Does EZ Eyes Keyboard Really Work?

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Does the EZ Eyes Keyboard really work?If you hunt and peck to type, and have vision problems, you’re the target market for the EZ Eyes Keyboard. By making the keys bright yellow and the letters black, they say that you won’t have to squint to make out which keys you’re typing, and therefore you won’t strain your eyes to type, and can type more accurately.

This is a product that is definitely aimed at the aging baby boomer population, and you can expect to see more products like this hit the market over the next decade and beyond. At first glance this may seem like something that would work to allow you to type with more accuracy, since you’ll be hitting fewer wrong keys. But the real problem is looking at the keys in the first place, not that you can’t see them clearly.

The Claim
The claim is that because the lettering on the keyboard is much bigger than conventional keyboards, and because the keys are yellow and the letters are black, you can see them more easily and type better. While this may be true for those that look at each letter before they press the key – known as hunting and pecking – those that type quickly will probably not find much use in it.

For example, if you can type 45 words per minute or faster, you’re probably spending very little time looking at the keyboard, and just letting your fingers do the work. It’s called muscle memory, and after some conditioning your fingers just know which keys to type as you think. All it takes is a little practice, and best of all, it’s free!

The Hype
They do add a little bit of sensationalism in their infomercial, exaggerating just how hard it is to see the keys, and also enhancing just how much this keyboard will help you type. If you’re still looking at each key before you press it, it probably isn’t going to increase your typing speed too much. It might help you find the keys more quickly, but

The Cost
The EZ Eyes Keyboard employs two marketing gimmicks in its ordering process. First, they throw in a mouse to sweeten the deal, and then they double the offer, but require you to pay shipping on the second set. So you end up getting forced into buying 2 keyboards and 2 mice for $31 which includes delivery. This is great if you have two computers, or if you have a friend that you know would benefit from this as well.

The Commitment
They say that you don’t have to install any software to use EZ Eyes. It’s plug and play which means you just plug it into your USB port and your computer will know how to install the necessary drivers to get it to work.

This is not the only large print keyboard on the market, and it is similarly priced to its competitors. By including the mouse they definitely made this a pretty good package. The fact that you can’t order just one individual set for $23 is a little off-putting for many people, but that is the way they’ve decided to sell their product, so what can you do?

They say it is ergonomically designed, but it looks like it is shaped exactly the same as a regular keyboard. There are ergonomic keyboards that have the keys split up and curved as to fit the natural hand posture, but the EZ Eyes keyboard does not have this shape, so we’re not quite sure what they mean here. They also say that it’s a joy to use because it contains all 104 keys. If it didn’t include all of the keys, who would buy it?

And although we get the point of having high-contract colors, we think the bright yellow will be burned into your retinas after continued use at the computer, and you’d still be able to see the keyboard when you close your eyes when you’re not longer in front of the computer any more.

Final EZ Eyes Review

If you’ve been having trouble seeing the keys, you can get an EZ Eyes keyboard to make them stand out more. You could also play a few typing games to get yourself used to typing without looking at the keys. The keys don’t move around, they’re always in the same place, and there’s only 26 letters to remember. Getting away from hunting and pecking will not only ease the strain on your eyes, but it will also increase your typing speed much more effectively than being able to see the keys better.

What do you think? Does the EZ Eyes keyboard work or not?

79 Customer Reviews on “Does EZ Eyes Keyboard Really Work?

  1. bought this a couple of weeks ago from Walmart. The two pack for $10. It’s very likely I will reinstall my old keyboard and mouse.

  2. I purchased this keyboard at an Ollies Bargain Outlet about 2 months ago for $2.00 I must say that was even too much. I type very fast (approximately 70 wpm) and this keyboard seems to work fine. Except for the fact that the letters have worn off. (Which I fixed with black plastic model paint and some clear coat that I put on with a paintbrush. You can purchase these items at any hobby or craft store. Now my keyboard works great until the keys start sticking as reported or not reporting the keystroke to the computer. I suggest going to walmart and buying a cheap keyboard which you can pick up for under $20.

