Does the Driving Activity Reporter Really Work?

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Does the Driving Activity Reporter Work?If you are not the only driver of your vehicle and you are interested in learning more about the driving activity that is taking place with that vehicle then you may find the Driving Activity Reporter to be a very useful device.

The Driving Activity Reporter by Hammacher-Schlemmer is a very cool device that will monitor all the activities of the vehicle it is attached to and record them for future analysis.

The Claim
The claim is that by having one of these devices attached to your car or truck you can monitor the behavior of the person doing the driving of that particular vehicle.

The Hype
The hype surrounding these types of devices stems from the fact that until very recently only law enforcement had access to this type of technology and the wider public was unable to benefit from the information that this device can give a vehicle owner or parent.

The Cost
The cost of the Hammacher-Schlemmer Driving Activity Reporter is only $149.99.

The Commitment
There is very little required in the way of commitment for the D.A.R . The only necessity is that the user installs 2 AAA lithium batteries. These batteries will afford the user up to 3 weeks of continuous coverage. The unit will enter sleep mode if the car or truck is not in motion in order to lengthen the life of the batteries.

The Hammacher-Schlemmer Driving Activity Reporter is a very important device. For anyone who has a teenager in the house or owns a business where they are forced to have people drive company vehicles the fact is that once they are out of your site you are dependent on their honesty and truthfulness of how they behave while driving your vehicle. Now you can rely on technology rather than just the word of the driver. Think your teenager is not really driving correctly or going where he says he is? Have a worker driving one of your company vehicles and are unsure if they are sticking to the rules? Stick one the magnetic D.A.R to any piece of metal on the inside or outside of the car and you can find out their driving habits and destinations quickly and easily. The information is stored in the device and has a USB connection for easy downloading of info. You can see where the vehicle has been with a Google Earth free app and even see how fast the driver was operating the vehicle. The information gives you the precise date and time of every location visited by the driver. Having this information can be the difference between knowing and not knowing what your workers, teenagers or even a cheating spouse are up to at any given time(although we do NOT advocate spying on anybody!).

Final Driving Activity Reporter Review

For anyone who has a company vehicle or a teenage driver at home and wants to know the habits of those drivers this is the device for you. Easy to use and with a 16 channel GPS receiver you know you will get accurate and simple to access data that you can use to establish deviations from set routes or to punish inappropriate behavior by teens or workers while in the control of your vehicle.

Our Recommendation
As mentioned above, if you have worker/drivers in your employ or a teenager who uses the family car this device is a must have. Very similar to the devices that insurance companies now use to record the driving habits of potential customers this unit will give you peace of mind knowing exactly where ( and when) your vehicles are at any given time. If you have concerns, then this product is right up your ally. If you are looking for some other neat gadget for your car take a look at Wiper Magic.

What do you think? Does the Driving Activity Reporter work or not?

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