Does Ez Up Really Work?

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Does EZ Up work?There are a lot of people that have difficulty getting up from a sitting position for a variety of reasons. It could be a temporary situation or a more permanent one. In either case if there is an inexpensive solution on the market that can assist with mobility from a sitting to a standing position then it is worth looking at.

EZ Up is a portable seat that you can take with you wherever you go, and with its hydro-pneumatic technology it will create a lifting action to allow you to get to a standing position without a great deal of difficulty.

The Claim
The company claims that the lifting action created by EZ Up takes place without any propelling action which could be potentially dangerous. They say it doesn’t require any batteries or electricity to power it, as this is alldone with the pneumatic technology.

The Hype
There are a lot of areas about the EZ Up to build the hype around. The fact that it is portable, lightweight, doesn’t require batteries or electricity are all big pluses.

The Cost
For the EZ Up lift you can expect to pay 3 payments of $19.95 plus $9.95 shipping and handling. As a bonus they will throw in a seat cover, and it comes with a 90 day money back guarantee.

The Commitment
You really are going to have to determine if you have a need for the Ez Up. Then you are going to have to get used to sitting on it, and how comfortable that will be is really going to depend on your medical condition that is causing you mobility problems in the first place.

We really like the idea, and there is no doubt there is a great need for a device like this, especially when its portable. Other types of lift chairs can cost a great deal of money and are restrictive as to where they can be used.

Final EZ Up Review

We are going to give the EZ Up a Try/Buy as there is not enough feedback to really give it a more substantial rating. All too often these items look fantastic in print but in reality they are not all they are cracked up to be. We took a look at similar items on the market and of course if you are likely to find something like this then its going to be on Amazon. True enough, they did have a few different styles, and they ranged in prices. One was selling for around $85. and it had 359 positive reviews with a 4.5 star rating. So there is something positive to be said about the concept of the EZ Up.

Our Recommendation
We always try to keep our eye out for innovative products for those with mobility issues. A good example is the variety of canes that are on the market. We have covered a few of them, and the feedback is mixed. One that has gotten some good feedback is the Stair Climbing Cane.

What do you think? Does EZ Up work or not?

Customer Review on “Does Ez Up Really Work?

  1. I bought one of these several years ago from Vermont Country Store. It DOES work BUT it’s uncomfortable to sit on for longer than a few minutes.

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