  3. I just ordered EZ Eyes double pack for $13.90 WITH shipping. I currently use EZ See, but after a year it sticks on certain letters, sometimes.
    I don’t use the PC, keyboard, and mouse like most people do. I have a 55″ HDTV in my living room connected to my computer. I use the keyboard and mouse sitting on my recliner with the keyboard/mouse in my lap.
    The great thing about having EZ Eyes is being able to watch TV and use my PC simultaneously with just a click of a button from my remote. The keyboard is super light, and since i have an HDTV, at night, after the sun goes down, i can see the keys while i’m typing without any light.
    The whole idea of having an HDTV is using the TV like you’re in a theater.

    EZ SEE and EZ EYES are among of the best products, at least for me, that i have ever purchased. And did i mention it was only $13.90 for 2 keyboards plus 2 mice/mouse/mouses?

  4. I was also looking for some information on those lights. Originally I just ha one light, but today there are two lot and , yes it appears that there is a space that likely is the third light you speak of. You are the first to even mention these lights. It would be nice if there were some instructions regarding this.

  5. What can I say? My keyboard still works fine. None of the problems that have been reported & I’ve used it for about 2 years now. If it dies eventually I got my money’s worth.

    I bought it from a store in our local plaza. They sell just about everything that’s offered on TV & they have a 30 day return & money back guarantee.

  6. we bought these boards as well……………they ARE super cheap !!! ( actual cost to make is about $5.00 each ! ) the standard ones with yellow buttons…..

    they send you two (2) because they won’t last very long…………..the common two issues are :

    1) lettering and numbers are spray painted on…and wear off quickly

    2) keys also wear out fast , even with little use……..expect keys to stop functioning within 4 months to a year………..they the board is useless , so always have a spare on hand !!!

  7. Just purchased my EZ Eyes keyboard and I must say…..all the keys work, its bright yellow as I had hoped it would be, and the price of $4.00…who cares if the letters fade and keys stop functioning – I never watch the keys when I type to start with. who cares if a letter sticks or stops working…the fact I purchased a keyboard for 4.00 and it worked for any length of time, is well worth what I paid. For those of you that thought you were getting a luxurious product for a little to no cost….never purchase stuff of television, go into a store where you can see the product, and also beat that cost of the product plus s&h. You get what you pay for, low cost usually means products were made cheaper which allows them to sell them CHEAPER!

  8. Well, it’s been over 18 month now since I got this keyboard & it’s still working fine.

  9. P.S. I really like the contrast between the yellow and the black, as my keyboard is on a pull-out shelf under my desk. I don’t like to use the overhead light, and have a desk lamp instead, so the keyboard is in the shadows. The contrast works well in this situation.

    Also, maybe because I got mine at a later time than most of these folx writing comments, it’s had some of the glitches worked out by the company.

    Howeve, there still is this driver problem, so it’s not exactly an ideal piece of equipment.

  10. Have had my EZ Eyes for at least 6 months, now, maybe longer, and don’t have all the problems stated here. Didn’t buy it from the EZ eyes company/website, bought it from a mail order catalogue I get and not sure if that’s why mine is working ok. Didn’t buy 2 @ 1, either, and it didn’t come with a mouse.

    However, that isn’t to say there isn’t any trouble with it. It’s the same problem Chuck M has. My PC no longer recognizes the keyboard, so my machine won’t go into hibernation mode. I have to shut the PC down and start it up every time. Not a huge problem, but it is annoying to have my PC reboot every time I want to use it.

    If I leave my PC on in the hibernation mode, I get an error message that says I need to update the driver. Good luck on that. Not a driver to be found anywhere on the Internet, so it’s back to the old keyboard. Thank goodness I still have it.

    Oh, just FYI the L, M, N and O keys are beginning to show a little wear at the top of the letters, and occasionally the i & e will stick, but that’s the extent of the keyboard problems.

    Now, if I could just find a driver update…….

  11. I love it. I type 70wpm and I am able to do that with this keyboard. I am not typing a great deal of information, just everyday use, but I love it. For the price, you can’t beat it! Like Lynn said, I paid 9.99 at WalMart.

