Does Emery Cat Really Work?

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Does Emery Cat really work?Pets are often the best part of our day, so we like to give them things like Emery Cat for their enjoyment. They are always happy to see us when we come home and they provide some of the best companionship that you could ever ask for. Cats are especially low maintenance and loving pets that are great to have as part of the family. Their claws however, can be destructive and annoying.

It’s not fun to come home to a house with clawed up furniture, and Emery cat provides a solution for this problem, a cat scratchboard for your cat to scratch instead of your furniture. This way you won’t have to worry about leaving the cat home with the nice linen.

Emery cat board sits on the floor and is a board for your cat to scratch in place of the furniture and other valuables in your home. It has a honeycomb surface that is easy for cats to scratch with a nail file to file your cat’s nails so you don’t have to. The file is safe and will not harm your cat. The product is infused with catnip to draw the cat’s attention and keep them coming back to the emery board again and again.

It is built in an arch, designed for easy stretching and scratching. When you purchase Emery Cat, you also get a cat toy, which dangles on the end on a pole for your cat to play with and a de-shedder to brush your pet and relieve them of excess cat hair. These extra products are just bonuses really, and don’t add to the effectiveness of the board itself.

The Claim
The catnip in the emery board is supposed to make emery cat more appealing to your cat than your furniture and whatever else they may be sharpening he or she may be using to sharpen claws. Emery cat claims that your cat will love this product and use it all the time. The nail file in the board is suppose to keep the owner from having to do the tedious job of filing the cat’s nails him or herself, and providing a safe way for the cat to do it by himself.

The Hype
The self-reliance is what is so appealing to customers about this product. The catnip makes the cat attracted to the product automatically, while the cat toy will make them want to stay. The nail filing system will create less work for the owner and allow the cat to virtually file his or her nails by themselves.

The Cost
Emery cat is buy one get one free for $19.95, plus $7.95 shipping and handling. This includes the emery board, the cat toy, the catnip and the brush. This deal is not permanent and may change in the future.

The Commitment
There is no commitment to this product at all aside from committing to spend the $20 dollars to buy it. It does not require cleaning or maintenance and can be sat in a permanent space for your cat to use whenever he or she likes. The only commitment you have is to buying catnip to keep the emery board appealing because the product only comes with one packet of catnip when purchased.

This product has been helpful for some cats but not for others. The board itself is lightweight, so if you have a heavier cat with a lot of pull to their scratch, the board may tip over or come off the ground. The product scares some cats because of the size of the honeycombs that the cats file their nails on.

Some people have reported cats getting their claws stuck in the honeycomb and not using the product after that incident. The plastic itself is thin, which is not conducive to cats being able to pull on it with their claws. Finally, it has been reported to be too small for some larger cats.

Here are people putting it to the test:

Final Emery Cat Review

This product promises to work well, but in the long run does not seem to be a good product for cat owners to buy. It seems to be very hit or miss whether or not your cat will like the product and it is reported to be cheap and flimsy despite the expensive price. Also, you have to keep buying catnip to spread on the emery board because the product only sends you one packet to spread on the board when you buy it.

Our Recommendation
We are not recommending this product for pet owners who want their pets to stop scratching the furniture. The product is cheap and is not guaranteed to work for your cat. It is recommended to buy something heavier, sturdier, and more permanent that your cat would prefer using and would make a difference in the maintenance of your home.

What do you think? Does Emery Cat work or not?

4 Customer Reviews on “Does Emery Cat Really Work?

  1. I have several cats. I purchased the Emery Cat board thinking they would stop scratching the furniture. I have one cat that used it for about two minutes. The other two cats looked at it and walked away. The one cat that did used it scratched it. Where it scratched it made a mess. Needless to say I donated ours to the animal shelter. Maybe the cats there will use and enjoy it. My cats didn’t like it, but I think it depends on your cats. Mine are lazy and finicky. I picked up the Emery cat board at Walgreens on sale for under ten dollars. Good price if it would’ve worked for my cats.

  2. I agree that this product may work for some cats but not for all. I have volunteered in a cat shelter, and while some cats took this scratcher with gusto, others stayed away from it. Once it wears out, the cardboard begins to shed everywhere, so it can get quite messy, and eventually, it is completely ineffective at keeping a cat’s claws trimmed. The other thing that I did not like about this product is the fact that it is messy from the start, thanks to the filing crystals that are meant to stay attached to the cardboard but instead fall right off. There are much better scratchers out there that are durable and clean.

  3. I agree, I have the dogs, the roommate has the cats and she has come home with one of these and many other cat gadgets. I say yes she probably did stop furniture scratching because of the board. The younger you start them using stuff like that, the better. I don’t know if i buy the whole catnip makes them love it more and want to be around it more. I have had cats that played with a catnip ball for two seconds and then see ya later!

  4. Would only recommend this for kittens really.
    Once our cat had grown up it became too big/strong and the board just moves around.
    We used it from her being a kitten and we’ve never had an issue with her scratching furniture… i’m not sure if that’s just her or whether it’s because she always had the board. I’m happy with it.

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