Does Easy Spray Butter Really Work?

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Does Easy Spray Butter Work?There are many wonderful things that come with the warmer ones and one of these are barbecues and especially fresh corn on the cob. This means slathering this delectable vegetable with a good dollop of butter. An easy way to do this is with the Easy Spray Butter.

The Easy Spray Butter is a very innovative kitchen gadget that allows you to spray just the right amount of butter on all your food items that taste so good with this type of garnishment.

The Claim
The promoters of Easy Spray Butter say that its really simple to use their gadget. All you have to do is load the device with the butter, melt it in the microwave and then it is ready to spray on your chosen foods.

The Hype
The hype that supports the Easy Spray Butter is there is no mess and no fuss. You can melt the butter in the device which accepts microwaving with no problems at all.

The Cost
For the Easy Spray Butter you can expect to pay $19.99 plus $6.99 for shipping and handling. You will get an additional one for free if you are willing to pay the cost for the shipping and handling.

The Commitment
The commitment lies with taking the time to load the Easy Spray Butter unit with your chosen butter. No need to have to clean it everytime you use it either. If there is still butter left in the unit after you have melted and used it you can simply store it in the fridge. Then all you need to do is heat it again the next time you want to use it.

This really is an innovative idea. Especially when you consider all of the uses you can put the Easy Spray Butter to. It really makes it simple for spraying on toast or of course your veggies. Then if you want to cook with butter it is perfect for spraying the pans with. No longer do you have to use aersol sprays for this.

Final Easy Spray Butter Review

Something else that we liked about the Easy Spray Butter is you can add herbs to the melted butter so you now get infused butter to spray your favorite foods with. Clean up of the unit is a breeze as it easily goes into the dishwasher. We are going to give the Easy Spray Butter unit a strong Try/Buy. We do find it a little pricey for such a simple gadget but we are taken in with the conveniences it provides.

Our Recommendation
One of the biggest issues that using butter causes is the mess. Most often it is hard to scrape off just the right amount of butter to be used. Then if it is too soft it doesn’t disburse properly on the foods it is being applied to. If this butter solution doesn’t appeal to you then you may want to check out another innovative butter idea and that’s the EZ Butter.

What do you think? Does Easy Spray Butter work or not?

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