  12. You don’t have to buy this keyboard on-line or pay a lot of $$$. It is available at WalMart for $9.99 – and any of the other stores that sell “As Seen On TV” products. Love the keyboard – bigger letters, the bright yellow key caps, the feel of the keys – EXCEPT – the lettering has worn off the most-used keys within just a couple of months! Hope they rethink whatever they used for the lettering to make it more permanent.



  15. Yes these are junk and they r cheaply made, mine didn’t work , I also suggest don’t wast your hard earned money on these.

  16. I just purchased this today and a few hours later I had the problem of double letters with the R (brings up RT) and Y (brings up YU). Some of the other keys bring up symbols. I’m using my old keyboard because the EZ Eyes keyboard was useless. I threw it out. Fortunately, I bought it in the local grocery store for $14.99 and didn’t go through the hassle others have ordering over the phone and getting charged a fortune.

    I liked the keyboard, but it’s a piece of crap. I won’t be buying another. Mine didn’t glow in the dark either.

  17. I guess I must be the lucky exception. I’ve been using the keyboard for 6 month now & it’s been working fine. None of the problems that have been reported. (and I’m on the computer every day.)

  18. This keyboard is a piece of JUNK – the keys bounce terribly giving
    mmmmmultiple letters like thiiiis all the time !

    The lletters on the kkeyss wear off QUICKLY !!!!

    BBig waste of Money – dddon’t bbbuy themmmm….

  19. I ordered the EZ Eyes and was charged double for shipping. Website says $14.95 plus $7.95 processing and handling, but they charged me $15.90 for S&H. I called and was told they couldn’t take it off so I cancelled the order. So beware of the hidden fee.

  20. 10/24

    I have used my new keyboard for approximately 10 days, purchased it at WalMart. It was fine until a couple of days ago when I noticed the five and six keys would not produce a letter. Asked Google what to do and it said to shake it a little and see if that works. Will try my hair dryer to blow it a little to see if that works. If not, I’ll have to purchase yet another keyboard that will hopefully work for a while.

  21. Complete garbage. Not worth 5 dollars, let alone 19.99 x 2, then extra shipping! Nothing but a rip off.
    May as well light a match to your money. Save yourself the aggravation by getting a good quality keyboard form a reputable store that will replace it, repair it or refund your money if there are issues.

  22. I bought one and it wasn’t worth the money. The letters on the keys wear off very fast and some of the keys stick or when you hit them they don’t type. Bought it at WalMart. I am fixing to put my old keyboard back on.

  23. It worked fine for 2 days but then the letters that typed did not match the key strokes and my computer kept shutting down. It’s junk!

  24. thank you all for saving me money and more important the fustration.was going to get it but not now.thanks again,


  25. ibought one and 2 months later the keys on one side all worn off, i contacted company and they basically told me unless i had box, receipt, and a pint of blood they couldnt help me….poor customer relations….hope the few dollars you saved by not replacing it was worth it

  26. mines still working fine,had it for close to 4 months now. i even spilled a glass of orange juice on it ,unplugged it washed it off in the sink dried it and plugged it back in.only complaint i have is the key marking, they could have molded a black plastic into the background yellow letters instead of using cheap ink.

  27. as far as i know none of them have lighted keys, its a chemically treated plastic that absorbs light like the old glow in the dark yoyos.

  28. gail, not that i know of ,i left my factory dell keyboar plugged in for about a month(kinda forgot about it the spacebar quit on that 1) i did do a shutdown and restart so the pc would automatically find it)hope that helps.

  29. Bought an EZ Eyes at WalMart for $15 on Agust 28. Today is September 8 and I’m taking i back. Keys stick and wonttye. The N ha rn off. Has worn off. See. Cn’t type!

    I do touchtype but I have phototherapy every day – light nd dark therapy for a brain condition andIend up typing in the dark a lot. I spent a lo of time trying tofind starting position on my keyboard (I d typed the texture off those keys) thought this wuld help. It did for a day. Then it started malfunctioning. Blah!

    Don’t wate your money.

