Does Echo Dot Really Work?

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Does Echo Dot Work?For those that are really into home automation and just love being able to make things happen with the command of your voice, they will surely be impressed with Echo Dot which really puts the user in control.

The “Echo Dot” is a device that allows you, with simple voice commands, to listen to your favorite music, check the news and control all the Smart devices that you have in your home through one incredibly intelligent device.

The Claim
The claim by Echo Dot is that by using this device you will have control over all of your smart devices without having to access them individually.

The Hype
The hype surrounding the Echo Dot and devices like it is realized from the ability of the device to control all of the Smart devices that you have in the home in today’s technologically advanced age. From the Smart stove to the smart washing machine to everything in between, this device can help you control them all with simple voice commands.

The Cost
The cost of the Echo Dot is only $49.99. This is really good price for this 2nd Generation Echo Dot. It has some seriously high tech features that make the price exceptionally fair for what you receive.

The Commitment
The commitment required for the Echo Dot is very minimal. Once the unit is set up and synced to your smart devices there is pretty much nothing left to do but enjoy the convenience that the Echo Dot enables you to have and the ability it gives you to control all your smart tech components in your home.

If you have ever seen the movie “Ironman” (and really..who hasn’t at this point!) and thought the voice controlled computer that the character Tony Stark uses to assist him in the lab was really cool then you are definitely going to want to get one of these 2nd Generation Echo Dots for your home. With simple voice commands you can turn on your music, set your thermostat, start the washing machine or even get dinner started in the oven. The Echo Dot is a simple device that allows you to sync all of these devices so that they can be controlled verbally from anywhere in the home. The technology incorporated in this device even allows you to be heard when you have your music playing. It is simply an incredible device and makes using all of your tech that much easier to do!

Final Echo Dot Review

The Echo Dot is a great device that simplifies the use of all the high tech smart devices that you already own or will own in the near future. The fact that it allows you to control a wide variety of smart products through voice commands is simply ingenious. Definitely a device that you will want to own. We are going to give the Echo Dot a thumbs up rating.

Our Recommendation
An incredible device that simplifies the use of the many smart products in the home. If you have any smart products you WILL want to get a hold of one of these 2nd Gen Echo Dots. If you are looking for something else to make life easy then check out the Google Chromecast.

What do you think? Does Echo Dot work or not?

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