Does URPOWER Second Version Really Work?

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Does Urpower Second Version Work?The air being dry in a room can be really unpleasant, and often the air becomes stale and unpleasant smelling. There is a solution for both of these issues and one that can be used with essential oils that adds extra benefits. The solution is the URPOWER Second Version.

URPOWER Second Version is a cool mist essential oil humidifier that serves some great purposes.The URPOWER has an adjustable mist control, automatically shuts off when out of water, and is a seven LED light display.

The Claim
The company claims that the URPOWER Second Version adds just the right amount of mist that is applicable for a small sized room.

The Hype
The promoters claim that this unit is ideal for eliminating the dryness in a room, and helps to relieve dry sinuses, plus is good for combating dry skin and chapped lips.

The Cost
The cost for the URPOWER Second Version is $17.95.

The Commitment
All it is going to take on your part is making sure the URPOWER Second Version has enough water and you remember to use it on a daily basis. No doubt you will notice a difference in the air so this will act as a reminder as well.

There are lots of humidifiers on the market but this one is compact yet effective. Plus with it being a cool mist it means you are able to use the more expensive and true essential oils without them being harmed. Heat often destroys the important properties of essential oils. The other great feature about this unit is that it operates up to six hours and you have a choice of seven lighting colors which adds to the ambiance of the room it is being used in. This unit is called the second version because there was a first version of the URPOWER. This latest one is new and improved in that it emits more mist than what the original one did.

Final URPOWER Second Version Review

We are going to give the URPOWER Second Version a thumbs up rating. It serves multiple purposes and for the price it is very reasonable. It adds moisture to the room. You can freshen the air with it with quality scents. Aroma therapy oils can be used through air infusion for many different purposes. They can be used for relaxation and for helping to treat some common ailments. They can also be used to freshen the air in a natural way. Plus, this unit can be used without the use of oils and is at the sole discretion of the user. The fact that it has a great lighting system to it gives it a soothing effect.

Our Recommendation
If you are looking for a way to add moisture to the air of a small room then this really is an ideal solution that is giving you some additional options. If you decide to buy the URPOWER Second Version and want some options for buying quality oils then take a look at what we have to say about the Terra Oils.

What do you think? Does URPOWER Second Version work or not?

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