  30. decent keyboard for the price,but the ink they use to mark the keys sucks it comes off easily,nothing that a sharpie can’t fix .

  31. I bought the two package and connected one and it worked for one day. Now my computer does not recognize it. I can’t find the drivers for it either. The message I get is that it has malfunctioned. So much for that! Really disappointed.

  32. Is it necessary to unplug the current keyboard when you replace it with the EZ Eyes keyboard? There are no instructions with mine.

  33. I ordered one of those ez keyboards. Before my order was confirmed I had to listen to a dozen other things I finally hung up. Then I get my bank statement and a charge of $109. I called and told the guy about it, but no luck, The order has already been shipped. Can you imagine a company shipping a order the day after it is given. That alone should tell you the place is crooked. I also read the revues. Not one good one out of two dozen. Why are these shysters allowed to screw the public and get away with it?

  34. Does the EZ Eyes keyboard work as advertised? Well yes, but … It was easy to see and easy to use and I sure like the concept and the price. However the keyboard is so cheaply made that it’s probably not worth getting. Mine lasted about 6 months before the W key stopped working half the time. [It’s amazing how many words have a w in them.]

  35. I purchased the EZ Keyboard at WalMart on July 2, 2012…two weeks later, the Left SHIFT key come off so I kept putting it back on, then 2 days later the Z key fell off. My keyboard is probably sitting on WalMart’s shelf if you want it….Save your money and hunt for the ‘other’ one out there with large letters. Oh, and the one from WalMart does not have lighted keys.

  36. walmart sell them for 14.99 purchased one yesterday…I like it so far…I can type but occasionally I have to look down…..I have to look very hard to see where to place my fingers when my husband is watching tv and the light s are off and im using the computer so it works for me…….

  37. We are running into similar problems as msmith noted on 4/26/12. After 3 weeks of use the E, R & T keys are so worn that they are no longer readable. The mouse is becoming less responsive, too. Of course, we have an extra keyboard and mouse standing by ready to plug and use, LOL. The concept of better visibility is great and we enjoy that part of it, but wish the EZ Eyes Keyboard product was of higher quality for longterm use.
    Next time I’ll go for the Large Format Keyboard Stickers that David suggested.

  38. Thanks for saving me from wasting my money people. I’m sorry that you suffered so I don’t have to, but thanks.

  39. I just got my keyboards in mail.You sent me two so one is coming back soon as i can get to post office and i expect a full refund Now in my mail today i got a mailing from Starcrest of Calif.and thier price was 12.00 and no shipping

  40. I’ve just ordered EZEyes last week. Supposed to be 2nd one free, but my card was charged double. I’ve sent emails, but received no replies. Tried to call customer service. Wild goose chase. Don’t know what to do next.

  41. Please do a search on “Large Format Keyboard Stickers” – find the good plastic ones for about $15. They have the same affect but will go on ANY keyboard you’re used to – including my very good wireless keyboard. Most stores that cater to people with impaired vision will also carry these.

  42. I’ve used the keyboard for about a month now & it’s been working fine & I spend a lot of time on the computer as moderator of a very busy forum.

  43. Have used it for about a month -on one the “T” doesn’t work, on the other one the “C” and “Enter” stopped working. Feel ripped off!!

  44. the phone # to ez eyes CS is 1-800-932-7018
    I purchased buy 1 get 1 free for a total of 14.95 + 7.95 and 7.95 for postage on 1 free.,
    but they charged my bank 101.70 and did not get yellow keys , they were green and not as brite as the yellow.
    they did agree to refund in 5 to 7 business days of 50.85 but that still leaves 25.43 per keyboard, so where is the 2nd 1 free????

  45. I bought two of them not too long ago– probably three months. I have used one ever since I received them. Yes, the letters are large enough to see, but already the letters M and N are getting worn off– the M went first, now the N is going. If you are looking for one that the letters don’t wear off, don’t look at this one. I do know how to type and I do know my letters, but it is the idea of the letters wearing off that gripes me. The mouse is nice and feels comfortable to my hand.

