Do Eagle Eyes Sunglasses Really Work?

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Do Eagle Eyes Sunglasses really work?If you’ve been looking for a good pair of sunglasses at a reasonable price, you no doubt took an interest in Eagle Eyes Sunglasses. The television spots make it seem like you’ll see a whole new world when you put them on. They also bring up the concept of using NASA-based technology in the lenses. But is it all hype, or do they really work?

Sunglass manufacturers have been trying to design and develop better eyewear for many decades now, but just in last two has there been moderately priced glasses that are able to drastically reduce the amount of glare from the sun. The most well-known of these is BluBlockers, which ran television ads for many years in the 1990’s.

Since then there has been several different brands to enter the market of sunglasses advertised on TV,Eagle Eyes Sunglasses being one of them.

The Claim
The biggest claim that the makers of Eagle Eye Sunglasses make is that they are using space age technology developed by NASA in their eyewear.

The Hype
The hype is that these sunglasses will make a striking difference to what you can and can’t see, and that they will be way better than ordinary sunglasses.

The Cost
Even though they seem like they are simply a sold-on-TV product, there’s actually an entire line of models that you can buy. If you buy direct from the website you can look to spend about $40 for their lowest-priced pair, all the way up to $100 for a titanium framed model.

The Commitment
If you’re already used to wearing sunglasses outdoors, then you won’t need to do much to your lifestyle to accommodate Eagle Eyes Sunglasses. Just replace your current pair with them when they arrive.

If you currently don’t wear sunglasses, or don’t have a pair, but recognize the need to protect your eyes from the sun’s rays, you will need to get used to bringing them with you everywhere you go, and to put them on instead of squinting in the sun.

When put to the test against standard sunglasses, the Eagle Eyes gave relatively the same improvement in vision in sunny conditions. It also gave everything a yellowness, which regular lenses don’t do. If you think that you’d prefer a yellow, but less darkened view of the world, you would probably prefer them over conventional sunglasses.
However, if you feel that you wouldn’t be able to seeing the world with a yellow hue to everything, then you should stick with a regular pair.

As far as quality goes, and whether you buy into the hype of NASA technology, you may still want to use them and just get used to their yellow nature. It’s impossible to determine whether or not they are effective at blocking the UV and Blue-light that they claim.

On their website they have a pretty good-looking blue-light test that makes them appear to be rather effective. How this translates to actually using them and having better vision in real-world scenarios is yet to be determined.

Do Eagle Eyes Sunglasses Really Work?

They do provide a good level of protection from the sun for your eyes. The Eagle Eyes Sunglasses may not live up to the expectations set by their advertisements, or the claims made, but as far as making a giant improvement in your vision they are pretty much the same a normal pair.

It is up to you whether you want to believe the claim that they are using NASA-developed technology. It is our impression that they wouldn’t be authorized to use the NASA name on their site and in their ads. They don’t use the logo, but we think NASA would have filed a complaint by now if the claim wasn’t true.

Our Recommendation
If you need a pair of sunglasses, or your current pair just aren’t measuring up, you can get a pair of Eagle Eyes Sunglasses and be relatively happy with their performance. They are not super cheap, and you can pick up a pair of HD Vision Ultras for about half the price.

What do you think? Do Eagle Eyes Sunglasses really work?

110 Customer Reviews on “Do Eagle Eyes Sunglasses Really Work?

  1. If it wasn’t for this poorly researched, worthless review, I wouldn’t get to see the real reviews from the people that actually use them.Thanks everyone.

  2. The best I have ever had. I have an eye problem and do not see well in the sun. Cannot drive without them. They work in the sun, even in misty weather, overcast weather and evenings. Now the arm broke off (after a lot of wear) and I cannot find a supplier in Cape Town South Africa. Very upset!!

  3. Ummm, obviously you have no idea what “lackadaisical” means. Contrary to your claim, the author is not too lazy to do a too-lazy review.

  4. While reading your review I also found it useless and basically un- professional…I see no tests…or trials backing up what you say….and you don’t even mention that it is being polarized that makes the biggest difference….so in that case I would think if you really want to compare you would compare with other polarized sunglasses…in reality that is what cuts the glare ….additionally the yellow or amber color (which is what counteracts the blue light)…was not compared……
    There are people who do not like polarized glasses(you can’t read electronic screens with them)..that does not mean they dont work…evidently you just tried them on and gave your own personal uneducated opinion…the review of one person should be stated as such …not written as if it were a large multicenter study…I find this review a bit dishonest…it is your opinion…your personal review…not a review of the masses….and your personal review does not even address the things that make these glasses different ….1) YOU ARE COMPARING APPLES TO ORANGES….2) IN REGUARD TO GLARE THE IS NO WAY THAT A NONPOLARIZED SUNGLASS CAN COMPETE WITH A POLARIZED SUNGLASS….JUST SAYIN’…

  5. The nose guard pads disintegrated so I called customer service and they found my account and sent me new ones. Now the film on the inside of the glass is coming off and now they can not find my account and they will not replace the lens.

  6. Jean Cote
    I’m looking for a good pair of sunglasses based on the research you have done which brands seems to have better protection.

  7. Would like to ask if this sunglasses work well when you have poor eyesight? I am using glasses with +300, this sunglasses still works?
    Thank you very much,

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