Does Energy Armor Really Work?

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Does Energy Armor really work?With the huge leaps that are now being seen in technology and the continued obsession to keep fit and healthy, many innovative new products are being brought to the market every year and the newest contender in the market is the Energy Armor wrist bands. But how can they possibly work, and if they do work what can you really expect them to do?

Energy Armor is an American family owned company that have developed, manufactured, marketed and now sell the Energy Armor wristband. The wristband’s look and feel seems to be just a simple plastic wrist band that is worn for decorative purposes, or in support of a popular charity.

The Claim
The claim from Energy Armor is that you will see a significant improvement in your physical performance from wearing an Energy Armor wristband while performing sports or strenuous activities or hobbies.

Energy Armor claims that their product is “designed to work with your body’s natural internal energy field” and that the wristband is simply an enhancement to the body’s own energy source.

To claim this is astonishing and a groundbreaking feat to have achieved if it is proven to be true.

Another claim is that the product continually releases its infused negative ions in to the energy field to boost and constantly maintain the levels of energy that are felt by the individual.

The Hype
A product that offers the consumer an energy boost is not a unique claim, as there are now thousands of products that claims to offer the same results. The thing that makes people stand up and take note of Energy Armor is that it is not a substance that is swallowed in a capsule which means that for sure there will be absolutely no chemicals or problems and complications arising from its use. There is also no chance of being the victim of some quite nasty side effects that have been seen in the past from using pills and tablets.

The Cost
The cost of a single wristband is priced at $24.95 and comes as part of an introductory offer which includes an Energy Armor eye pad for wearing in bed or on a plane. Energy Armor is also available in a foot band that is intended to be applied around a sneaker or boot.

The Commitment
The effort that is required to use this product is extremely small. You simply put the bracelet onto your wrist and forget that it is even there. It looks fashionable and is up to date with current trends in watches and retro styling.

The foot Energy Armor claims to give the user extra power in the leg muscles for runners or sports stars.

Long distance runners could also use this product to help them shrug of the effects of fatigue and weariness when they run for incredible distances and may become unbalanced.

The effects of negatively charged ions have been studied by some of the worlds top scientists for over 100 years now with the very best ones knowing that they can have an effect on such human health and effects as balance, energy and cell stimulation. Ions that are found in the atmosphere are most prominently negatively charged. These are created by natural causes such as lightning, volcanoes and waterfalls.

If you believe all of this, then hat Energy Armor has done is captured these negative ions and infused them into a wristband that can be worn to increase the energy levels that the wearer has.

Does Energy Armor Really Work?

There are a number of reviews that have been quoted as saying that this is a terrible product and had absolutely no effect at all to the user’s energy level, while on the other hand there are people that swear by it and haven’t removed it since they bought it.

Our Recommendation
Energy Armor is a bit of fun and even if it does not work as well as other products do for giving the body extra energy, it looks great as a fashionable accessory.

This product is not relatively cheap but is a one off payment and claims to have many benefits such as improving flexibility and balance as well as boosting energy levels in the body’s muscles. It is not for everyone and so is not recommended for everyone, as a good diet will be much more effective for improving health and energy, and is something that doesn’t require a large amount of belief in order to get behind.

What Do You Think? Does Energy Armor Really Work?

12 Customer Reviews on “Does Energy Armor Really Work?

  1. I’m a 76 year old. Energy Armor bracelet was recommended to me 5 or6 years ago to help sustain flexibility, especially for neck muscles. I am happy to report that I can still rotate my neck half way around in bot directions, so I can see an object behind me when looking over my left shoulder or my right shoulder. would this be the case without the bracelet? Who knows, but it does no harm.,

  2. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has BANNED the sale of these products because they emit RADIATION, not negative ions! Check out the NRC website and view the video.

  3. I think a simple way to test whether the product works for you is to do muscle testing. Test without the product and then with the product and see which one will show strength. Some people are not sensitive to energy or their bodies so this is one way to test whether the product is working for you or not. If you don’t know about muscle testing, look it up on youtube. There’s lots of videos there on how to muscle test. Hope this helps.

  4. Sadly, it does not work at all. I’ve paid 30 dollars for one, and it did nothing for me. I even let my wife wear it for half a year and nothing. All mambo Jambo and a false marketing scheme. No science to prove it either.

  5. Well i,m not sure , but about 2 years ago , i had a stroke , couldnt walk proper , and it effected my eyesight . i wore this band every day for 2 years , i can now walk again , and my eyesight has returned, not back to normal yet, but its coming back slowly , so make your own decision ????
    it seams to have helped me , no body said its a miracle ,

  6. For me i found nothin using it for 3-4 months but no results i didn’t even think its worthy to buy it nothing more than a mambo jambo its total and 100% fake i tried it on other people too they also tell me the same i gave it to my mom she said its nothing so for me its a simple wrist band nothing more than this

  7. a friend gave me a wrist band when they first became popular. my blood pressure went down 20 points and my siatica pain went away completely. I wore it everyday and stopped taking my blood pressure tablets. as to my siatica pain, it comes back now and then and I remember to put the band on and within 15 mins. pain is gone. It is not in my mind as my blood pressure was high for five years. I don’t wear it every day…only when my pain gets too bad and then it goes away for months at a time.

  8. I just got 2 in the mail today and put one on each wrist ., I am unsure right now as to whether I feel “energized” but then it usually takes me up to a few days to notice effects. Time will tell~!

  9. I guess these are supposed to work in the same way those armbands that are to prevent travel sickness, right? Well I’m assuming they work like that. Otherwise the makers are claiming this has some kind of magic powers in it. The travel sickness ones have a plastic lump that presses a pressure point on your wrist to prevent nausea. It doesn’t work, but at least it seems to be attempting something tangible. How is this supposed to help you maintain energy? Honestly some of the claims people make in the field of health and fitness are just completely outrageous.

  10. Honestly, I got one necklace and band for free and I really haven’t noticed a change during skateboarding or with my everyday life. They actually need to run a scientific test on these to find out if they work. Scientifically speaking through my point of view, there are negative ions all around us in the air and I don’t think that a bracelet,that we don’t know if the ions are actually being transfered or not, could even do anything to transfer the ions. I could be wrong but even if they were transfered, could they actually make a difference? Some people can’t see aura’s on objects and highly don’t believe them but I can see them. I’m gonna have to leave the answer as I don’t think they work but I have no choice but speculate until it is proven right or wrong.

  11. The fact that there’s no such thing as an ionic imbalance within this body does get us off to a good start!
    The bands offer nothing more than a placebo effect on the wearer.
    However, if that’s all it takes for some people to perform better/feel better, then each to their own i say. Let them waste their money and get on with it 🙂

  12. As a frequent gym visitor i’m always looking for something to ‘up my game’ and improve my lifts, but i’m sorry, this is ridiculous! Next they’ll be telling us to ‘use the force’!

    I once made the mistake of getting one of these wrist bands that was aimed at golfers (balance band i think i was called), and i’ve learnt my lesson since then. Funnily enough the golf one was the same price as this Energy Armour band.

    It’s all about mentality, and in my opinion these bands give the user nothing more than a placebo effect.
    Sorry, but not a believer in these 🙁

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