  46. Absolutely the worst keyboard on the market. Keys stick all the time, price a joke with the way you end up paying more for extra junk you don’t want. Avoid purchasing this product!

  47. Just look up ez eyes review and ez eyes scam. Its a bit scary.
    As someone who has aging eyes, the standard small white letters on a black background are difficult to see. The contrast might burn the retina’s of a younger person, but we older folks dont have much left in the way of retinas and would really benefit from the higher contrast. : )
    The high level of complaints I have seen on line have deterred me from making a purchase. I will look for a similar product from a different company.

  48. I’m wondering if anyone here can help me??
    I purchased the EZ Eyes Keyboard for my grandpa for his birthday and of course I paid the extra S&H to get a second one. Well heres the big problem, only one works. When I tried the keyboard at my grandpas house only the Num Lock button, and the G and H keys worked. So I tried the other one and it works pefrectly fine. I took the one that didn’t work back home with me and only a couple more keys work on my computer but not the whole keyboard. I tried doing all of the troubleshoot things listed on the piece of paper that came with it but it still does not work!!
    I am wondering if anyone here knows how to get into contact with EZ Eyes so that I may speak to them and exchange or return the keyboard that does not work. If you know of an email address that would be preferred since I cannot phone to the States. Thanks!

  49. all the nice things said mean nothing if one of the two keyboards i received does even work!

  50. A slight correction.. I paid $ 19.95 according to my receipt. There was a price sticker on the box that said $ 29.00.

    So far there have been no problems with keys not working or double letters or some of the other problems that have been reported.

    Regarding sound, I have a loudspeaker symbol on my screen that I use with my mouse & it works as it always has.

    So far I have no complaints but I’ll wait how it holds up & if there are any change I’ll report it.

  51. Oh yes, there is no “complaint department for this items company…your on your own.

  52. I have the same problem as MSMITH that commented; the keys are spaced a little too close; and most of all the letters (esp. A & S) are rubbing off. The concept is great but the overall quality is below par. I hope some larger company, Microsoft,Logitech,HP, etc gets a hold of this keyboard and make the improvements. I will be the first to buy a couple.

  53. Had a very hard time getting the keys to stop. This keyboard is good in concept, but junk. Maxell makes a far higher quality one. You might spend $30 for it, but it works – perfectly.

  54. I bought the Keyboards but i have not recieved them yet but when I d i i am going to refuse the order because they debit my bank account for $104.00 and they lied and said I ordered 5 keyboards. I told the lady I have one computer, why would I order five keyboards. This company is a SCAM. Please do not order from EZ-EYES.

  55. You are sure right about the no online support!!!! I did manage to get a phone # and will call them tomorrow…but sure I will not get any satisfaction. Even if you return it they will not give you the second S&H
    charge back and in the meantime you spend MORE postage returning it to them….IT ISN’T WORTH ALL THE AGGRAVATION!!!! NEVER AGAIN will I order this crap they advertise on TV…if I really want the product I will look for it in stores that carry AS SEEN ON TV products!!! At least they won’t rip you off on the S&H!!

  56. I too wish I had read some of the reviews before I wasted my money on this useless piece of junk! They really rip you off on the P&H….saw the very same keyboard at BOSCOV’S last week for $14.99 (AS SEEN ON TV SECTION) so no wasted $$ on shipping and you only had to buy one or as many as you needed!
    It’s a shame that these places get away with advertising that their product is so great but yet they end up being inferior! Live & learn…my husband always said…”you get what you pay for”

  57. I too ordered this piece of “junk” Hardly ever use this keyboard as it is connected to a desktop (I have a laptop that I use continuously) but thought the bright yellow with the black letters would be easy on the eyes!
    Well the “a” has stopped working…no response whatsoever! The killer is even if you return the keyboard they will NOT refund your S&H on the second keyboard…so you’re paying money out and you have NOTHING! Live and learn! Gave the second keyboard to a friend…wonder if that one is still working??????

  58. i bought two for one deal one of them had numereous letters and # that didnt even work at all , the other one the enter key was stuck down, these things are junk waste of money DONT BUY . CRAP !!!

