Do the Hatchimals Really Work?

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Do Hatchimals Work?Every year around the holiday season there are always a few real hot toys that it seems like every youngster has to have. One of those for this year just might be the Hatchimals.

Hatchimals are a great new toy from the makers of Paw Patrol. These interactive “animals” teach children to care for an “egg” that the animals will eventually “hatch” out of.

The Claim
The claim is that these “eggs” will, with the proper care and love, hatch into a hybrid animal that the owner will then take care of and love and of course, play with extensively.

The Hype
The hype surrounding Hatchimals is found in the small amount of these units that have yet reached the North American market. Because of the limited amount there is a huge amount of hype and that has caused a flood of interest in Hatchimals across N.A.

The Cost
If you shop around you may find that there is some variance in price with the Hatchimals being around $49.99 right now but as they become harder to get chances are the prices will go up

The Commitment
The Hatchimals are one of the few toys we have reviewed that actually DO require a little bit of commitment from the owner! After the child receives the Hatchimals they must nurture the unhatched egg by caring for and loving it until the Hatchimal is ready to emerge and begin life with its new owner!

The concept behind the Hatchimals is a really good one in our opinion. The fact that the recipient child must care for and nurture the egg for a period of time before the Hatchimal makes its appearance teaches children empathy and responsibility. It also teaches them exactly how some animals are really born. The Hatchimal, once it has been nurtured and loved enough will begin to change; the eyes will appear as a rainbow inside the egg to let the child know that the Hatchimal is ready to emerge from the egg. The child must then encourage the Hatchimal with loving touches to get it to peck its way out of the egg. Once the egg is hatched you then can watch it grow through three separate and distinct stages and during this process teach it to walk, talk, and even play games with you!

Final Hatchimals Review

We think that this is a great product because of the life lessons it teaches the kids. The kids love it because it is so cute and cuddly and the surprise of not knowing which Hatchimal will emerge from the egg is an incredible way to generate the interest of the kids! This toy is shaping up to be the hottest product on sale this Christmas. If you have small kids and want to get one our advice would be to shop early or you may end up empty handed. Anyone who remembers the Tickle Me Elmo debacle a few years back will certainly understand what we mean!

Our Recommendation
We strongly recommend this product. It is fun, interactive and teaches some really cool life lessons in the process. Kids will absolutely love this toy and the fact that they are literally flying off the shelf is a good indication of how popular they are! Get one early to save yourself from the last minute rush! Without revealing anyone’s age this toy is like a flash back to one similar that was the Tamagochi, which by the way is still around. Also, another popular toy still in much demand is the Pie Face Game.

What do you think? Does the Hatchimals work or not?

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