Does Netatmo Welcome Really Work?

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Does Netatmo Work?A lot of people like to beef up the security of their home using the latest technology but using that which they can install themselves. For these individuals they may find the Netatmo Welcome goes beyond the norm when it comes to letting you know who is on your property.

This new device called the Netatmo Welcome is the next step in the high tech world of home security. Not just a security camera in actually incorporates Facial Recognition technology to help keep you and your family safe and secure.

The Claim
The claim is that by having the Netatmo Welcome in your home you can easily and quickly determine if any one that is considered a “stranger” is in or near your home.

The Hype
The claim by the makers of the Netatmo Welcome is that by using this device your home will be more secure because you will be instantly alerted whenever someone that is not recognized by the Netatmo Welcome comes into your home or on your property.

The Cost
The best price we could find for the Netatmo Welcome was $179.99 which was at Best Buy. This device is carried by all the major chains but that seemed to be the lowest price we could find between the big retailers.

The Commitment
The commitment required for the Netatmo Welcome comes down to the installation. Once you have unpackaged and set up the unit you then need to add the “profiles” of any and all people that you are willing to welcome into your home. If you have not added “Uncle Dave’s” profile and he stops by then the unit will alert you that a stranger is in the home. Other than that there is really no other commitment to speak of for this device.

We are really big fans of technology here and also believe that security for you and your family begins at home. This device will certainly do the job it is intended for and that is facially recognizing anybody who comes across the camera’s lens while in your house. The technology that it incorporates in simply incredible and in some applications makes really good use of that tech. The device will alert you in real time of any strangers in your home and give you a video and audio feed of the action going on at the same time. Pretty useful stuff for home security.

Final Netatmo Welcome Review

The Netatmo Welcome is a pretty good camera for home security with the facial recognition feature that lets you know in real time if any strangers have crossed its path. The only argument we have with the Netatmo Welcome is the question of whether you REALLY need that capability at all in the home and if the need to profile EVERY person you WANT to allow access to home is worth the extra effort and cost of this device. It really does work! But do you really NEED it to? Based on this we are going to give the Netatmo Welcome a Try/Buy.

Our Recommendation
We think this is a really good product but maybe for a different application. That is for you, the consumer to really decide for yourself! Does it really work…yes! Do you really need it…entirely up to you! Additional security items that we have talked about is the Ring Video Doorbell.

What do you think? Does Netatmo Welcome work or not?

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