  59. Wished I’d read these reviews before trying to get help for my 82-year-old mother. The electronic “rep” got my order wrong, sent 4 keyboards,and when I returned them unused, cost me $36.80 for shipping — and they didn’t even include the mouse. But worst of all, the company service rep Ellen (probably not her real name) was the rudest person I’ve dealt with; a later call to Kathy was more pleasant with return instructions.

  60. I recommend you DO NOT buy this product. I felt the shipping and handling was too much ($15.90) but the product looked like it might be worth it because I got two keyboards and two mice. Now that I need to return the two keyboards I bought because a lot of the letters have worn off the keys, I see there is a 90-day money back guarantee but less the postage and handling. By the time I return the keyboards I’ll only get a few dollars back for all my trouble. The common letters wore off within a month. This is an inferior product and no one should waste their time and money.

  61. My father bought this EZ Eyes keyboard. It’s a huge disappointment. It is cheaply made, has no volume control keys, the keys lose their spring after a while, after only two weeks of use the digits on the keys started wearing off. He bought the set of two for about $35.00. He is on his second keyboard now. This is inferior merchandise. He can buy adhesive stickers that are made large for sight aid and can be applied to a better quality keyboard. I understand there is a keyboard at Best Buy called Keys U See that I haven’t checked out but I am about to.

  62. I ws exited wen I oredeed and very disappontd trying to type. many keys don’t work at all. Very dificult to pay blls whn the doesnt work (zero). I only used it 2 days, can’t stand it any longr. bought 2 with the worthless offer that came with a useless mouse. Do’n’t waste ur $ with this junk. Think you can get your money back?

  63. I ordered & these a just junk. They are very cheaply made. They don’t work. Don’t waste your hard-earned money

  64. Just connectedd one of the two keybordds I purchasedd andd I like the color combination. However, s you cn see, the a key ddoesn’t lwys work andd the dd key works ddouble ll the time. I m ddispointedd!

  65. Just received the ez eyes keyboard yeasterday as a gift. Writing this comment with my original keyboard that came with my dell system. The A key is workis for 5 strokes and then it sticks till i reboot the PC.
    The keyboard is pleasant on my failing eyesight but it is useless if i am unable to use it and. No online support for this product on their website.
    Hope the mouse will work a bit longer.

  66. bought the double set of ezeyes keyboards and mice about a month ago.

    1) the size of the entire keyboard is smaller, thus the spacing between the letters is shorter. difficult for those with the oversized hands.

    2) the print on the letters was not all the way thorugh the plastic as indicated. after 3 weeks of continuous usage, the “a” “s” and “enter” keys are almost completely off the key.

    3) keys stick or not responding — space bar, “m” and “t” and some of the number above do not respond, either by not typing to the screen or not going down.

  67. I’m not so sure about the ergonomic part but this is pretty cool. Love the contrasting colors.

    Spill proof too? Yikes that scares me… not sure about that… but still look very cool.

    The Yellow is bold and the big letters really remind me of those super easy big-button calculators.
    Aside from the obvious functional and helpful aspect of the design, especially for older folks. I see this keyword as just a fun unique PC or MAC accessory for all the proud Geeks out there.

    Something kind of funky cool or a conversation piece for your work space.

    Considering the bonuses and pricing – the quality worries me. Then again you can get a functional keyword that WORKS just find for under $10 so I guess the price makes sense…

  68. I’ve been trying to contact Ez Eyes C/S several times to speak to them regarding the EZ EYES KEYBOARD only to reach a recording taking u directly into the order process. There’s never been nor does it allow for a human C/S Rep. I looked it up on the internet where I found your sight & I want to say your sight is awesome. Thanks for your evaluation it helped me decide that the pro’s & con’s made me decline the purchase. Thanks for saving me a headache! Keep up the good work!

  69. I bought an Ez eyes kit for my mother who had poor eyesight.
    She’s thanked me almost everytime i’ve been round to hers since!
    Personally i think it’s ghastly, but she swears it’s helped and means she’s more comfortable using her computer.
    As this article says, you do end up with 2x sets (at least i did), but i just threw one set on ebay 🙂

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