym but not seeing the results you want, of if you’re using a whey protein supplement that contains carbs and fat and you notice you can’t seem to get your weight down. It could be that you need to get rid of these extras so your body is only taking in the protein it needs for muscle repair.

What do you think? Does Dymatize ISO 100 work or not?

78 Customer Reviews on “Does Dymatize ISO 100 Really Work?

  1. I started lifting weights about 4 months ago and I saw some huge improvements in my body shape and feel in the first 3 months but then the last month all the improvements came to a screeching halt. I tried different schedules, adding reps and sets, adding rest days in between but nothing has worked so far. I thought protein stuffs were all fluke until I started making some friends at the gym and it turns out all the bulked up guys are taking proteins and Dymatize ISO 100 was talked about a lot. I don’t know, but if the guys who have the best bodies at the gym take this thing then I think it’s worth a try.

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