Does Stop-It Smoking Really Work?

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Does Stop-It Smoking really work?When looking for a nicotine-free way to quit smoking, you might stumble upon the Stop-It Smoking kit. It is a two part system that combines lozenges with tablets and is designed to be the one-two punch that you need to get over your addiction with minimal cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

Everyone knows the benefits to quitting smoking, including all of the health benefits, longer life, more social acceptance, less smelly fingers, clothes, and breath. But many of these stop smoking products on the market incorporate some form of nicotine into the treatment. By satisfying a nicotine craving with actual nicotine it seems like you’re not really treating the root of the problem.

Why it’s so hard to stop smoking:

The Claim
Stop-It Smoking claims that it is a homeopathic remedy which uses all-natural ingredients and doesn’t use any nicotine. Homeopathic remedies are notorious because of the philosophy behind them. They are a type of alternative medicine that says that you can make an ingredient stronger by diluting it and shaking it in water. The theory is that the energy released by the substance in question amplifies with each dilution.

The Cost
At just $18 plus $5 shipping for the two-part kit, the makers of Stop-It Smoking have at least got the price right. In the world of smoking cessation products this clocks in at being almost suspiciously cheap. But since it’s made with all-natural ingredients there isn’t a lot of overhead like there is when they use pharmaceutical ingredients.

The Commitment
When you’re trying to quit smoking, it’s all about commitment. Especially when it comes to using a product that doesn’t have nicotine in it. You’re basically relying on all-natural ingredients to replace an addictive drug. Many people consider a nicotine addiction to be one of the toughest to overcome. While others are able to use simple methods like going cold turkey, the fact is that many people can’t get past this without a lot of help.

The lozenges by themselves have mixed reviews, with some people saying that they work great even on tough cravings, and others saying that they didn’t experience the same results as they got from over-the-counter commercial brands. There are even users that said the lozenges tasted so bad they couldn’t keep them in their mouth for too long.

That’s why the lozenges shouldn’t be used alone, and should be used in conjunction with the tablets. The tablets will help with the overall withdrawal symptoms, and the lozenges should be used to fill in the times where your cravings are at their peak. Here is a breakdown of the active ingredients.

Tablet Ingredients:

Avena sativa – detoxifying properties.
Caladium seguinum – reduces your cravings for tobacco.
Euphorbium officinarum – calms the nerves.
Ignatia amara – another detoxifying agent.
Lobelia inflata – reduces your cravings for tobacco.
Nux vomica – neutralizes nicotine’s effect.
Passiflora incarnata – neutralizes nicotine’s effect.

Lozenge Ingredients:

Caladium seguinum – reduces your cravings for tobacco.
Calcarea Phosphorica – also reduces your cravings for tobacco.
Cinchona officinalis – for overcoming withdrawal symptoms.
Ignatia amara – another detoxifying agent.
Lobelia inflata – also reduces your cravings for tobacco.
Nux vomica – neutralizes nicotine’s effect.
Plantago major – also reduces your cravings for tobacco.
Staphysagria – reduces withdrawal symptoms.

So as you can see all of the ingredients that these products contain are made from all-natural ingredients and sources. Many of these ingredients have been shown to individually treat specific parts of both nicotine addiction and the withdrawal symptoms that come when you stop smoking cigarettes.

Nicotine is just one of the things in cigarettes that is addictive, and there are many other additives that the body becomes used to after a long time smoking. Not to mention the physical act of having a cigarette in your fingers and chatting with people over coffee while smoking. It’s these sort of peripheral addictions that these tablets and lozenges don’t seem to address.

Final Stop-It Smoking Review

Since each person is different and has a different history of smoking, it is hard to tell what exactly will work for one person and what won’t work for another person. In your specific instance you might find a lot of benefit by using Stop-It Smoking, while others won’t see any benefit at all. But overall, we have to say that this does not work as well as it claims to.

This does not mean you should not give it a try, especially if you tried other methods and they haven’t worked. This industry is all about trial and error, and unfortunately you might have to get through a few errors before you come to what works for you.

Our Recommendation
We’re skeptical when it comes to homeopathic remedies such as Stop-It Smoking. While this doesn’t quite qualify as homeopathy because it isn’t a tincture made mostly of water, the mixed reviews that it has signal that something might not be right here. It’s good to want to use a nicotine-free solution but we prefer to go with something that has a little more meat to it.

What do you think? Does Stop-It Smoking work or not?

3 Customer Reviews on “Does Stop-It Smoking Really Work?

  1. Hello MistyAs a hypnotherapist myeslf you have more chance of gaining your dream to be a non smoker with sessions, rather than a one off. One off’s can tend to fail for most as it does not always address all of the aspects that the individual has that keep them a smoker. Hypnosis NLP can help you to create that want’.I hope that you get on well with your chosen therapist become a happy, healthy non smoker as a result good luck. Sadhara> see profile

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  3. I quit smoking using Stop-It Smoking last year.
    However, it was not all plain sailing.
    Both me and a friend quit smoking at the same time but he tried a different product.
    I used Stop-It Smoking as the price was appealing.
    It turns out that i had to use stop-it for much longer than he was using his product and so it actually cost me more.
    I think because it’s all natural it doesn’t seem to completely cut the cravings and so it relies on you having a degree of will power too (hence it taking longer to quit).

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