Does BSN True Mass Really Work?

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Does BSN True Mass work?BSN True Mass might be for you if you have trouble putting on or keeping on weight. For many people out there, it will seem odd that someone wants to gain weight, because so much of the fitness industry is devoted to losing weight. But if you’ve got a high metabolism or are just naturally scrawny, you may need something like this.

The problem for some people out there is that no matter how much they eat their body just cranks up the furnace and it gets processed before it can be used to build muscle. When most protein products are cutting back on carbs and calories, gainers like these make sure that you’re getting a substantial caloric load with each serving.

The Claim
BSN True Mass claims that it has been voted best gainer of the year from 2006 to 2010. It says that it can help you with muscle growth, making your muscles bigger than they would be if you weren’t taking it. It should also help your muscles recover, so you’ll be able to feel up to going in for a big workout more often.

But this is also designed to make you healthier by including vitamins and minerals your body needs so that you get the nutrition along with the protein and can manage your weight more easily and have better control over how big you are.

The Hype
If you’ve tried putting on weight in the past but were unable to, you may have come to the conclusion that you’ll always be skinny and will never be able to put on big muscles. These companies will promote these products as if they can take you from geek to freak in record time. It’s important to remember not to get caught up in their claims too much, because they have to build up the product in order to get you to buy it.

The Cost
You can get nearly a six pound tub of BSN True Mass for $44. Six pounds might sound like a lot, but you’re using three scoops per serving so you’re only getting 18 servings from that. That comes down to about $2.50 a serving, which is getting close to the high side of supplement costs. When you consider the fact that trying to buy, prepare, cook, eat and clean up after a real meal is far more expensive that $2.50 it starts to sound like a more feasible option.

The Commitment
Drinking this for one or two meals per day is what you’d want to do to start seeing the gains. You should still be eating real food and only be using this to add a few quality meals to your day. You’ll also want to commit to using it for the long term, as you make adjustments and find the right way to maintain your size and determine what exactly your daily regimen needs to be in order to keep your perfect body every day.

BSN True Mass is a good choice and separates itself from other similar products by bringing in an assortment of different types of proteins so that your muscles are getting fed on many different levels. What you’ll find is that many competing products out there only contain one type of protein and that is what makes up the entire 25g of protein. But True Mass has multiple types in their 48g of protein per serving.

It’s nice to know that you’re getting all of the things your body would get from a 700 calorie meal, including fat, carbs, and of course protein. To make a meal of a similar caliber you would have to get everything just right, and do this several times a day in order to meet your nutritional needs and see some size gains.

Final BSN True Mass Review

BSN True Mass is a highly rated product, and a very popular weight gainer as far as sales go. The taste is supposed to be good, and the price is not bad for what you’re getting, so we’re giving this a solid Try rating. Just be sure you know what you’re getting into, because this is not what you need if you’re trying to lose weight.

Some body builders will do what’s known as bulking and cutting. This is where they will put on weight and muscle using weight gainers and muscle building supplements, get the size muscles they want, and then switch their plan to a cutting phase so they lose all of the fat and unveil a ripped body.

Our Recommendation
We’re giving this the go ahead if you’re looking to bulk up, and put on muscle, but only if you’ve been trying to do so for a long time with mixed or no results.

What do you think? Does BSN True Mass work or not?

100 Customer Reviews on “Does BSN True Mass Really Work?

  1. This is not cheap stuff. You can get a lot cheaper, but to be honest, you don’t want to bother with mass building supplements in my opinion. Only use them if you are in your late teens to early twenties, when your metabolism is raging and can use that many calories effectively. Otherwise, you are going to get a belly. I promise you. yes, there are some genetic freaks out there, but they are so few as to be ignored as an almost myth. If you want to build muscle, you have to do it slowly, and this is not the way to do it. Get the same results by eating large pasta and beef dishes.

  2. I’ve tried everything I can think of in my short 22 years of life to try to gain some weight. I was always skinny and because of that I never looked good no matter what I wore due to my body looking all twisted and wiry. I tried eating excessive amounts of sweets, fat, meat, and nothing did the trick. I hate the fact that people see me a certain way because I was born with this deficiency and if this thing really works as advertised I know it could change my life. Sigh… I guess I got nothing to lose by trying.

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