Does Ezy Dose Weekly Really Work?

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Does Ezy Dose Weekly Work?Keeping control of your medications can be quite a challenge even if you only have to take one dose a day. If you need to take several or several different types of medications then it can be really difficult to keep track of your dosage. Having a product like the Ezy Dose Weekly may be the solution.

The Ezy Dose Weekly is a pill dispenser, but one that is quality made and has solved all the regular pitfalls that many of these types of dispensers come with. The push buttons are easy for the user to open but they don’t open on their own. It has a see through lid so its easy to tell if medications have been missed.

The Claim
The promoters of the Ezy Dose Weekly say the product is quality made and that it has been endorsed by the Arthritis foundation.

The Hype
The hype really focuses around there being a need for a quality product like the Ezy Dose Weekly.

The Cost
The cost of the Ezy Dose Weekly is a mere %6.15. Very comparable to the other types on the market that don’t live up to their expectations.

The Commitment
You are going to have to take the time to fill the Ezy Dose Weekly with your week’s worth of medication. If you do this just once a week then there is no second guessing as to whether you have taken your meds for the day or not. You just simply have to look at the Ezy Dose Weekly through it’s clear lid and this is going to let you know if they are still in the slot or not for that particular day.

The Ezy Dose Weekly is definitely a medication dispenser that serves a need. However, it is more appropriate for those who take all their medications at one time. For those that have to take multiple medications throughout the day then perhaps a multi time pill dispenser would be the better choice.

Final Ezy Dose Weekly Review

We are going to give the Ezy Dose Weekly a thumbs up for its intended use. It has a lot of good features about it. It is especially good for those who have difficulty getting their pills out of their regular bottles or pill dispensers that only have small compartments. The compartments on the Ezy Dose Weekly are extra large.

Our Recommendation
The feedback on the Ezy Dose Weekly is fairly good. Out of 2823 reviews it has received a five star rating. If you have the responsibility for seeing that an individual gets their medication each day then you are going to find this to be most beneficial in allowing them to access it themselves once you have loaded it for them for the week. With it’s compact size it would be great for you to carry in your pocket or purse if you needed to carry medications with you when on the go. If you are looking for another product that would be convenient to have around the house if you have little ones it may be the Magic Tap.

What do you think? Does Ezy Dose Weekly work or not?

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