Does Nail Perfect Really Work?

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Does Nail Perfect really work?Nail Perfect is designed to bring salon quality nails to your home. We all love having a nice set of perfectly painted nails, but getting them done can be expensive, and doing them yourself can be tedious and messy. When you do it at home your nails never quite turn out the same way that they do when you get them done by a professional.

Women have been getting their nails done for many centuries now. Even dating back to the Egyptian times, hieroglyphics show one woman doing another woman’s nails. It’s usually much easier to have someone do it for you because they can get a better angle and use two hands. However, many products have hit the market lately that promise you’ll be able to get the same sort of quality that you would from a professional, on your own.

The Claim
The main claim from Nail Perfect is that it holds your finger in place, and blocks the polish from getting onto other areas than your fingernail. After removing your finger from the device you should have a perfectly polished nail with nothing on the sides of your fingernails.

They also claim that more complicated techniques can easily be done using Nail Perfect. They specifically mention that you’ll be able to do a French manicure easily. All you have to do is paint across your fingertip and the guide will stop it from going any further.

The Hype
The makers of Nail Perfect exaggerate just how good your nails will look by using regular nail polish that you buy at the store. When you get your nails professionally done, the salon uses high-end polish in many instances. They also pre-treat your nails before they polish them, and Nail Perfect does nothing to get your nails ready for a new coat of paint.

It is highly unlikely that you’ll get salon quality nails from polish alone. However, your nails will likely look better than they would if you just polished them yourself the old-fashioned way.

Hyping it up with the Nail Perfect promo:

The Cost
The price is right when it comes to Nail Perfect. Obviously, they couldn’t charge too much when it’s just a piece of plastic. You can get it for less than $10 at Amazon, or go through the main sales channel to get bonuses for a little more.

The Commitment
If you’re always one to have nice nails, or you love having that straight from the salon look, you probably won’t need to make any major lifestyle changes to incorporate Nail Perfect into your day. In fact, if you regularly do your nails or have them done this can be a major timesaver, actually reducing your commitment level on having nice-looking nails.

Nail Perfect is one of those products that’s just too simple to fail. When used as instructed it has an almost perfect efficacy rating, with many women saying that it does its job just like its advertised. The possibility for user error is very low here, but it still exists as some people have trouble figuring out which slot fits their finger best. But for the majority of users this is a product that provides good benefit and value for the dollar.

Final Nail Perfect Review

They didn’t invent the wheel when they made Nail Perfect, but it’s the simple inventions out there that usually work. The fewer movable parts a product has the less likely it is to be a failure. In this instance, Nail Perfect performs well over a diverse range of users, and you can expect it to perform similarly in your own home.

Our Recommendation
If you can relate to the hassle that is mentioned in the advertising for Nail Perfect, you are a candidate for owning one. However if you’re only mildly interested in getting one, and really don’t care about your nails that much, it will probably just wind up tucked away in a closet.

Either way, at this price point you can’t go wrong. If you buy it and use it all the time it’s a fantastic deal. If you buy it find out you don’t like it, you can just get on with your life and not regret your purchasing decision too much.

What do you think? Does Nail Perfect work or not?

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