Does the Dyson DC35 Really Work So Well?

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Does Dyson DC35 work?The Dyson DC35 is a cordless vacuum that is meant to be used on both carpets, hardwoods, and linoleum, basically all of the different flooring you have in your home. It features the same sort of technology that made the original Dyson vacuum famous, but this time it’s in a portable format that is light enough to move around the house with you, and even raise above your head to get hard to reach areas. But does it live up to the Dyson reputation, or are their better multi vacs available?

Dyson made waves in the vacuum industry by creating a vacuum that didn’t lose suction. The inventor of the technology, Dyson, tried to sell this new invention to the major vacuum companies, but they weren’t buying. So he took matters into his own hands and started his own vacuum company around it. The Dyson DC35 represents an attempt to expand the Dyson product line, by offering an alternative to their standard upright models, and allowing you to clean the multiple floor surfaces of your home.

The Claim
Dyson claims that this is the most powerful cordless vacuum, and that it works for all floor types. There aren’t too many cordless vacuums out there, perhaps the Roomba series, but it’s not too far of a stretch of the imagination that this would be the most powerful in its class.

The Hype
This is a Dyson vacuum, and the name has a reputation for being expensive but effective. The only thing about it is they live up to the hype in most instances. There’s the occasional naysayer, but overall people really like their Dyson vacuums, and not just the testimonials they showcase at the official website.

The Cost
Just like most Dysons the DC35 doesn’t come cheap. You can get it for $329 at Amazon. Of course this includes free shipping. Dyson definitely doesn’t try to compete on price. You either want one bad enough, and recognize the value in it, or you don’t, and opt for a lower-priced brand.

For a little less, you can have a Shark Navigator Lift-Away, which should be able to get into just as many places, and be just as effective.

The Commitment
This is a vacuum that fills the void between a standard upright vacuum and a broom. It could represent a reduction in your commitment level, if it saves you from having to use different cleaning tools to get the job done, and if it does a better job more quickly than conventional methods. Most people are reporting that the Dyson DC35 makes cleaning easier for them, and its light weight makes it a breeze to use.

The bar gets set pretty high as far as expectations for anything Dyson puts out. The feedback from users of this multi vac are overwhelmingly positive. What you have to realize at this price point is that people are going to want this thing to do everything really well. They’re going to expect flawless operation, and top-notch results. For it to have glowing reviews means that it was able to meet or exceed these expectations, which is pretty impressive.

They likely won’t be winning any design awards for this one, as it’s basically a motor connected to the nozzle. However, you could give it points for simplifying things down to the bare essentials, and not adding anything unneeded, keeping the weight down, and making it easier to use.

The best uses for this are the places that are awkward or hard to get with your ordinary vacuum. People have said that this is the perfect solution for getting carpeted stairs, and it works great in the car because of its cordless nature. It has extensions on it, and being so light it is easy to hold it up over your head to get dust bunnies that like to hang out in corners of the ceiling.

Most people found that the 15 minutes it lasts is long enough to get things done around the home without running out of juice. What’s nice is that it maintains its suction, even as the battery is losing power. With most cordless gadgets you start to notice a decline in performance as the battery drains lower and lower. This would make the vacuum less and less effective as you went along, which would kind of defeat the purpose of cleaning. That’s one feature that helps it earn its high ratings.

Final Dyson DC35 Review

The Dyson DC35 is nice to have in the home, and can reduce the amount of times you have to bring out the upright to clean up your home. Allergy sufferers would really benefit from this, as it has a washable filter so it can be cleaned whenever it starts to build up, instead of having to wait for it to get good and clogged before you can justify replacing it.

What’s most impressive is the combination of different technologies all in one unit. They managed to pack the original cyclone technology into it, but also gave it a digital motor, a unique filtration system, and a special lithium ion battery.

Our Recommendation
If you don’t have a multi vac in your home already, this would be a great choice for one. The features make it a good buy, including the rechargeable battery so you don’t have to worry about being tethered by a cord, the light weight of the unit which allows you to use it without wearing yourself out, and the ease of emptying the bin when it fills up.

What do you think? Does the Dyson DC35 work or not?

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