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Does Wiper Magic Work?Most everyone that drives a vehicle knows how important the windshield wipers are but it is also one car item that many neglect to change as they should. There may be a solution to help protect these important car items which is Wiper Magic.

The purpose of Wiper Magic is to help restore and repair your less than perfect functioning windshield wipers. Even if you buy top quality wipers it doesn’t take long for them to become dirty. Wiper Magic is a self adhesive strip that you apply to your windshield just above your wiper blade. Then when you activate your wipers they pass over this strip which helps to clean them.

The Claim
The company claims that not only does the Wiper Magic help to clean the wipers but it helps to sharpen them each time they pass over the Wiper Magic Strip.

The Hype
One of the biggest complaints about windshield wipers is that they soon accumulate the dirt from the windshield and end up leaving a streaky mess that the driver has to try and see through. It usually means using a lot of windshield cleaner at the same time to just keep the visibility good for the driver. Having an extra enhancement to allow for this like the Wiper Magic may be quite useful.

The Cost
You will receive two rolls of Magic Wiper for $10. plus $4.95 for shipping and handling.

The Commitment
You are first going to have to clean your windshield. Then you need to cut a proper length of the Wiper Magic.No doubt you will have to replace the Wiper Magic once it becomes worn, but how often will all depend on your driving conditions.

The product does make sense. If your windshield wipers have not been working as they should how many times have you had to stop and clean them? Basically the Wiper Magic is just doing this for you. Being as it is an abrasive material that the blades are passing over it has the ability to clean the rubber of the blades quite well.

Final Wiper Magic Review

We are going to give the Wiper Magic a Try/Buy rating. The price is reasonable as it is said that each box is enough to do 2 cars or four wiper blades. For the price mentioned you are getting two boxes. There is not enough feedback yet to really be able to just the reliability of the product or how long it will last. Depending on your driving conditions you just may be further ahead to replace your wipers as needed.

Our Recommendation
Having perfect visibility when driving a car is critically important. If there are products available that can enhance this then they are worth looking at. At the same time you don’t want to be duped into buying a product that isn’t going to deliver or is just a fad. We have looked at other products that can help make driving safer. One of these was Rain-X which helps to keep the windshield glass clearer during a stormy drive. It has been getting some positive feedback.

What do you think? Does Wiper Magic work or not?

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