Does the vk200 Really Work?

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Does the vk200 work?If you are one that likes convenience when using your computer and devices then it means you like to have access to an easy to use keyboard. It doesn’t get any easier or more convenient when you are using the vk200.

The future of keyboarding has arrived and it is the VK200! This “virtual keyboard” is available in a key – fob that emits a laser generated keyboard onto any flat surface.

The Claim
The claim is that the vk200 will negate the need for a stand- alone keyboard for a variety of different devices like tablets and even desk top computers.

The Hype
The hype surrounding the vk200 and units similar to it is from the fact that we have really hit the point where we are starting to see things that we only saw in movies prior to this! IronMan anyone?

The Cost
The cost of the VK200 is only $119.00. A great price considering the level of technology that this unit incorporates. Most of the time when a new technology is first introduced the price point is astronomical, anyone remember VCR’s, or even DVD players when they were first introduced so to see the VK200 at such a reasonable price is very nice indeed.

The Commitment
The commitment required for the vk200 is very minimal indeed. The unit itself is not much larger than a match box and when not in use can be hung from your key chain or anything else you choose to hang it from in the office or anywhere else you need to have access to a keyboard.

The VK200 is simply an amazing accessory for anyone who regularly needs to access a keyboard but does not want one taking up space when not in use. The unit will project a full size Qwerty type keyboard onto any flat surface that can be used just like a regular keyboard. The speeds you can achieve on the VK200 are the same as you can on a regular keyboard. It will function with any Bluetooth enabled device from phones to laptops to tablets. The fact that you can simply shut the unit off and free up the space on your desk makes it reason enough to own. The unit emits a simulated full sized keyboard sound so that you know that you are really typing and it also has a display so that you can SEE what you are typing as you go. The battery is fully rechargeable by USB so you can simply plug into the device you syncing too and the Mouse Mode lets you use your fingertips as a mouse!

Final vk200 Review

The vk200 would rank as one the best new things we have ever seen or reviewed here without factoring in the “cool” factor. Being as we are all for convenience and whatever makes life easier we are going to give this a thumbs up rating.

Our Recommendation
Revolutionary product that we think is very, very cool indeed! And it does what is says it will do as well. For anyone who wants to cut the keyboard cord once and for all this unit is for you! You may also want to check out the EZ keyboard as well which is pretty innovative.

What do you think? Does vk 200 work or not?

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